What Does Jim Ross Think About Daniel Bryan's Retirement?

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With Daniel Bryan announcing his retirement from the WWE, there has been an outpouring of love towards the beloved superstar, as many were inspired by their bearded hero. Whenever something important happens in WWE, it's always interesting to get the perspective of a true legend, like Jim Ross, who wrote an insightful blog the matter, which you can read in full here.

Here's an except that we found especially interesting:

"During my tenure as EVP of Talent Relations in WWE, dealing with injuries was a ongoing occurrence in my office. How those matters were handed continued to be refined over the years all the while keeping the talent's health in mind as always being our number one priority. When a decision to return someone to the ring who had been away for injury issues, those decisions had to be made carefully and always erring on the side of caution each and every time out. In essence, we had to do our best to often times protect the talents from themselves.

At the same time, unfortunately, some talents have been known to 'milk' an injury to be able to sit home and collect a pay check.

In Daniel Bryan's case, that latter issue was never in question as he's a man of integrity and professionalism who would never attempt to work the system. Having said that, I feel that WWE would be best served here to keep Bryan Danielson on the staff and put him in a position to help young talents adjust to life in the WWE not only from an in ring standpoint but from life away from the ring as well."

We highly suggest reading the entire article over at J.R.'s site.

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