What Does John Cena Think Of UFC?

We always hear about UFC fighters and promoters (Dana White) taking shots at the WWE for being "fake." But what about the other side. What do WWE superstars think of the UFC?

Well, one WWE Superstar, John Cena, was on Larry King Live recently and he had this to say about the UFC:

"It’s done great to establish itself as a brand, but in comparison with us, it doesn’t resonate with me just because I’m a storyteller. I enjoy the story that we can tell in the ring and like I said, I think [WWE does] it better than everyone.

It truly has marketed itself extremely well. It has fantastic exposure. There’s no denying the athletic ability that it takes to step into the Octagon. It’s not something I could do.

I’m not taking anything away from anyone in the UFC, because their success speaks for themselves but as far as it resonating with me, it’s just not something I’m a fan of."

You can watch the full interview here.

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What Does John Cena Think Of UFC?