We Finally Know Why Titus O'Neil Grabbed Vince McMahon's Arm

It is kind of crazy how big this Titus O'Neil arm grab story has gotten. I think we can all agree that the original 90-day suspension was too much and most of us will probably say the same thing about the now-reduced 60-day suspension.

I don't know about you all, but the one question I have been asking since I watched the incident live on TV is: Why did O'Neil grab Vince's arm?

It looked playful at the time and that has been the general consensus from folks that were there - although, obviously McMahon's reaction indicates that he took it as anything but playful. But why did Titus do it?! Well, now we finally know...

According to ProWrestlingSheet, O'Neil was being chivalrous. If you check out the video of the incident you will see that as they are walking off, Vince is walking ahead of Stephanie McMahon and O'Neil claims that he grabbed Vince's arm and said "Ladies First" intending to be polite.

This revelation probably surely wont make the WWE look any better in the minds of folks who already think they mishandled the situation and are blowing the incident out of proportion and unfairly making an example out of O'Neil.

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We Finally Know Why Titus O'Neil Grabbed Vince McMahon's Arm