10 WCW Wrestlers Who Never Joined The nWo

The New World Order took over WCW both in storyline and backstage elements. WCW booked Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall as the original trio to start the group looking to deliver a hostile takeover. The group would see many members join followed by multiple versions of the group. Fans would eventually lose interest due to the number of members and general confusion associated with the faction once things grew out of control.

There may have been more top names to join at least one version of the nWo in WCW than those that never had a run with them. We will look at the best wrestlers from the WCW years that never had any time in the faction. Most wrestlers wanted to join in hopes of improving their status, but not everyone would get the invite. These are ten of the best WCW wrestlers that never joined the nWo.

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10 Arn Anderson

The legendary WCW career of Arn Anderson is remembered for the superb work in the Four Horsemen faction. Anderson never jumped ship to join the New World Order at any point. In fact, the retirement of Anderson played a role in the nWo becoming even more controversial.

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The group did a disrespectful parody of the Four Horsemen with Kevin Nash mocking the retirement and overall career of Anderson. This was a segment that caused many wrestlers to dislike the nWo. Anderson likely is happy he never was a part of the faction.

9 Sid Vicious

The return of Sid Vicious to WCW in 1999 came right when the company was fading out the New World Order faction. Sid received a huge push and was consistently in the main event picture for WCW’s final two years of existence before WWE gained control.

WCW would bring back a final version of the group with the nWo 2000. Bret Hart led the new faction, but Sid was one of their targets rather than a member. Knowing how WCW booked, Sid probably would have joined the biggest version of the nWo if he was in the company at the time.

8 Billy Kidman

There was a lack of cruiserweights in the New World Order as the smaller wrestlers in that division rarely interacted with bigger names. Billy Kidman started to make a name as Sick Boy in another faction as he was part of Raven’s Flock.

The face turn in the cruiserweight division made Kidman a bigger name. Kidman delivered incredible moves and took part in quite a few impressive feuds. WCW never placed Kidman in the nWo, but he did have one of the strangest WCW feuds against Hulk Hogan in the New Blood era.

7 Brian Pillman

Brian Pillman left WCW right before the New World Order phase put the company on another level. If not for this, Pillman may have been one of the WCW wrestlers to jump ship to the heel group. WCW wanted some an unpredictable feel to the nWo which was Pillman’s gimmick.

The wrestling career of Pillman featured his best matches coming in WCW during the early 90s, but there was never a real push during this time. Pillman deserved to have an opportunity like some of the talent in the nWo would receive years later.

6 Dean Malenko

The presence of a wrestler like Dean Malenko in the New World Order could have given them a serious performer to dominate the cruiserweight division. Malenko was among the best technical wrestlers with an intimidating presence that earned him the nickname of the Ice Man.

WCW would give Malenko a run in one of the revamps of the Four Horsemen groups. The nWo would have provided a bigger opportunity to give Malenko more individual success. Regardless, Malenko is still a WCW legend and one of the top names to never join the nWo.

5 Chris Jericho

The heel personality of Chris Jericho could have made him a valuable member of the New World Order. Jericho broke out on his own when experimenting with a heel character in the cruiserweight division and later creating a feud with Goldberg on the microphone.

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WCW pigeonholed Jericho into the cruiserweight division which limited his potential. WWE found success with Jericho becoming one of their biggest stars in company history. Jericho couldn’t even get a chance as a secondary member of the nWo during his WCW stint.

4 Raven

Raven had a tremendous character in ECW that earned him a bigger contract in WCW with the hopes of playing the same act. Most of the charm was lost in WCW but Raven still delivered incredible promos and led his own group known as The Flock.

The character of Raven never joined the nWo since the fit never looked good on paper. WCW eventually revealed Raven was a hypocrite with a wealthy family despite stories of a rough upbringing. A better way to go about this character shift could have seen him sell out by joining the nWo.

3 Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero was arguably the most talented all-around in the WCW cruiserweight division. The incredible matches of Guerrero were almost surpassed by his character work. Eddie’s heel turn would see him become one of the most hated wrestlers in WCW.

The later success in WWE provided that Guerrero could be a main eventer with his legendary run there. WCW just didn’t see that potential and never wanted to give him a bigger opportunity. Eddie never came close to joining the nWo and often jobbed to their secondary members on television.

2 Diamond Dallas Page

A great early moment in the New World Order helped Diamond Dallas Page become a major top star for WCW. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash tried to use their past real-life friendship with Page to convince him to join the new heel group a few months into their run.

DDP put on the nWo shirt before attacking them both and throwing the shirt back at them. This started a tremendous rivalry between Page and various members of the group like Hall, Nash, Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. DDP was one of the few main eventers that never joined the nWo once.

1 Goldberg

Goldberg became the top threat to the New World Order when emerging as the most over face in WCW. The undefeated streak of Goldberg peaked when he defeated Hulk Hogan to win the WCW Championship. Various members of the nWo challenged him throughout the next year.

Kevin Nash ended Goldberg’s streak and title reign as the leader of the Wolfpac before reuniting with Hulk Hogan and nWo Hollywood. Goldberg never joined any version of the nWo and was their last real threat from the nWo Elite to the nWo 2000 factions.

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