What These 20 WCW Women Look Like Today

WCW was never known for having a great women's division. Actually WCW was never known for having any great division at all. In general, WCW is only known for having a lot of money, an incredible roster, and blowing it all by not knowing what to do.

This is not to say some incredibly talented women did not come through the doors of WCW, however, because they certainly did. In fact, some of the greatest female performers in the history of pro wrestling passed through WCW at some point, and some even got their start there.

In late 1996, WCW held a women's tournament in conjunction with the GAEA promotion in Japan. GAEA isn't an acronym, but rather based from the name of a goddess sometimes also referred to as Gaia. The promotion was entirely based around women's wrestling. The tournament consisted of WCW's recently signed Madusa and stars from the Japanese promotion. Madusa made it all the way to the finals, but lost to Akira Hokuto once there. WCW never really followed through with the division.

Even though WCW never had a proper women's division (at least not really), they still found ways to incorporate women into their storylines. Unfortunately for WCW, and the women involved, their storylines were some of the worst in the history of sports entertainment.

Here are 20 women from WCW, and what they look like today.

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27 Miss Hancock (Stacy Keibler)

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37-year old Stacy Keibler made her debut in the world of pro wrestling in late-1999. That was the year she won a contest WCW held to find a new member of the Nitro Girls dance troupe. She would be given the name "Miss Hancock" while in WCW.

While on WCW's roster she started dating David Flair. Later in her life she would date George Clooney. Some find it interesting that a real woman exists in the world who dated both of those people.

After Keibler and Clooney broke up, she began dating her longtime friend later that year. They were married in early 2014 and now have a daughter together. That's one man who found himself in Stacy Keibler's "friend zone" and decided to ride it out. Well done, sir.

26 Daffney

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Another on-screen girlfriend for David Flair, Daffney is actually a former WCW cruiserweight champion. That ridiculousness occurred during the Vince Russo era of WCW, where little made sense. She actually defeated Chris Candido for the title in a mixed tag match. Her partner was Crowbar, a.k.a. Devon Storm in WWE.

Shown above at an indy show recently, Daffney is something of a grizzled veteran on the independent women's scene. She hasn't wrestled a match in years, but has worked as a host and valet.

In addition to her WCW run, Daffney also wrestled in TNA for three years. At one point she was working as a Sarah Palin-inspired character called "The Governor" in TNA. Vince Russo may have been involved with that as well.

Daffney filed a lawsuit against TNA in 2011, alleging an unsafe working environment. The suit was settled out of court in 2013.

25 Gorgeous George

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The name "Gorgeous George" was originally held by pro wrestling pioneer and WWE Hall of Famer George Raymond Wagner.

The original Gorgeous George's ring music was "Pomp and Circumstance", the same music "Macho Man" Randy Savage would use in WWE. Savage bought the rights to the name "Gorgeous George" and had intended to give the moniker to his brother, Lanny Poffo. Despite signing a lucrative contract with WCW, dying his hair blonde, and preparing to debut as a new-age version of the Gorgeous George character, WCW opted to do nothing at all with the younger Poffo.

So instead, Macho gave the name to Stephanie Bellars when she became his new valet in 2000. Bellars was only around for the end of WCW. Afterwards she married Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (b. Paul Caiafa), with the two divorcing in 2013. She is said to be working on her autobiography.

24 Nitro Girl Spice

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Melissa Anne Grill Petersen was 24 when she joined the Nitro Girls in 1997. At the time, Spice was splitting her time as a model, personal trainer and waitress in Atlanta.

When Vince Russo arrived in WCW in 1999, he is believed to have wanted to scrap the Nitro Girls altogether. When there were complaints regarding this, he informed the team they would have to get involved in storylines and angles. Spice ended up getting involved with Evan Karagias during his feud with Madusa over the Cruiserweight title.

After WCW was purchased by WWE, Spice joined other ex Nitro Girls in forming a pop group named "Destiny 5". They were about as successful as a singing group as Buff Bagwell was as a WWE performer.

She now works as a chiropractor and owns "Flow Unlimited," a wellness company based in Atlanta.

23 Midajah

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Melinda Midajah McCullum has worked as a fitness model and personal trainer since 1994. She is best-known to wrestling fans by her middle name Midajah, which she used as Scott Steiner's main valet in WCW's dying days.

Midajah was in the corner of Scott Steiner on the final episode of Nitro, when Steiner lost the WCW Championship to Booker T. She had been brought into the company in 1999, as WCW was looking to hire fitness models to serve as the "nWo Girls". After the last attempt to revive the faction in WCW crumbled, Midajah stayed on with Steiner throughout his controversial 2000-01 period, which included him doing things such as bringing a tiger to the ring, and weekly shoot interviews which often served no purpose from a WCW storyline perspective.

After WCW, Midajah simply went back to being a fitness model and personal trainer. Her website, Midajah.com, offers fitness and healthy living advice.

22 Debra

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57-year-old Debra Marshall started in pro-wrestling in 1995. She was married to pro football player Steve "Mongo" McMichael at the time, as he was transitioning to a post-football career in wrestling.

Debra quickly showed she had a knack for performing as the annoying Southern belle beauty queen, so much so that she immediately started outshining her husband. Real-life problems between the couple ended up making their way onscreen as well, and soon their marriage dissolved in both real and fictional settings. The couple divorced in 1998.

After the divorce, Debra left WCW for WWE, where she would manage Jeff Jarrett just as she had done in WCW. She would end up marrying Steve Austin during her time in WWE, but that marriage also ended in divorce in 2003. She's been out of the wrestling limelight for the most part ever since.

21 Leia Meow (Kimona Wanaleya)

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You might better remember Kristina Laum from her time in ECW under the name Kimona Wanaleya, but she also brought her unique talents to WCW for a period.

She was brought into the company in 1999, originally as the cheerleader for the revamped "Varsity Club" faction. The stable consisted of Mike Rotunda, Rick Steiner and Kevin Sullivan. She would later become the manager of the "Jung Dragons", a trio of cruiserweights in late stage WCW.

After WCW closed, Laum ended up in Jimmy Hart's XWF promotion. She would also make appearances on the indie scene, but when XWF folded in 2011, she announced her retirement from wrestling.

Now 40 years old, Laum seems to have left the wrestling world behind her. As can be seen from her recent picture above, she's still the same Kimona Wanaleya, however.

20 Nitro Girl Storm (Sharmell)

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Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman joined WCW in 1998 as a member of the Nitro Girls. When the Vince Russo era of WCW was ushered in, it was made clear the Nitro Girls were going to become part of storylines. Sharmell ended up being renamed "Paisley" and was the valet for "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea." This was all normal by WCW standards at the time.

She would end up dating Booker T while both were in WCW, and the couple would marry in 2005. Shortly after the two married, Booker T won the 2006 King of the Ring tournament. He ended up really running with the King gimmick, and Sharmell became known as "Queen Sharmell."

Sharmell is now retired from the wrestling business, and busy raising three kids with Booker T. The family lives in Friendswood, Texas.

19 Torrie Wilson

Hello Torrie Wilson! Not surprisingly, Torrie Wilson now runs a business helping people look as good as she does. Her aptly titled website, TorrieWilsonFit.com, offers video workouts and inspirational messages from Torrie herself.

Wilson posted the above photo in December of 2016, as she subtly mentioned that many of her workout videos are helpful to those who want some well-defined glute muscles.

Her first angle in professional wrestling was in 1999, when she was hired by the nWo to seduce David Flair away from his father. The plan worked! Although in the end it didn't help David Flair's career any. Later in her WCW career she would manage her then-boyfriend Billy Kidman.

Now 41, Torrie Wilson is a business owner, and about as healthy as a person can be, it seems.

18 Miss Madness (Molly Holly)

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When Nora Greenwald first appeared in the world of pro wrestling, it was as Miss Madness, one of three women in "Macho Man" Randy Savage's stable.

She was let go from the company in 2000, but quickly scooped up by WWE. Originally, she was supposed to be paired up with William Regal, but when that ended up falling through she was placed in the fictional Holly family. As Molly Holly, Greenwald would spend five years in the WWE, before retiring in 2005 at only 28 years of age.

Greenwald would transition to charity work, and has been involved with the Minnesota Teen Challenge, a substance abuse charity focused on youth. She said she was motivated to work with the charity after seeing so many of her colleagues from the wrestling world die prematurely due to substance abuse issues.

17 Bull Nakano

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When WCW hired Madusa away from WWE and had her throw the women's championship from her previous employer in the trash, they really had nobody for her to wrestle. That's why the company brought in Bull Nakano.

Prior to ending up in WCW, Nakano had wrestled for nine years in Japan. She also did a stint in Mexico, becoming the CMLL women's champion at one point.

The menacing-looking Nakano wrestled Madusa in a unique match at the Road Wild PPV in 1996. The stipulation for this match was that whoever won got to destroy the motorcycle of the other. Madusa won and then took a sledgehammer to Nakano's bike.

After leaving wrestling, Bull Nakano became significantly less menacing looking and become a pro golfer. She qualified for the LPGA tour in 2006.



14 Major Gunns 

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Tylene Buck, aka Major Gunns, is still wrestling! Well kind of, anyway. She is currently involved with "Double Trouble Wrestling", an all-female wrestling company that is often clothing-deficient.

In 1999 the 27-year old was brought into the company, originally as one of the nWo girls. She would later join the Misfits in Action Stable as "Major Gunns". That somehow led to her joining Team Canada. She actually managed to get herself released before the company was bought out by Vince McMahon.

She ended up briefly in XPW, managing the Sandman. She would feud with Lizzy Borden as well while with the promotion.

After wrestling, Buck pretty much went straight into adult entertainment. Much like her colleague Tammy Lynn Sytch, Buck also offers her fans private Skype shows.




10 Alexandra York (Terri Runnels)

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Terri Runnels was known as Alexandra York in early WCW. She carried a laptop with her to the ring, as nobody had heard of smartphones or tablets yet. She had her own stable of wrestlers as well, known as the "York Foundation."

Before she got involved in WCW storylines, Terri was a makeup person backstage. It was Ole Anderson who asked her to be a part of the show in 1990. She ended up meeting Dustin Runnels while working there and the two were married in 1993.

She would leave with Dustin to work in WWE in 1996, and would achieve her highest level of fame playing the role of Marlena, Goldust's cigar-smoking valet.

Terri was involved with ECW alumni New Jack for a period. She had to go to court to prevent him from distributing nude photos of her following their 2011 breakup.

9 Jacqueline

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Jacqueline Moore originally came into WCW in 1996 as Kevin Sullivan's manager. She would later manage Booker T and Stevie Ray in Harlem Heat. Jaqueline even defeated Disco Inferno at Halloween Havoc '97. Amazingly, this match was not booked by Vince Russo.

She would move onto WWE where she played a vital role as heel opposite Sable, who was exploding in popularity at the time. Throughout her tenure in WWE, she would continue to play this role for other top babyfaces in the women's division.

After leaving WWE, Jaqueline spent nine years in TNA wrestling.

Jacqueline is a former two-time WWE Women's champion, and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016. She even won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, the only woman to win the title in WWE. Daffney and Madusa had each won the title in WCW.

8 Kimberly Page

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The former head cheerleader of the Nitro girls, and former wife to Diamond Dallas Page, Kimberly never did get back into wrestling after the closure of WCW. Considering one of her last angles in wrestling involved her leaving her husband to join Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff in the "New Blood" stable, it's not hard to see why she lost faith in the industry.

Kimberly and DDP married in 1991. She was 22 at the time, and he was 36. They would divorce in 2005 after having been separated for a year. At the time DDP had been released by the WWE, and his in-ring career looked to be over.

With her wrestling career and marriage to DDP over, she tried her hand at acting, but never managed to break through.

She now lives in the Utah area, and works in marketing and interior design.

7 Tammy Lynn Sytch

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Tammy Lynn Sytch was brought into WCW in 2000, along with Chris Candido. This was WCW in its dying days, mind you, so don't blame yourself if you missed it.

The duo would feud with other WCW couples such as David Flair and Daffney, and Paisley and the "Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iakea". It was about as good as it sounded though Chris Candido did have a way to make almost anything entertaining. Sadly, Candido would be dead just five years after the couple's appearance in WCW. He died due to complications from surgery to repair a broken tibia and fibula.

Sytch has had a rough go of it in recent years. She served prison time for DUI arrests last year. Alcohol-related issues are the ever reoccurring theme of her post-wrestling life.



4 April Hunter

40-year-old April Hunter was a fitness model that WCW brought onto their roster in 1999. She had previously posed for Playboy before that. In true WCW style, however, Hunter wouldn't start training to be a wrestler until after she left the company.

In 2001, after WCW had collapsed, Hunter decided she wanted to stay in the business. Like another famous wrestler who sometimes goes by the name "Hunter," April trained with Killer Kowalski in Boston. After her training she wrestled with independent groups such as 3PW, JAPW, and even made a couple of appearances in TNA.

In 2007, Hunter retired due to injuries, but would come out of retirement by 2009. Her mother had been diagnosed with cancer, so Hunter hit the indy scene to help raise money for her treatment.

In recent years, Hunter has gone back to school to study creative writing.

3 Missy Hyatt

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Over WrestleMania weekend in 2016, Missy Hyatt participated in a match that was advertised as her last ever in wrestling. Hyatt managed Lance Storm in a losing effort again Matt Hardy, who was managed by his wife Reby Sky.

57-year-old Hyatt had a long career in wrestling. Her time in WCW was mainly spent as a manager and occasionally commentator. She was involved in feuds with Paul E. Dangerously and Madusa, and would manage The Nasty Boys and The Barbarian.

Her time at WCW came to an end when she was fired by Eric Bischoff for allegedly going over his head to Turner exectivies to complain about sexual harassment. Bischoff says she was fired for her behaviour regarding the signing of Sherri Martel.

Hyatt has worked for Women Superstars Uncensored since 2007, and is in the company's Hall of Fame.

2 Pamela Paulshock

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Pamela Paulshock already had a successful acting career going for her when she joined WCW in 2000. She may want to have a talk with her manager over why she was allowed to sign with the company, as it didn't do her career any favours.

She would go on to win the Miss WCW Bikini pageant, an event geared to her particular talents. It wasn't the first bikini contest she had won. In 1990, Pamela won "Bikini Open 2," a pageant available only on PPV.

Pamela had the unfortunate luck to be on the losing side of a match against Buff Bagwell and his mother Judy while in WCW. Her tag partner in the match was Chris Kanyon.

She married the host of Blind Date in 2004, and the couple now has two children together. Pamela hasn't appeared in any films or TV shows since 2008.

1 Madusa

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In the 1990s both WWE and WCW tried to reinvigorate their women's divisions by bringing in Madusa, aka Debrah Miceli. It didn't work for either promotion.

Miceli wrestled as Alundra Blayze in WWE from 91-93, but she failed to resonate with fans. As a result, Blayze was allowed to leave the company, and she took the promotion's women's championship along with her. When she showed up on WCW television, she tossed the belt in the garbage. To be fair, WWE hadn't treated the belt much better while it was in their possession.

Her run in WCW didn't capture the fans' attention either, but remained in the company until it was purchased by WWE. She also worked at WCW's Power Plant as a trainer. Among others, Madusa was responsible for the training of Molly Holly.

Miceli is still a tough as nails competitor. At 53 years old she is now a competitive monster truck driver.

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