What Does Bret Hart Think About Owen's Upcoming DVD?

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Last month, after news broke about an upcoming DVD based on Owen Hart's life, only one person in the world wasn't happy with the news and that was his wife, Martha Hart. You can read her opinion here, but it's now time to hear from his brother Bret.

In an interview with Jim Ross, which you can hear in full here, Bret took an entirely different stance on the topic. He said "I think it’s important to remember what Owen accomplished in wrestling and I disagree with her position about Owen. There are so many happy memories tied in with Owen and I wish his kids could hear the stories."

He then went a step further and said that she's attempting to "erase everything he did in wrestling." One thing's for sure, this DVD will probably sell more than other DVD in recent memory.

Perhaps the Harts need to have a family meeting, on the topic?

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