What Are The Plans For Finn Balor At WrestleMania?

The WWE universe has been waiting for Finn Balor's return ever since he went down with a shoulder injury last August. "When is he coming back?" has been the question on everyone's mind. And recently the news has been good with Balor expected back soon.

So, now the question is "What is he going to do at WrestleMania?" And well, the answer to that question looks like it will not be as satisfying.

Cageside Seats is reporting on the rumor that while Balor is on track to return in time for WrestleMania 33 (YAY!!), the odds are that he will not have a match on the show (BOO!!!).

If you are thinking, "Why can't he fight Samoa Joe and renew that NXT rivalry?" Well, the WWE is saving Joe as a backup for a match with Triple H if Seth Rollins isn't able to go by then. And until they are sure Rollins will be good to go they don't want to get Joe set up with anyone else.

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