What Does The Bullet Club's "GB 4 Life" Slogan Mean?

#goodbrother4life the 4 noticing. @ImpactDOC liked it? https://t.co/SQ3qUthB9z

— Amber O'neal Gallows (@amberoneal1) April 26, 2016

Many fans were speculating on social media about what Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson's "GB 4 Life" slogan meant. The duo made their in-ring debut on RAW last night, wearing jackets with the slogan on them.

The jackets were similar to the ones they wore at WrestleKingdom 10, but those ones read "BC 4 Life" standing for Bullet Club.

Fortunately, Gallows' wife Amber cleared up the matter on Twitter explaining that GB stands for "Good Brothers".

Knowing now what the slogan means, do you approve of it?

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