What Is The Luckiest Royal Rumble Entrant Number?

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The good folks over at Paddy Power blog team have gone through all the numbers over the entire history of the Royal Rumble and have come up with some pretty interesting stats, including what has been the luckiest entrant number:

The obvious answer would seem to be number 30, since entering the ring last would appear to give you the best chance of winning with so many competitors already eliminated by that point. But that has only turned out to be true twice: The Undertaker (2007) and John Cena (2008). Which is the same number of times the first entrant into the ring has won: Shawn Michaels (1995) and Chris Benoit (2004).

Actually the luckiest entrant number over the history of the Royal Rumble has been number 27 as there have been 4 winners who have entered the rumble in that spot: Big John Studd (1989), Yokozuna (1993), Bret Hart (1994) and Stone Cold Steve Austin (2001).

The next best number, after 27, has been 24, with 3 winners: Hulk Hogan (1991), Steve Austin (1998) and The Rock (2000).

And in case you were wondering what numbers have never won the Royal Rumble: 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 17.

You can check out the full post and all the stats here.

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