What Did Steve Austin Think Of Roman Reigns Being #30 At Royal Rumble?

It was pretty obvious, based on the reaction in the arena and from all those funny compilation videos of fans getting upset, that the WWE universe was not happy to see Roman Reigns enter the Royal Rumble at #30 last Sunday. But WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin had a different take on it as he discussed on the 400th episode of The Steve Austin Show:

"Everything made sense for me, so I enjoyed the s--t out of it... a lot of people s--t on Roman Reigns in the 30 spot. I popped because I'm thinking, 'dude, here's the setup, guys. Something's up.' And then, [Chris] Jericho gets out, so there's the three [remaining entrants, Reigns, Randy Orton, and Bray Wyatt], so you got two heels and a baby. You know it's going to be a double-team. You know Roman Reigns is somehow going to defeat two heels again and he's going to win the f-----g Rumble. Setup. I smelled a rat from the beginning and I just couldn't believe what I was going to end up seeing. He goes to charge Randy Orton, spear, and, of course, Randy Orton connects with an RKO. Boom. Over the top rope. Randy wins. I thought Roman Reigns in the 30 spot was a fantastic idea and great booking."

How do you feel about it now? Has Austin's view changed your opinion at all?

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