What Superstar Would Kurt Angle Want To Have His Last WWE Match With?

We should probably start this off by saying that there is no news that Kurt Angle is coming back to the WWE beyond his induction into the Hall of Fame. And as Angle told Lilian Garcia on a recent episode of Making Their Way To The Ring, he is okay with that:

"I’m in a great place in my life... I talk to people and they’re like, hey why don’t you come back and wrestle? No, no, I’m in a good place right now. I’m OK with not being Kurt Angle the wrestler anymore. I’m just happy being who I am. I think that people don’t know how to just accept who they are and be happy with who they are."

"I can’t really say [if he is officially done in the ring]. But if I am, I’m OK with it…I will tell you this, Lilian. That’s the only reason I would do it. I will not do it for myself. I would do it for you and the fans out there. It’s no longer about me."

But what if he did get back int he ring one last time? Who would he want to have that last match with?

"The one that I would really love to have a final match with right now is the kid that’s the hottest right now in WWE and that’s AJ Styles. I wrestled AJ in TNA, and I can tell you that he is every bit as good as Shawn Michaels. The thing with AJ Styles, and I want everybody to realize this–you don’t have to do anything with him. He does all the work. So it’s an easy match for you. He flies around the ring. He does all the bumping. AJ is a special individual where you can go in that ring and literally just stand in the middle and he does everything for you. I have never had a match with anybody that’s been so easy, and every time I worked with him it was a five star match. So AJ’s that kind of talent. He only comes around once in a lifetime, so I’d really love to shake it up with him one more time if I could."

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