10 Unexpected Tag Teams That Actually Worked

With the likes of The Four Horsemen, Edge and Christian, and modern-day pairings like the Usos, the tag team division has seen more than it's fair share of classic pairings. Now, most of these came together naturally, either through years of friendship or by shared blood, but there have been instances where two separate workers have been thrown together just to give them something to do.

Normally when that happens it's as if the company they work for are just throwing up their hands and admitting "Sorry folks, we've got nothing for you", but not always. Sometimes they strike it lucky and what follows is a look at 10 unexpected pairings that actually worked out.

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10 The Bar

When Sheamus and Cesaro were both drafted to RAW in July 2016, they entered into a feud that never seemed to end. For the next three months, the two would interfere in each other's matches as well as battle each other continuously, and after they had had a series of seven, with no conclusive winner, Mick Foley decided they should team for a while, and in doing so he gave birth to The Bar.

Three years later and they are now five-time WWE Tag Champions, proving that Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy might actually have known what he was doing after all.

9 Jeri-Show

When Chris Jericho and Edge won a re-unified WWE Tag Team Championship at The Bash in 2008, it seemed that this team up would reign for a long time. And then Edge got injured and the G.O.A.T had to find himself another partner.

At Night of Champions, we found out just who that was when Jeri-Show was revealed to the world. Defeating two-thirds of Legacy, this unusual pairing would go on to pretty much run roughshod over the division, only, finally, meeting their demise when they feuded with DX, with a loser leaves town stipulation added to their final confrontation.

8 Kane and X-Pac

When Kane and X-Pac were both betrayed by Chyna and Triple H, it would result in one of the strangest friendships, and working relationships, in WWE history. The big man/little man dynamic is an old staple in the squared ring and this version was one of the best the business has ever seen.

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It wasn't just their chemistry in the ring that made this team up special, though they could go with the best of them, but also the way they played off each other in backstage segments. It would all end when X-Pac would betray Kane to get back into DX's good books but up to that point, they were a joy to watch.

7 Booker T and Goldust

One of the strangest couplings of all time, no-one could've ever seen the former Harlem Heat member teaming up with with the son of the son of a plumber. But back in 2002, that's exactly what happened.

Courting Booker T, in a way only Goldust could, it would take some of the funniest skits to ever appear under the WWE banner to convince the once G.I Bro that they should partner up. Seriously, if you've never seen the Darth Vadar bit, go and watch it, you won't be disappointed. And it would all culminate in them winning the tag titles in a fatal four-way, with Booker getting the pin on Chris Jericho.

6 Beer Money

Stepping outside of the confines of the WWE for this one, Beer Money is a prime example of a tag team that, on paper, really shouldn't have worked but in practice, was a roaring success.

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A booze obsessed redneck and a guy who lived for the greenbacks, Storm and Roode seemingly had nothing in common, outside of a shared love of gold. And teaming together would see them become one of the most successful pairings in Impact history. Five-time champs, who would also become the longest reigning, James and Bobby would have a great run between 2008 and 2011. It's just a shame they would never get the chance to do the same for Vince.


Thrown together for the Dusty Rhodes Classic, not only would DIY go onto be one of the most beloved tag teams in recent history, but it would also launch both Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa to the forefront of wrestling, with one of the most vicious feuds to grace the WWE in a long time.

They may have only held the NXT belts once but their eventual break-up, where Ciampa would turn on Gargano in a brutal assault, would lead to some vicious attacks and an unsanctioned fight at Takeover: New Orleans that has to be seen to be believed.

4 Breezango

It may seem strange to have a team on here who couldn't buy a decent run if their life's depended on it, but the fact remains that if it wasn't for Breezango, there's a very good possibility that both Tyler Breeze and Fandango would have been wished all the best in their future endeavors by now.

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The Fashion Police gimmick has saved their respective careers in the WWE and was, up until Fandango's untimely injury, must-see TV each and every week. It doesn't matter that they can't seem to string a few victories together, all they need to do is keep being so damn funny.

3 Team Hell No

The second appearance for the Big Red Machine on this list is, also, one of the best runs he ever had. It also helped to push a certain Daniel Bryan to the forefront and show a side of him that no-one really knew existed.

Teaming up after a long feud and a stint in Anger Management classes, the latter thanks to AJ Lee, Team Hell No would go onto hold the tag belts just once, but it was the comedy gold that they gave us that makes them one of the greatest thrown together teams of all time. Dr. Shelby must still have nightmares.

2 Rated RKO

When DX interfered in Edge's last chance shot at the WWE Championship, little did they know that they would be the catalyst in the formation of Rated RKO. With both The Ultimate Opportunist and The Viper convinced that Triple H and HBK were responsible for them being held back, they formed an alliance to put an end to this injustice.

They would eventually capture the titles, no matter how often DX tried to stop them, and though their run together would only last a year, the effect they had on the WWE was so good that they are still remembered fondly to this day.

1 The New Day

It may seem strange now but there was a time when Xavier Woods, Big E, and Kofi Kingston weren't even C grade players. As a tag team, E and Kingston were languishing in mid-card obscurity but when Woods made his way to the ring and told them they'd never "get ahead by kissing babies and shaking hands", the New Day was born.

Since that fateful night, and with Woods literally putting his career on the line, the trio has gone on to be the longest reigning champions in WWE history and Kofi is currently WWE Champion. Not bad for a gimmick that Vince was convinced would fail.

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