What Did Shawn Michaels Teach Daniel Bryan?

We all know that Daniel Bryan learned from the best in Shawn Michaels, but what's really getting eerie now is the similarities of the two careers. Michaels was forced to vacate titles on several occasions, one being the Intercontinental title in 1995 after he was rumored to have been beaten up by a group of Marines in a Syracuse bar. Michaels then relinquished the WWE championship in February of 1997 after suffering a knee injury, although many have long attributed that to HBK not wanting to job to Bret Hart at WrestleMania.

Now, HBK's greatest student, Daniel Bryan has had to vacate those two titles, last year as a result of a neck injury and the IC title this year due to an undisclosed injury (possibly complications from last year's).

Hopefully Bryan isn't forced to step away from wrestling for four years like HBK did, but then again, maybe Bryan could come back and have an epic eight-year run in the 2020s and be better than ever.

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What Did Shawn Michaels Teach Daniel Bryan?