WCW's Best Storylines Ever, Ranked

The history of WCW featured quite a few storylines that made the company special to fans. Each wrestling promotion has the goal of creating stories for the viewers to connect with and WCW was no different with their platform. The changes in wrestling to start in the 80s would culminate with WCW stepping up as the only legitimate threat to WWE after Vince McMahon decided to expand his company into a mainstream product.

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WCW’s best storylines helped not only create memorable moments, but the wrestlers involved would benefit greatly from being involved in them. There were quite a few terrible ideas created by the different regimes of bookers Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff, Kevin Nash and Kevin Sullivan that get warranted negative attention. That should not take away from the good times that made it a special company. These are the ten best storylines to ever come from WCW officially ranked.

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10 Hulk Hogan's Heel Turn Starting The New World Order

Everything involving the New World Order’s start gave WCW one of its best storylines of all time. Hulk Hogan getting revealed as the third mystery man surpassed the expectation of fans for the leader of the new group with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

Wrestling promotions often struggle to provide such a reveal, but Hogan was someone fans couldn’t believe would turn heel after over a decade as the face of the industry. The New World Order became the hottest act in wrestling thanks to Hogan’s turn for an amazing storyline reveal.

9 Diamond Dallas Page As The Fan's Choice

WCW allowed Diamond Dallas Page to become an organic favorite of the fans before pushing him to the moon. Page entered the industry late and was a lower card act during the early months of the Monday Night Wars.

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The popularity of DDP started to grow with the peak moment coming when he refused to join the New World Order. Page’s story won the fans over and he entered a long feud with Randy Savage. Both men delivered great matches together that culminated with DDP becoming a major star.

8 Eddie Guerrero Vs Rey Mysterio

The work of Eddie Guerrero was always great in WCW, but he started to get over when turning heel. Guerrero started to become a villain that went after Rey Mysterio during their feud in 1997. The obsession of Guerrero was to unmask Mysterio and humiliate him in front of the world.

Mysterio and Guerrero delivered arguably the greatest match in WCW history at Halloween Havoc 1997. The stipulation would see Mysterio put his mask on the line against Guerrero’s Cruiserweight Championship. It showed the potential of both men as major stars with Rey winning the title.

7 Lance Storm’s Team Canada

Lance Storm was one of the final wrestlers to join WCW and contribute positively at a time when the company was declining to new lows. The move from ECW to WCW gave Storm a bigger contract and platform. To their credit, WCW pushed him as a successful mid-carder.

Storm led the Team Canada group with Elix Skipper, Major Gunns, Jim Duggan and Mike Awesome joining at different stages. The humorous use of “Canadian Rules” during his match on shows in Canada along with renaming the United States Championship the Canadian Championship helped Storm become an effective heel.

6 Raven's Debut

Another huge signing of a former ECW star for WCW featured Raven joining in 1996. The grunge-inspired cult leader character made Raven a top heel in ECW as their world champion. WCW never found the same success, but the introduction of Raven was done well.

Raven sat in the front row of shows looking unimpressed and disinterested. WCW tried to get answers on his motives to no avail. Other wrestlers like Perry Saturn, Billy Kidman, and Van Hammer started joining him to create The Flock. WCW dropped the ball of making Raven a top star, but the storyline to introduce him was impressive.

5 Goldberg's Undefeated Streak

WCW did not push many of their younger stars, but Goldberg would get the strongest push in company history. The simple look of Goldberg would see fans surprised when he easily dominated his first few opponents without much known about him.

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Goldberg’s undefeated streak quickly became the hottest story in WCW at the start of 1998 as the New World Order started to lose momentum. Fans fell in love with Goldberg as the new face of the company. Goldberg’s peak came when he defeated Hulk Hogan to win the WCW Championship to a huge ovation.

4 Ric Flair's Swerve On Sting

Ric Flair and Sting were the two biggest fixtures in the WCW landscape. Most of their storylines would see Flair as the heel and Sting as the face. Flair fooled Sting and fans into believing he was a face after Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman turned on him.

Sting finally agreed to be the partner of Flair to face Pillman and Anderson after a long story with Flair pleading for his rival to trust him. Upon tagging Flair in, Sting was once again attacked by Flair revealing it was a huge plan. The new group of Flair, Anderson, and Pillman all destroyed Sting after Flair once again stuck it to his rival.

3 Dean Malenko's Return Against Chris Jericho

Dean Malenko and Chris Jericho were two underrated wrestlers for WCW that never received many opportunities outside of the cruiserweight division. One storyline together helped showcase just how great they were that involved the Cruiserweight Championship.

Malenko walked away from WCW for a few months after losing to Jericho in embarrassing fashion. Jericho started ripping Malenko and his family in promos to add salt to the wounds. A future battle royal with a title shot on the line would see Ciclope win the match.

The masked Ciclope was revealed as Malenko to a huge ovation. Jericho tapped out for Malenko to win the Cruiserweight Championship and receive redemption at the end of a great storyline.

2 Ron Simmons Making History As Champion

Ron Simmons delivered one of the better storylines for WCW in the early 90s. The push of Simmons was simple yet effective as he started racking up victories. Simmons would win enough to land a WCW Championship title shot against Vader.

This would see history made as Simmons became the first black WCW Champion as a great story that connected big time. The crowd reacted in overwhelming joy when Simmons defeated Vader to start his reign as the champion. Simmons’ run ended within a few months and he eventually joined WWE, but the story to the title was the peak of his career.

1 Sting Vs The New World Order

The storyline of Sting vs the New World Order was must-see television for any fan. Sting was the icon of WCW until the wrestlers and fans questioned him when someone that looked like him helped the nWo during an attack. The heartbreak of Sting would see him become the loner Crow version of his character.

Sting was now alone after the nWo caused everyone to lose their trust in him. The slow revenge would see him target the nWo until finally getting a title shot against Hulk Hogan. WCW overbooked the Sting win, but the storyline to get there was the best angle in company history.

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