What Does Vince McMahon Think About Sasha Banks?


Obviously Vince McMahon has been a fan of Sasha Banks. So much so that they have been thinking about having her take the Women's Championship title this summer.

However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is saying that Vince McMahon has compared Sasha Banks to Daniel Bryan and considers her to be "injury prone."

Her most recent "injury" was a concussion she suffered when she was kneed in the head by the referee during a six women tag match last week. Obviously, that was a total fluke accident, but when it comes to concussions, you know the WWE is going to be extra careful about the situation.

For all you Sasha Banks fans, there is no need to worry just yet as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is saying that this "injury prone" label isn't the "kiss of death." But it could cause the WWE to be just a little more cautious about future plans for the Boss.


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