What do Kylie Jenner and The Undertaker Have in Common?

Kylie Jenner wanna be the undertaker so bad SMH pic.twitter.com/cYI4FqWo7U

— Huzlers (@TheHuzlers) July 2, 2014

At TheSportster, we don't like to give attention to the Kardashians and their ridiculousness, but sometimes it's too funny to pass up. Our friends at TheRichest tell us that Kylie Jenner is a trend setter, and we're not here to debate that fact, but we're not 100% sure where she's going with this one. Apparently, she's decided that the new trendy look will be wearing The Undertaker's hat and a leather jacket, so that she can continuously look like she's about to entire the ring at WrestleMania. We won't claim to know much about fashion as we're a sports site, but this look seems dumb.

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