5 WCW Wrestlers That Are Still Wrestling And 5 That Are Surprisingly Retired

Wrestlers from WCW still have strong fan bases that appreciated their work for an important wrestling promotion. The era of the Monday Night Wars created a movement in the industry that allowed the wrestlers of WCW to make a huge impact while competing against the WWE product. Quite a few wrestlers to have their best run come in WCW decades ago are still trying to make a living in the wrestling industry today working in their older ages.

On the flip side, there are also the wrestlers that many fans believe could still go that have instead opted to end their careers. We will look at both instances of life after WCW all these years later for many of the top stars from the company. Find out just what path each performer has been on in recent years with five WCW wrestlers that are still wrestling along with five that are surprisingly retired.

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10 Still wrestling: Buff Bagwell

The career of Buff Bagwell is still going today on the independent circuit despite the lack of success since the end of WCW. Bagwell spent almost a decade in WCW and was planned to be a big star for WWE when they purchased the company.

Backstage issues would get Bagwell released within a few weeks and he’s never returned. Bagwell is currently working occasional dates on the independent wrestling scene often in tag matches teaming with the likes of Johnny Swinger or The Patriot.

9 Retired: Lex Luger

Fans have not seen Lex Luger on any wrestling television product in a long time for good reason. Luger wrestled his final match in 2006 as his body would start to break down in the years after WCW went out of business.

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There would be a few years where Luger was confined to a wheelchair. The legend retired from the sport and started working with WWE on the nutrition side of the wellness policy. Luger still appears at wrestling conventions for the fans that miss him and want to meet him today.

8 Still wrestling: Ultimo Dragon

The legendary Ultimo Dragon made a name in North America for WCW when he made the move after working for years in Japan and Mexico. Dragon was one of the top performers in the cruiserweight division and had classic matches against Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho and Dean Malenko.

The career of Dragon is still going today as he wrestles consistently in All Japan. Ultimo Dragon even made a rare appearance to wrestle in the United States during the recent WrestleMania weekend as part of the WrestleCon show starring Joey Ryan.

7 Retired: Ron Simmons

The rare appearances on WWE television or at wrestling fan conventions show that Ron Simmons is still in good shape today. Despite the fact that many independent promotions would still love to book him, Simmons has retired from the ring after getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Unlike many of his peers, Simmons saved his money and did not want to continue working in his older age. WWE still brings him for the occasional backstage segment and that’s about the most you’ll see from him given how seriously he takes retirement.

6 Still wrestling: Scott Norton

Scott Norton was an underrated member of the New World Order during his time in WCW. The strength of Norton made him an impressive performer that often threw around his opponents with ease. Norton was an even bigger star in Japan as he continued to wrestle for New Japan before, during and after the WCW.

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The career of Norton is still going as he takes the occasional booking. Norton has performed in the United States, Japan and Canada all within the past year. New Japan is bringing him to their Dallas G1 show as a guest to help promote his autobiography about his career in WCW and beyond.

5 Retired: Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page retiring makes sense given he’s 63 years old, but fans are shocked at the age since he’s in great shape. The last singles match of Page came back in 2006 and his last match in general was the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32 as a surprise entrant.

Page can still hit the Diamond Cutter as showed it as a guest of Cody Rhodes at All In. However, the legend no longer takes bookings that require him to wrestle or get physical at all. DDP is enjoying his new career path running DDP Yoga instead of continuing to work the indie circuit every weekend.

4 Still wrestling: Raven

The wrestling career of Raven has seen him work for almost every promotion to have relevance in North America over the past three decades. Raven is surprisingly not retired yet despite the aging process hitting him harder than most peers.

The limited work of Raven still allows him to work matches as he’s wrestled for smaller promotions like Heavy Metal Wrestling, AWF and Clash Wrestling over the past few months. Raven also hosts a wrestling podcast as he’s still a part of the business in a few different ways.

3 Retired: Billy Kidman

Billy Kidman traded his ring gear for a suit when he returned to WWE in 2007. The tremendous WCW Cruiserweight Champion delivered countless great matches for the company and found some smaller success in WWE after making the move there.

WWE however found more longevity from Kidman in a backstage role as a producer. Kidman is currently an important person to Raw and Smackdown as he helps time the matches live on the spot to make sure nothing ends too early or late. The WWE career behind the scenes led to Kidman retiring from the ring back in 2008.

2 Still wrestling: Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner had one of the all-time great careers in WCW. The success in the tag team division with his brother Rick Steiner helped them both break out, but Scott took his individual career to the next level as one of the last great WCW Champions.

Steiner was not able to find much success in WWE after WCW ended. That doesn’t stop him from wrestling to this day with appearances for companies like AIW, ICW, MCW and Alpha-1. Steiner even worked for Impact Wrestling in 2018 with the occasional match despite his limited ability in the older age.

1 Retired: Booker T

The legendary career of Booker T would see him get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice for both his singles work and his tag team work in Harlem Heat. Booker still looks great and it appears he could perform if that was his desire.

The Hall of Famer instead opted to retire after his final WWE run came to an end. Booker remains part of the WWE world as a broadcaster on the kick-off shows. Between the WWE job, a radio show and running his own wrestling, Booker has no time to wrestle anymore which makes him content in his retirement.

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