What Is Goldberg's Greatest Regret Of His Career?

One of the biggest "What Ifs?" among professional wrestling fans is "what if Bret Hart was never kicked in the head by Goldberg back in 1999?" What more could Bret have done? His career was already great, but what would it have been if that kick had never happened?

Well, that kick isn't just one of the biggest regrets of the WWE Universe, it is the biggest regret of the man who performed the kick.

Speaking with Romain Mahut to promote the WWE 2K17 video game Goldberg, told Mahut that kicking Bret Hart in the head is the biggest regret he has from his entire career:

"I wouldn’t have kicked Bret Hart in the head. I respect Bret. I look up to Bret. A tear comes to my eye when I even think about it. For an icon like him to have his career cut short by a mistake or an accident by myself is almost impossible to deal with. So that’s truly to me, not to be selfish, but to make myself feel better, but, at the end of the day, I just wish I could take that back."

I think we all wish he could!

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What Is Goldberg's Greatest Regret Of His Career?