What These 15 Wrestlers Over 50 Look Like Today

Of all the athletic endeavors out there, wrestling takes the biggest toll on one's body. After all, in what other profession are you falling down on a not so soft mat hundreds of times every day?

Even former Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle said that he wanted to quit the business after one day of training because he didn't think he'd be able to handle the pain. That just shows you what wrestling can do to a person over the course of time.

Many wrestlers age very quickly once their careers are over, but some are able to stick around the business a long time because they look better than ever in their 40s and some even look great in their 50s!

This list will show you a good mix of what some wrestlers from back in the heyday look like today. Some were able to stick to their regimens and even got more time to work on their bodies without having to worry about wrestling. Some though, succumbed to demons and/or decided to take it easy once they retired. Either way, the most important thing is that all these wrestlers are happy and healthy into their retirement.

Here is what these 15 wrestlers over 50 look like today.


15 Hulk Hogan

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Then: Let's start with one, if not the biggest name in wrestling history, Hulk Hogan. Hogan was on top of the wrestling world during his prime, as he had all the tools needed to be branded to kids and adults a like, as he really was a superhero to millions of people as he reigned as champion in the ring. A man among boys most of the time when it came to physical stature, Hulk Hogan was a big dude during his wrestling days.

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Now: Hulk Hogan has made headlines for the wrong reasons a few times since retiring from professional wrestling, but he has still done a pretty good job of staying in shape for being 63 years old. As you can see above, he still has the big arms that he had during his days as a big time star decades ago, and the mustache is still looking as good as ever. Hogan could still be promoted to fans of his from his wrestling days, as he doesn't look to much different years and years later.

14 Lex Luger

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Then: Lex Luger looked like he was going to be bigger than what he ended up being in the business. Promoter after promoter fell in love with his look and time after time, he left them underwhelmed. Following a stint in WCW, WWE tried to make him their next Hulk Hogan, but fans were embracing Bret Hart. One thing you could never take away from Luger was how great he looked.

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Now: A nerve impingement in his neck 10 years ago gave Luger temporary paralysis, thus he was unable to maintain the physique he had worked so hard to achieve.

Luger has written a book about his struggles and how he became a born again Christian. He's gone around speaking at various events warning people of the dangers of what he went through.

13 Missy Hyatt

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Then: Missy Hyatt is considered the "First Lady of Wrestling" by fans of her, as he worked in the wrestling world for over 30 years in the WCCW, UWF, WCW, ECW and many independent companies. She was incredibly beautiful during her time in professional wrestling, and managed some big names most notably the Sandman in ECW. While new fans of wrestling may not know who Missy Hyatt is, she was one of the first women to make a name for herself in wrestling using her looks and charisma instead of brute force inside of the ring.

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Now: No longer the "First Lady of Wrestling," Melissa Hiatt doesn't have the same amazing look she did years ago, as the 53 year old was also arrested a few years back for Grand Theft Auto in Florida, which had this photo surface above which shows how much she has aged since retiring from wrestling. She has kept a low profile since, as she is currently living in her hometown of Tallahassee, Florida. If you want to learn more about one of the biggest and earliest female names in wrestling, you can visit her website at missyhyatt.net.

12 Sid

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Then: Like Luger, Sid was given various opportunities at the top due to how he looked. His athleticism and strength in the ring allowed his matches to stay intense which is why he is often considered a great wrestler by both his peers and fans of wrestling. Unfortunately that's about all he had.

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Now: The WWE Universe hasn't seen too much of Sid in recent years. The last time we saw him on WWE programming was for a short squash match victory over Heath Slater. Now, 55, he's still in great shape. He has competed in bodybuilding contests since his retirement from wrestling. Sid retired about five years ago but his body still looks amazing. We're kind of surprised WWE hasn't called Sid again about another one-off.

11 Ahmed Johnson

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Then: Ahmed Johnson was given all the opportunity in the world to achieve greatness in WWE, but he always seemed to get injured at a bad time and eventually he fell out of the good graces of the company. After his three-year stint in WWE ended, he went over to WCW and the weight began to pile on. He was eventually rebranded Big T and seemed to fade into obscurity.

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Now: Weight would continue to be an issue for Johnson into retirement and it's safe to say he's nowhere near ring shape. However one positive thing he did do, what he got a degree in criminology and has put the degree to use. He's currently involved in a class-action lawsuit against WWE for withholding the dangers of concussions from its wrestlers.

10 One Man Gang

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Then: One Man Gang had several gimmicks in his career, including the infamous Hakeem The African Dream one, but he's still best known to people as One Man Gang. Nothing he did in his WWE career was all that notable but that could be because WWE simply had too many impressive acts back in the 80s. OMG just never really stood out from the pack.


Now: One Man Gang looked big in the ring during his wrestling days, but maybe a little too big. Unfortunately, he suffered a heart attack in 2000, but it may have been a blessing. This led him to changing his diet and losing some weight in the process, and is keeping busy. Nowadays he is working as a prison guard at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. It probably would be pretty cool having "OMG" be your prison guard.

9 Scott Hall

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Then: Scott Hall had many unsuccessful gimmicks before he stumbled upon the Razor Ramon gimmick that garnered him so much fame in WWE. Razor Ramon was one of the coolest gimmicks in the history of WWE and part of it was Hall's look. Scott Hall then went to WCW and founded the nWo. Hall's personal demons eventually surfaced which made him look a lot older than he was.

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Now: Hall was in very bad shape for many years, but thankfully his friend DDP gave him a call that saved his life. Hall claimed there was a point where he just wanted to die and he was drinking bottles of vodka for breakfast. While DDP's program didn't erase Hall's addiction completely, as he's relapsed several times, he did get him to a functioning state and Hall's definitely looking better now than he did a few years ago.

8 Dean Malenko

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Then: Dean Malenko was known as the man of 1,000 holds and he was a different breed than what the typical North American star looked like. That's why Malenko had to travel the world to earn his name in the business, because the WWE wasn't really interested in slim guys who were technical artists but didn't offer much else.

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Now: It doesn't look like Malenko has aged all that much today. He clearly still keeps himself in fantastic shape and were it not for his prior injuries, he'd probably still be able to wrestle today. He's kept himself busy as a road agent in WWE. Malenko sure isn't giving lessons on how to cut promos but you can be sure he knows what it takes to put a good match together.

7 Raven

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Then: Raven had one of the most intriguing gimmicks of the 90s and he really became a big name in ECW. His feud with Tommy Dreamer was the stuff of legends as the two portrayed complete opposites. Raven became ECW champion multiple times and went on to WWE where he'd win the Hardcore title a record number of times.

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Now: Raven has since ditched the long hair he sported during his wrestling days, which makes him a bit harder to recognize than other wrestlers on this list. Raven resides in Atlanta Georgia today and doesn't look anywhere close to what he looked like in his prime. Raven definitely doesn't look anything like the Hardcore legend he was back in the mid to late 90s.

6 Mick Foley

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Then: Foley had a long and successful career in wrestling, as he is often brought up when discussing the greats, due to his ability to put on good matches in many of the different promotions he worked for. In the ring, Foley was a big body as he weighed in over 300 pounds during his wrestling days. He stated that his weight and the hardships of wrestling life led to extreme amounts of pain which led him to losing weight.

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Now: Man, that DDP Yoga sure is something else. Like several wrestlers before him, Foley decided to take the plunge into DDP Yoga and he made massive changes to his diet. About a year and a half ago, Foley was tipping the scales at a whopping 339 pounds. He's since said he's lost over 100 pounds and we believe him. Good for you, Mick!

5 Scott Steiner

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Then: Scott Steiner had the track record to be considered a great wrestler of his time, but I believe his career could have been labeled as overrated. He would go on to simplify his in-ring style to a power based offsense and while he had the big guns, he lost a lot of what made him famous in the first place. Steiner's stint in WWE in 2002 didn't go well because of these problems, plus some issues with Triple H. He achieved much success in WCW, winning a bunch of titles even though he was stiff as a board in the ring, and that often led to some seriously underwhelming matches.

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Now: Throughout Scott Steiner’s wrestling career, nobody ever questioned his physical strength, since he was completely jacked. When someone is that built, the aging process can sometimes look bad, as their once bulging muscles turn to saggy, wrinkly skin. This is definitely not the case for Scott Steiner though, who is still looking incredibly defined and healthy while he continues to wrestle on the independent circuit.

4 Abdullah The Butcher

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Then: Abdullah The Butcher was undoubtedly one of the scariest looking wrestlers of all time and his reputation lived up to his look. Abdullah had scars from bladejobs that showed how dedicated, or just insane, of a wrestler he really was. But Abdullah didn’t just take it, he could dish it out too. He would often cut his opponents open with silverware, which would tend to cause a good amount of blood to spill. Abdullah The Butcher was always ready to put his body on the line for fans, and for that reason, we thank you.

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Now: Today, Lawrence Shreve is at the age of 76 as he currently owns two restaurants appropriately named Abdullah The Butcher’s House of Ribs and Chinese Food. One is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and the other in Japan. Stop in for some ribs, as I hear they are quite good. Shreve was also recently sued by Devon Nicholson who said he contracted hepatitis C when Abdullah bladed him without consent. Shreve was ordered to pay $2.3 million in damages. You can still see the blading scars on Shreve's head from his time in the ring, badass.

3 Bruno Sammartino

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Then: The oldest wrestler on this list, Bruno Sammartino is easily one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. Bruno Sammartino was by far the longest reigning champion in the history of the WWE and if it were not for him setting attendance records at Madison Square Garden back in the 70s, it's very likely we wouldn't have the WWE today.

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Now: You try looking like Bruno Sammartino in your 80s! Sure Bruno doesn't have the exact same sculpted physique he did in his heyday but anybody over the age of 50 would love to look like that. We're really happy Bruno put aside his past differences with WWE and was inducted into the HOF back in 2013.

2 Stone Cold

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Then: We talked about Hulk Hogan earlier and it's crazy to think like Hogan, Stone Cold is over 50. After Hogan, not many achieved that level of success in the business, but Austin sure did that. He set various box office and merchandise sales records in the Attitude Era. While he didn't have the superhero look of Hogan, he obviously connected with audiences from his common man look.

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Now: Being complacent with his body just doesn't jive with Stone Cold. He is over 50 and he has said he'll never wrestle again, but that doesn't stop him from looking like the Stone Cold we knew and loved for so long. Fans have been clamoring for an Austin return to the ring but it seems Austin is very happy taking care of his body in retirement.

1 Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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Then: Jake Roberts inspired an entire new generation of wrestlers. In an era where wrestler after wrestler would shout into the microphone, Roberts spoke in a very cold and calculated manner that gave people the creeps. He also had his trusted Damien the snake along with him everywhere he went. People didn't know about his personal demons behind the scenes though, and they soon took its toll on Roberts.

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Now: Roberts looked like he was going to be a wrestling tragedy as he hit a low point and he seemed to look worse and worse with each passing day. Like Hall, Roberts got a call from his old protege DDP who offered to get him sober with DDP Yoga. Roberts succeeded and he now goes on tour discussing old wrestling stories from back in the day.

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