10 Weird WWE Moments Everyone Forgot About

The WWE has been around for decades. With such a long-running TV product, one has to assume the company makes mostly good content. We here at TheSportster like to think that's true when it comes to Vince McMahon's sports entertainment empire, but that doesn't mean there aren't some weird moments. In fact, WWE is full of them. We want to highlight these strange happenings on RawSmackDown, and various pay-per-views.

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10 The Boogeyman Freaks Out John Cena

WWE loves to trot out Boogeyman for various commemorative episodes of Raw, and it's not hard to see why — he was a big deal. It wasn't for his wrestling ability, instead, he would be really weird whenever the cameras were on him. So, it's easy to believe that he was just as unsettling as ever when the face of the company bumped into him backstage.

Let's set the stage for this interaction. John Cena was going room-to-room looking for people's thoughts on Kurt Angle. Unfortunately for The Face That Runs The Place, he opened the door to the wrong room. Behind the door was the Boogeyman with a heart in his hand. He then hit himself in the head with a clock.

9 Papa Shango Makes Ultimate Warrior Sick

Papa Shango was one of many supernatural characters in WWE's history. As a voodoo-inspired witchdoctor, the big man intimidated wrestlers of all stripes. One man who was ready to take on the spooky magic-man, however, was the Ultimate Warrior.

So, when Warrior was pandering to the crowd, the villain, walked out with some kind of smoking object, shook it while making some weird faces and Ultimate Warrior fell to the ground holding his stomach. We were told that Papa Shango put a curse on our hero, but for all we know, he just had some indigestion.

8 Goldust Really Likes Undertaker

Goldust was a character that pushed the boundaries — especially in the pre-attitude era WWE. One such example of this was an interaction he had with Undertaker on an episode of Raw in 1996. The Bizzare one came out while Taker was talking, and flirted with him, complimenting him on his scent and even asked him if he ever heard of "rigor mortis" while holding his hand. The Deadman was then attacked by Mankind from behind. While Undertaker laid motionless following the surprise beatdown, Goldust crept back into the ring and sat seductively over the injured superstar.

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The whole segment was really unsettling, and perfect for a star like Goldust. But in a vacuum, it's a really weird segment of Raw to watch.

7 Vince's Song

Vince McMahon may love wrestling, but he loves to put on a good show more than anything. That's made abundantly clear by his strange "Stand Back" musical number. The song debuted at the 1987 Slammy Awards, and while it's funny as heck to watch, it's strange to think a soon-to-be billionaire who would go on to dominate wrestling and run a publically traded company would do a song and dance routine with Hulk Hogan.

The bit makes its way around every few years, mostly whenever a good face needs some fuel to embarrass the evil McMahon, yet weirdly enough, when WWE replays those segments, they don't use the original song.

6 Dr. Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon loves to embarrass Good Ol' J.R. for some reason, but this may be the most offensive of all. Following a legitimate health issue involving his colon, Jim Ross — the legendary lead commentator of Raw — Vince McMahon pretended to be a surgeon removing various things from J.R's butt.

They find a bottle of Jim Ross' BBQ sauce, a mini Stone Cold Steve Austin cup, and eventually, Ross' own head. Get it? JR's serious medical issue that required real-life surgery was caused by the patient's head being up his own butt! We should note this segment had nothing to do with any storyline at the time.

5 The Boogeyman Eats Jillian Hall's Face

Jillian Hall was the "fixer" for MNM — Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, and Melina— and eventually the manager for JBL. Yet, despite her success in business, she had a facial deformity that distracted the audience. That's OK though because the Boogeyman exists, and when he's not smashing clocks off his head, he's eating weird things. Admittedly, that's normally worms, but sometimes, he gets hungry and those wiggly guys aren't around.

That's what happened on an episode of SmackDown when Boogeyman ate the growth off Hall's face during a special Piper's Pit. We don't think there was any reason for this, but it gave the former fixer the confidence she needed to be a bad singer.

4 Vince McMahon's Million Dollar Madness

This is less of a segment, rather, a collection of strange moments that took place over a weird summer. In an attempt to boost ratings, Vince McMahon decided to give away real money to real people. To win, fans would have to register and wait to hear the special code so that if he called, they could win. What we got was three weeks of McMahon struggling to use a phone on live television while not hearing the responses from his fans.

It all ended one night when the stage collapsed for some reason. This particular segment went on for a really long time, as everything slowly fell apart, but McMahon barely tried to move out of the way.

3 Vince McMahon Tears His Quad

The Royal Rumble 2005 features the most bizarre ending to any WWE pay-per-view in any era. The final two contestants were John Cena and Batista — easily the two biggest stars in the company at the time — Batista was slated to eliminate The Face That Runs The Place, but something went terribly wrong. Both wrestlers fell out of the ring at the same time.

While referees tried to decide how to handle the situation, a livid Vince McMahon stormed down the ramp and into the ring — tearing a quad. Unable to stand, McMahon sat in the ring, yelling at his two top stars for a few seconds. The match then restarted with the final two contestants, and Batista won quickly while McMahon somehow walked to the back.

2 Heidenreich Gets Close To Michael Cole

It's clear WWE had big plans for Heidenreich by placing him in a feud with Undertaker while Paul Heyman managed him. During that feud, the big man took a liking to poetry and would recite his poems to the audience.

Somehow, this all led to Heidenrich taking Michael Cole into a bathroom and it was strongly insinuated that the SmackDown commentator was sexually assaulted. If you're unsure how this impacted Undertaker, it didn't.

1 Katie Vick

During his feud with Triple H, fans learned a lot about Kane's life before he was the Big Red Machine. One big thing we learned was that The Devil's Favorite Demon had a girlfriend who died in a car accident. So, to tell the world about this little detail, Triple H dressed up as Kane and pretended to make love to a mannequin in a casket.

We're not really sure what the point of this segment was. It's a weird, gross, and inappropriate moment in WWE history that was only done for shock value.

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