What Does Bray Wyatt's Latest Creepy Promo Mean?

Last week, we touched on whether The Undertaker's next WrestleMania opponent might be Bray Wyatt, based on his awesome/creepy promos. You can see those first two promos here. Well, this past Monday on Raw, Bray Wyatt gave us another epic promo, where we assume he's talking about The Undertaker.

He keeps talking about what happened to "this person" was a tragedy and we're assuming that he's talking about The Undertaker and his loss for The Undertaker. Then he banged some nails into wood, which we're assuming is nails in a coffin, keeping with the whole Undertaker/Wyatt/WrestleMania angle.

If it turns out that Bray Wyatt isn't fighting Taker at WrestleMania and is cutting promos about someone useless like Kane, we can expect anger reminiscent of last year's Royal Rumble... or this year's Royal Rumble.

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