What Did Lana Say To Rusev On RAW Last Week?

John Cena and Rusev will clash for the United States Championship at WrestleMania in 10 days, but there's debate among fans as to whether Rusev should remain undefeated or if Cena should be America's conquering hero in being the one to take down the mean foreigner.

Well, we sure have seen an ugly pattern when a foreigner loses to Cena, or suffers his first big loss in general. After Cena had Rusev tortured in the STF on RAW recently, Lana begrudgingly accepted Cena's challenge. Rusev and Lana then had a disagreement backstage over the incident and luckily, someone has translated what was said between the two.

Rusev seems to be well aware of what happens when someone loses to Cena in a high profile match.

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