What These 20 Forgotten Tag Team Wrestlers Look Like Today

For every Shawn Michaels, there is always a Marty Jannetty !

Whether it was the Attitude Era in the late 90s, WCW tag team scene during their prime or ROH's tag team division, you can't deny that stables have been an important part of wrestling. With legendary teams like The Road Warriors, The Outsiders, Harlem Heat and The Steiner Brothers, it's not hard to see why. The future of a tag team stable is not always clear, as one member may go on to become a successful singles competitor, while the other member gets slept on. As you know, this isn't always the case, but at the same time, it isn't uncommon. As you've heard many times in the past from some of your favorite and sometimes least favorite WWE superstars, for every Shawn Michaels, there is always a Marty Jannetty and the idea is not to become the Jannetty of your stable.

If so, you're running the risk of becoming forgotten about. Sure there may be times were fans may remember these long forgotten about and slept on superstars, but that more than likely only talk about said wrestler and their tag team partner, who somehow gets all the spotlight for the work that you both put in. Well, this list isn't about the HBKs or the Booker Ts. It's about those select superstars you may or may not remember.

If you're wondering why some of your favorites aren't here, it's because, for this list, I've decided to leave out wrestlers who have passed away out of respect, because all joking aside, those wrestlers will never be forgotten.

20 Bull Buchanan (Right To Censor)


Bull Buchanan is best known for his time in WWE. While there, he was a former WWF World Tag Team Champion with his tag team partner The Godfather or as he was called at the time of winning the titles, "The Goodfather". FYI, this was because he was a member of The Right to Censor faction at the time. In later years with the company, He and John Cena formed an alliance. The whole shtick was that Buchanan was supposed to be Cena's enforcer. He would get involved in Cena's matches in an attempt to give him the edge. He also adopted a few new nicknames during the time such as B Squared or B2. Anyway, B Squared last competed in WWE at the Royal Rumble pay per view event in 2003. He entered at number 11 and was quickly eliminated by Edge.

19 Chris Harris (America's Most Wanted)


Chris Harris is best known for his time in a wrestling promotion called Total Non Stop Action Wrestling, known now as Global Force/Impact Wrestling. During his time there he became won the Tag Team Championship six times with his tag team partner The Cowboy, James Storm. At one point, in the year 2008, Harris would compete in the WWE's version of ECW or Extreme Championship Wrestling under the ring name Braden Walker. Also during this time, Harris began using the catchphrase "I'm Braden Walker and I'm going to knock your brains out." In 2011, Harris made a brief return to TNA/Impact Wrestling as a member of Immortal. During that time Harris began teaming with Matt Hardy. After an unsuccessful attempt at winning the TNA Tag Team Championships against Robert Roode and his former tag team championship partner, James Storm, Harris was once again gone from TNA/Impact Wrestling.

18 Charlie Haas (The World's Greatest Tag Team)


Charlie Haas is known for his time with the WWE as a member of Team Angle with Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin, as well as a stable called The World's Greatest Tag Team also with Benjamin as his partner. He is a former 3 time WWE Team champion, winning the titles twice with Benjamin and once with Rico. It should be noted that he also won a Slammy award in the year 2008 for best impersonation. FYI, it was an impersonation of former 3-time women's champion, Beth Pheonix and it was during Hass' singles run with the company that year. Outside of WWE, Haas is also known for his time in Ring of Honor, where he is a former two time ROH World Tag Team Champion, winning the title both times with Benjamin. In 2013, Haas would announce his retirement from Pro Wrestling. Despite this, Haas still competes on some occasions.

17 Paul London (The Hooligans)


Paul London is best known for his time in WWE, where he was a former 3 time World/WWE Tag Team Title holder. He has won the WWE Tag Team Championship once with Billy Kidman and once with Brian Kendrick. On a side note, Kendrick and London were at one time known as the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions before their record was broken by The New Day in 2016. He is also a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, winning the title at Judgement Day and losing that to Nunzio on an episode of WWE Velocity, after which he cut a promo, turning heel in the process. Other than that, he is also a former World Tag Team Champion with Kendrick once again as his partner. More recently, London was wrestling for Lucha Underground, where he was the leader of a group called The Rabbit Tribe with his tag team partners, Saltador and Mala Surte.

16 Stevie Ray (Harlem Heat)


Stevie Ray is best known for his time in WCW as a member of Harlem Heat with his real-life brother, Booker T. Together, they have held the WCW World Tag Team Titles a record-setting 10 times. Not long after Harlem Heat split up, Ray became a member of WCW's most notorious group, the New World Order. In 1999, Stevie Ray and Booker T reunited and for a short while, Harlem Heat was once again a stable. This reunion would end up being short-lived, as Ray wasn't too keen on Midnight being the manager for the group. Harlem Heat split up once again after a match between Ray and Midnight, which Midnight won. The stipulation was that if Midnight won, she could manage Harlem Heat. She, in fact, did win via inside cradle, but instead of being a great sport about his defeat, Stevie Ray attacked both Booker T and Midnight. He later formed a new group called Harlem Heat, Inc. with Kash, Ahmad Johnson and J. Biggs.

15 Mike Mondo (The Spirit Squad)


Mike Mondo is most known for his stint in the WWE as a member of the heel faction, The Spirit Squad, a group of male cheerleaders who frequently paraded around the ring like lunatics and made up obnoxious and insulting "cheers" to entice their opponents and the audience in attendance. On an episode of Monday Night Raw, Mike, along with Kenny, Mitch, Nicky, and Johnny, were able to upset the team of The Big Show and Kane, who were the reigning World Tag Team Champions. This was a title match, meaning The Spirit Squad as an entire group, became the World Tag Team Champions and any of the 5 members of the group were allowed to defend the championship under the Freebird rule. Not long after that, The Spirit Squad found themselves embroiled in a feud with Triple H and Shawn Michaels, D-Generation X. The feud appeared to be one-sided, for the most part, with Michael and Triple H getting the better of The Spirit Squad on most of their encounters. They eventually lost their Tag Team Titles to Ric Flair and Roddy Piper. Not long after that, the group disbanded.

14 Rocky Johnson (The Soul Patrol)


Rocky Johnson began his wrestling career in the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance). After winning several tag titles in the company, Johnson made his debut in the WWE. He was eventually paired with Tony Atlas, forming a stable called The Soul Patrol. On November 15, 1983, the duo made history by becoming the first African American tag team to hold the titles. They did so by defeating The Wild Samoans, which were comprised of Afa and Sika. After his retirement, Johnson still made appearances on WWE programming. One notable one was WrestleMania 13 to fend off an attack by The Iron Sheik and The Sultan on his real-life son, Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock, who at the time was known as Rocky Maivia. In 2008, Johnson was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside his father in law, "High Chief" Peter Maivia. On that night they were both inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by The Rock.

13 Rick Steiner (The Steiner Bros)


Rick Steiner is best known for his time in WCW. During his tenure with the company he and his real-life brother, Scott Steiner managed to win the WCW World Tag Team Titles 7 times. Before he returned to World Championship Wrestling in 1996, he and his brother Scott Steiner managed to win the WWE World Tag Team Championships on two occasions. After this, they made their debut in Extreme Championship Wrestling and wrestled the likes of Taz, Raven, Stevie Richards, Perry Saturn and John Kronus. A year after that in 1996, The Steiner Brother returned to World Championship Wrestling. Eventually, Scott Steiner turned on his brother and joined the New World Order. During the final years of WCW, Rick himself would turn heel and reunite with his brother Scott Steiner. After taking time off, Rick returned to WCW when he came to the aid of Kevin Nash during an attack dished out by his brother Scott.

12 Marty Jannetty (The Rockers)


While being best known as a tag team competitor and one half of The Rockers with Shawn Michaels, Jannetty is also a former Intercontinental Champion. He defeated his ex-tag team partner Shawn Michaels with help from WWE Hall of Famer, Mr. Perfect AKA Curt Hennig. A few weeks later, Jannety dropped the title and HBK was Intercontinental Champion once again. Shortly after this, Jannetty formed a tag team with The 1-2-3 kid. At the team's peak, they won the WWE Tag Team Championship by defeating The Quebecers, which was the team of Jacques and Pierre. After that, Jannetty, now a heel, formed The New Rockers with Leif Cassidy. The duo managed to become contenders for the tag team championship title belts but they were unsuccessful in their efforts. Jennetty asked for his release due to The New Rockers storyline not getting over and the management team refusing to break them up despite this.

11 Scotty 2 Hotty (Too Cool)


During the late 90s and early 2000s, Scotty 2 Hotty was as popular with the fans as one could get. He was known for being a member of the wrestling stable Too Cool and for his signature move, The Worm. On May 29, 2000, Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay defeated Edge and Christian to become the new WWF Tag Team Champions. A few weeks after that Edge and Christan defeated Too Cool to regain the WWF Tag Team Titles. In the year 2003 after spending almost 2 years out of action, Scotty returned to Smackdown. In the year 2004, Scotty 2 Hotty along with Rikishi defeated the then WWE Tag Team Champions, The Basham Brothers to capture the WWE Tag Team Championships. This was after Rikishi and Too Cool split after it was revealed that Rikishi ran over Stone Cold Steve Austin... which he did for The Rock. Anyway, soon after this storyline, Rikishi reverted back to being a babyface and getting cheered, so it was all water under the bridge at that point.

10 Billy Gunn (Smoking Gunns)


Before The New Age Outlaws ever took off, before fans far and wide chanted "suck it" every time they heard gun say "we got two words for ya", before he and Road Dogg were five-time Tag Team Champions, he was a member of The Smoking Gunns with his tag team partner Bart Gunn. Together, they held the tag team title three times. After The Smoking Gunns split up, Billy Gunn became the protege of The Honky Tonk Man and began to feud with Road Dogg, who at the time, was known as Jesse James. James would eventually convince Gunn to form a tag team. Gunn agreed to do so and smashed a guitar over Honky Tonk Man's head. Gunn dropped the "Rockabilly" gimmick and became the "Bad A** Billy Gunn. Other than tag team wrestling, Gunn was pushed as a singles wrestler in the early 2000 and is a former Intercontinental Champion and a King of the Ring Ring winner.

9 Lance Storm (Impact Players)


As Lance Storm would say, "If I could be serious for a moment"; he was pretty underrated during his time in the WWE. That being said, he was able to win the World Tag Team Titles on four separate occasions. Arguably, Storm is most famous for getting buried by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Not in the ring, but on the mic. It all started when Lance Storm was wrestling Garrison Cade. Not too long after the match started Austin came on stage and despite giving Storm his props as a great technician, Austin outright called Storm boring. To make matters even worse he proceeded to pretend to sleep on stage and continuously call Storm a boring wrestler. This got to Storm who had a few choice words for Austin. Austin didn't care and called Storm the most boring son of a b8*** that he ever saw in his life. After Storm was defeated he adopted a new gimmick. It may have been short-lived but at least we got to see a "not so boring" Lance Storm and to be honest, it was pretty darn funny.

8 Hernandez (LAX)


Hernandez is best known for his time spent in TNA as a member of the Latin American Xchange. There he was a seven-time TNA World Tag Team Champion, having held the NWA World Tag Team Titles twice and the TNA World Tag Team Titles five times. In 2009, both he and his LAX partner Homicide began to pursue singles careers with Homicide becoming the X Division Champion and Hernandez gunning for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. In January of 2009, Hernandez cashed in his Feast or Fired briefcase and beat Sting via disqualification, therefore he didn't win the title. In September at TNA's No Surrender pay per view event, Hernandez once again Cashed in his feast or fired briefcase by injecting himself into a 4-way match, involving Sting, AJ Styles, Matt Morgan and then TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle. Unfortunately, Eric Young jumped Hernandez from behind and took him out, costing Hernandez his TNA World Heavyweight title opportunity.

7 Elix Skipper (Triple X)


Elix Skipper is arguably most known for his time spent in Total Non Stop Action Wrestling, where he was a four-time NWA World Tag Team Champion. He is also known for being in a stable called Triple X, with Christopher Daniels and sometimes, Low Ki. One of Triple X's biggest rivals was America's Most Wanted. During the baby years of TNA, these two teams engaged in war after war for the tag team titles. The rivalry finally came to a close when they were forced to break up after losing a six sides of steel cage match to America's Most Wanted. This match is also notable because of Skipper's tremendous athleticism and the fact that he was able to keep his balance while walking the top of the cage. On July 15, 2007, Skipper, Daniels and Low Ki reformed Triple X. Unfortunately, the reunion was short lived and the stable was no more after Low Ki asked for his release and Daniels got the pink slip and was fired.

6 Jimmy Rave (The Rock 'n Rave Infection)


Jimmy Rave is best known for his time in TNA and Ring of Honor Wrestling. During his time in both promotions, he didn't hold a championship title, but he was involved in some pretty interesting angles when he was wrestling for ROH. He had a habit of stealing other people's finishing maneuvers and saying that they were in fact, his. This included a knock-off version of Triple H's Pedigree called the Greetings From Ghana and AJ Style's Styles Clash. On a side note, he stopped using the Styles Clash after he was defeated by Styles with the stipulation being that whoever lost the match could no longer perform the move. Rave was also known as a member of The Embassy and S.C.U.M. when he returned to ROH. In TNA, he was a member of a group called The Rock 'n Rave Infection, alongside Lance Rock aka Lance Hoyt, and Christy Hemme.

5 Grand Master Sexay (Too Cool)

As stated before Grand Master Sexay was a member of Too Cool along with Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty. Sexay was brought back to WWE television on three separate occasions. The first time was to confront his real-life dad, Jerry Lawler. By the way, this was when Lawler and Cole were in a feud. This was a way for Cole to get into the head of Lawler. Anyway, Sexay stated that Lawler never cared much for him and that he was ashamed to be his son. Lawler countered this by saying that Sexay was a bigger screw up than Charlie Sheen. The second and much less dark time was on a special episode of Monday Night Raw, called Old School Raw, where he reunited with Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty. The reunited Too Cool defeated the 3MB. The next month after that, he competed for the NXT Tag Team Titles in a losing effort to the defending champions, The Ascension.

4 Kenny Dykstra (The Spirit Squad)


As stated earlier on in this list, Kenny Dykstra was best known as one-fifth of The Spirit Squad, where he and the other 4 members were at one time the World Tag Team Champions. After they disbanded, Dykstra would attempt to join Rated RKO, the team of Edge and Randy Orton. After a feud with Ric Flair, Dykstra was mostly featured on Sunday Night Heat, where he would feud with the likes of Eugene and Val Venis. Kenny made a brief return to the WWE, attacking his former Spirit Squad teammate, Dolph Ziggler during his feud with then-Intercontinental Champion, The Miz. Less than a week later, at the No Mercy pay per view, Dykstra and Mikey attempted to cost Ziggler a match against The Miz where both Miz's IC Title and Ziggler's career were on the line. They failed and as of this moment Ziggler is still employed by the WWE and on that night Ziggler became Intercontinental Champion.

3 Animal (Legion Of Doom)

Road Warrior Animal is best known as one half of The Road Warriors/The Legion of Doom, with his tag team partner, Road Warrior Hawk. The team became an official stable in Georgia Championship Wrestling when WWE Hall of Famer, Paul Ellering wanted to put together a stable. After becoming multiple time NWA National Tag Team Champions, they made their way up to Jim Crockett Promotions, where the team won the NWA World Tag Team Titles by defeating The Midnight Express. Shortly after this, they made their debut in the World Wrestling Federation where they won the WWF Tag Team Championships. It should be noted that during this time, after a brief hiatus with the company, they returned with Manager Paul Ellering accompanying them to the ring. After some appearances in World Championship Wrestling, Animal returned to the WWE along with Hawk. It was at this time that the duo once again captured the WWF Tag Team Titles and on two occasions, none the less. Soon after returning, they were repackaged as L.O.D 2000 and were accompanied by Sunny. In 1998, a controversial storyline involving Hawk and his real-life drug problems occurred. On a much more positive note, while this storyline caused Hawk and Animal to leave the company on bad terms, they returned to WWE programming on an episode of Monday Night Raw, where they were unsuccessful in once becoming the Tag Team Champions.

2 Haku (The Islanders)

During the mid-80s till the early 90s, Haku wrestled for WWE as one half of a tag team called The Islanders. Despite being a babyface tag team for a short while, they turned heel in the year 1987 and aligned themselves with WWE Hall of Famer, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Not long after his first WWE run ended in the year 1992, Haku began to compete in WCW and went by the name Meng, becoming the final WCW Hardcore Champion at one point. After the demise of WCW, Haku would make his return to the World Wrestling Federation as an entrant in the 2001 Royal Rumble Match. After this, he formed a short-lived tag team with WWE Hall of Famer, Rikishi. Although their alliance was short-lived, they did manage to have a brief angle with The Undertaker and Kane, most notably interfering in a match also involving the Dudely Boys and Edge and Christian.

1 Billy Kidman (Filthy Animals)


Billy Kidman made a name for himself in both World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment in both the tag team division and the cruiserweight division. As stated before, he is a former WWE Tag Team Champion with Paul London. Although he was a babyface wrestler for most of his career, he turned heel after botching his patented shooting star press from the top rope on Chavo Guerrero. He sidelined Guerrero with an injury and in the following weeks, Kidman couldn't bring himself to perform the move. This ended up costing London and Kidman the tag team titles. This prompted London to confront Kidman. Although things seemed confusing at first, everything was made crystal clear when Kidman attacked London with a steel chair to the back. At No Mercy, after London and Kidman had their match, Kidman got on the mic and verbally attacked the fans in attendance for being bloodthirsty as they wanted to see him perform the Shooting Star Press. Kidman dropped the mic and delivered the move to London while he was strapped on a stretcher.

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