What Does Chris Jericho Think Of His 2016 WWE Run?

Chris Jericho has been a part timer for some time now but ever since returning in January this year ahead of the Royal Rumble, the first undisputed champion has been working full time for the first time since 2010. And while it got off to a rocky start, Jericho eventually started to shine by reinventing his character into a comedic heel who writes names on a list, gives everyone the gift of Jericho and calls people stupid idiots.

Now, arguably the hottest act in WWE today, Jericho is proud of what he's accomplished, speaking about his past year to the Toronto Sun:

"The fact right now that I'm still one of the top guys, and in the main event storyline, that's pretty cool. I never expected that. I think this whole year has been very organic. Sometimes you start out at A and end up at C and have no idea really how you got there. You've just got to ride the wave and enjoy it as it's happening."

"I think this past year in the WWE has really cemented my, not legacy, but cemented Jericho as one of the top guys in the business 26 years later."

Definitely hard to argue with that.

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