What These 20 Wrestlers From The 90s Look Like Today

The 90s can be considered as the pinnacle of wrestling, as that was the decisive decade where the entertainment of wrestling engulfed audiences all over the world and made it a mainstream, popular sport. With the Monday Night Wars kick-starting some of the best wrestling products on television as both the WWE and WCW fought to reign supreme in the ratings battle and to be the best wrestling promotion in the world, but things changed when the WWE brought in the Attitude Era and made Stone Cold Steve Austin its main focus.

WWE got the upper hand once The Rattlesnake got the eyes of the audience, and the rest as they say, is history. WWE would go onto buy both WCW and ECW(which had garnered its own kind of audience before becoming bankrupt) and that put an end to the war of the wrestling promotions which was a defining thing in the 90s. While that decade created many a superstar who will be etched into the memories of fans forever, there are some individuals who might not be remembered by everyone as these wrestlers had to move with their lives after enjoying success in the 90s.

Some of these wrestlers from the 90s continued to work for the WWE or some other promotion after the new century kicked in, but how their appearance has changed over the years is pretty surprising as we take a look at what these 20 wrestlers from the 90s look like today.

20 Ahmed Johnson

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Ahmed Johnson was actually one of the promising African-American wrestlers to have gained popularity in the early 90s, as he was pushed because of his impressive physique and also won the Intercontinental Championship some-time soon after debuting for the WWE. He was also scheduled for a WWE Title match at SummerSlam 1996 but missed it due to injury, as things started to go downhill from there. He would take part in a feud with the Nation of Domination before his stock fell and he was released from the WWE, going onto wrestle for WCW but not doing much. Johnson is now long retired from wrestling, as his change is pretty startling as this man who was recognized for his amazing physique has now become horribly overweight and looks terrible, as this shocking transformation shows just how some wrestlers let themselves go after bidding adieu to it.

19 Glacier

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Glacier had an intriguing factor about himself when he was heavily hyped by the WWE before debuting as this Mortal Kombat's Sub Zero rip-off, as his entrance and appearance was something very lavish but he wasn't booked that well in the ring. After attaining much success in his initial stages of this character, he was later degraded to becoming a jobber when the audience grew tired of his gimmick and was also put on a losing streak of 3 months at a time, later going onto have a lengthy feud with Perry Saturn. He'd then become Coach Buzz Stern and drop his Glacier gimmick and after leaving WCW, he has been in the Independent circuit and doesn't seem to have changed much, as he still looks pretty young and well-built and seems to have looked after himself really well, as that intimidating nature is still within him.

18 Mideon

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Mideon was actually "Phineas I. Godwinn" before he became this twisted character for Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness in Mideon. He would do the dirty-work for The Undertaker and often teamed up with Viscera to beat up his opponents, as he had a short stint in the Ministry of Darkness and after that stint was over, Mideon was degraded into becoming a jobber. He left the WWE with the turn of the century, but didn't find much appreciation in the Indy field either as he would retire from wrestling altogether in 2006. But he has since turned around his career amazingly, as he now has his own catering company and can be seen in the left of this picture where he is assorting that dish, as this magnificent transformation and stunning change in appearance seemed to have worked wonders for him.

17 Disco Inferno

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Disco Inferno was one of the real entertainment packages in WCW, as his charismatic nature and ability to entertain the audience was probably the reason he survived in WCW for so long, as he'd be their go-to mid-carder at all times. He did win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship and Tag Team championship at different stints, going onto join many a team and stable and had quite the entertaining run in WCW in all those years before it was bought by WWE. He would then go onto wrestle for many Independent promotions, even going onto have many stints in TNA and still wrestles in the Indy field as he doesn't seem to have changed one bit in terms of appearance and still looks like that charismatic man who wooed many in WCW and he seems to have remained as this happy chap all this years.

16 Savio Vega

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Savio Vega had much potential in himself but couldn't seem to have accomplished as much success as he'd want in the WWE, as he entered the company looking like a star but couldn't really become one in the next years. He'd get many gimmicks, infamously being a part of "The Nation of Domination" later on in his career, as he would also be the leader of a Puerto Rico stable of his own in "Los Boricuas" which didn't really attain that much success as his previous one. But with the turn of the century, Vega would be out of the company and continues to wrestles occasionally as this picture of him bringing back that gimmick shows just how much he has changed from that intimidating wrestler to an overweight, unfit man as he hasn't aged well at all and doesn't look like the person who dominated many in his WWE days.

15 Ivory

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Ivory was also one of the pillars of the Attitude era, as she also had quite the raunchy to herself and her conniving nature helped her win the Women's Championship after she debuted for the promotion. But some-time after losing the belt, she had a change in persona when she joined Right To Censor and began portraying a conservative character who wanted anything raunchy in the WWE to be out of the way, as her promising in-ring skills and character-nature helped her survive in the WWE for a lot of years before she was released in 2005. Ivory was quite sexy when she was a prime WWE Diva, but over the years has lost her sex appeal as she has grown older. She now does some work as an animal specialist and has her own animal daycare.

14 Rick Steiner

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While many still remember Scott Steiner these days because of how much controversy he is floating in almost all the time, only a certain bunch of wrestling fans even remember the other Steiner in Rick, who was himself quite the impressive wrestler back in the day. Rick travelled along with Scott as they dominated the tag team division where-ever they want, becoming famous in WCW where they won many titles as well, but Rick couldn't survive in the long run while his brother thrived as a singles star. Rick would look into other options, and is currently very successful in the real estate business as this picture of him right now shows how old and unrecognizable he has become since leaving wrestling as this technical monster in the wrestling ring now looks like the worn-out, business-minded person that he is right now.

13 Steve Blackman

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Steve Blackman was a very dangerous wrestler in the WWE during the Attitude Era, as his MMA style of wrestling and legitimate moves made him a threat to anyone who had to wrestle with him, as Blackman was booked as a proper mid-carder in all the years and won the Hardcore Championship six times in his career. He would also be part of some memorable matches against Shane McMahon and Ken Shamrock, but his stock fell once the Monday Night Wars were over and he was released in 2002, where he decided to end his career. Blackman has since tried to conjure up a career in MMA, but has settled into his new career as a bail bondsman.

12 Marc Mero

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Marc Mero was quite the masochistic wrestler of the 90s, as he had quite the style to his outlook and also could wrestle really well in the ring which helped him get up the ranks in WCW in the early 90s. He moved from WCW to WWE later on in 1996, immediately getting some success when he won the Intercontinental Championship with Sable at his side, as he would later go onto feud with Sable when she gained her own popularity when he was out with injury and things started to really wrong for him once he lost that feud. Mero would leave the WWE quickly after this was all over, as he wrestled for a few more years in the Independent circuit(some for TNA as well) before retiring from wrestling altogether. He took a weird change in career-path, opting to become a motivational speaker and that is what he does nowadays, as he has a complete change in look with a shaved face but looks to be pretty well off right. He doesn't seem to have aged even a bit and looks the exact stylish icon he was 20 years back and looks remarkably young at 56.

11 Spike Dudley

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Spike Dudley might not have been quite the intimidating, big wrestler as his "brothers" in Bubba Ray and D-Von, but he had a lot of fire in him and wasn't afraid of taking it to the extreme back in the days. Spike gained popularity initially in ECW, where he was the 3rd member of Dudley Family and would ironically go onto win the ECW tag team titles with Balls Mahoney when feuding with his "brothers", as his best work happened in all those years in ECW only. He would go onto join WWE with the turn of the century and won many a title in it as well, but he somehow wasn't taken too seriously and left the company soon after, later going onto wrestle for TNA in different stint. But Spike doesn't look like the small, fiery wrestler he was back in the day as even he has become old and weary as this picture above shows, as he's gone bald nowadays and despite not having the same built from before, the amount of toughness in him can still be seen.

10 Tatanka

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Tatanka was built as quite the intimidating star when he first joined the WWE in 1992, as he even had an undefeated streak for a whole year and only suffered his first televised defeat in 1994. He would go onto lose his momentum after his streak ended, as he then would then join the Million Dollar Corporation and act as a heel for some-time. But his heel run was quite inefficient, as that made him lose his grip on the roster and he would be released soon after his run was over, as he went onto wrestle in the Indy circuit for a few years. He returned to the WWE in 2005, feuding with MNM amongst other mid-carders in the next couple of years and even competed in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle last year. He doesn't look as well built as before as he has become a bit fat from before, but he has it in him to wrestle even at this age and despite his aging appearance, he is still going quite strongly in wrestling occasionally.

9 Justin Credible

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Justin Credible was one of the more underrated wrestlers in the 90s, as he withstood all the humiliation and horrible things he had to do in WWE in the mid 90s and turned things around once he joined ECW. Paul Heyman's brainchild was the perfect place for Credible to do his thing, as he would become a rising heel and showed his "extreme" nature really well before teaming up with Lance Storm with whom he went onto win the ECW Tag Team Titles. Credible would then receive the main-event push, as he won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship from Tommy Dreamer and dropped his tag team belts because of that. He'd then feud with Storm for a while and remained in the main event scene till ECW eventually went bankrupt. He returned to the WWE but this again turned out to be a bust, as he'd then continue to wrestle in the Independent circuit and retired from wrestling a few years back. This picture of Credible shows just how badly he has aged over the years, as his looks have become terrible as his face looks worn-out and you can notice the pain he has taken over the years as Credible deserves his retirement and probably deserves more recognition from fans because of how well he served wrestling all these years.

8 Jacqueline

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Jacqueline was one of the women who helped define Women's Wrestling in the Attitude era, as she became the first ever African-American Women's Champion after defeating Sable in her first feud in the company. She'd then become more of an "eye-candy" when she became part of the Pretty Mean Sisters with Terri Runnels and later Ryan Shamrock, as she'd quickly transition from this to a prominent wrestler later on when she won her 2nd Women's Championship after defeating Harvey Wippleman. The next few years after the turn of the century would be a mixed bag for her, as she was involved in some good feuds and even won the Cruiserweight Championship once, but she was never billed as the top diva of WWE and was released in 2004 because of creative not having anything for her. She'd later join TNA for a while, where she'd manage Beer Money Inc. among other things, as she hasn't aged exactly well either and looks way different than she used to back in the days. Jacqueline was inducted into the Hall of Fame last year and you could notice of her getting old, as she looks weary right now from the pressures of wrestling in the past, but he maintained her beauty really well and still looks pretty stunning nonetheless.

7 Buff Bagwell

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Buff Bagwell had his own share of followers back in the 90s, as his figure and charisma had a lot fanatics wooed as he did some good work as a mid-carder for WCW. He won the WCW Tag Team Championships numerous times while in the company, and was recruited by the WWE when they bought WCW and was in for big plans when they decided to make their own WCW show. But when that failed and the crowd booed Bagwell's match with Booker T, he was kept out of the fray and was released soon after. He kept wrestling in the Independent circuit before having an awful accident in 2012 which almost left him crippled for life, as he turned his career path to becoming a Giggolo. Yeah That's Right! Bagwell still manages to look pretty attractive(that's why he got that job) and this recent picture of him shows an old Bagwell who still looks pretty stout physically as he has maintained his figure really well and looks like almost exactly the same charismatic man who wooed ladies almost 20 years ago.

6 Shane Douglas

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Shane Douglas was indeed "The Franchise" for ECW back in its prime, as he helped them get over with the crowd when he introduced the ECW Heavyweight Championship and made for the "birth of extreme". He would be a main-eventer for them and took a try in WWE in 1995 which turned out to be a complete failure for him, as he returned after it to his home and was treated very lavishly. He'd win all the top belts and always be in the thick of things, later leaving ECW for WCW(for some financial dispute) as he'd keep the light of ECW alive when it winded up. He tried to open his own promotion in Xtreme Pro Wrestling but that didn't survive long, as he later joined TNA for a few years and is hoping to bring back the vibe of ECW with a new promotion. He's still wrestling in the Indy field, as this picture of Douglas shows how he has become old but hasn't aged that badly either and looks pretty good in appearance and even though he might have gained a little bit of weight, he still has it in him to put on a good showing in the ring.

5 Val Venis

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Val Venis probably only attained fame in the WWE because of his six pack abs and impressive figure, as his ability to woo the ladies and bring in more women into the product was the reason he was built as a promising mid-carder. He even won the European and Intercontinental Championship in a year within joining WWE, before he got a change in gimmick and became a part of the stable "Right to Censor" which was extremely contrasting from his previous character. This would hinder his popularity, as he later had other changes to his character and even had a short stint as World Tag Team Champion and remained in the WWE till 2009 despite not doing much in the last few years. He now occasionally wrestles in the Independent circuit, but has his own business of medical marijuana on the side as Venis is living quite the "high" life right now and his figure has also obviously deterred from that. He doesn't have the appearance he did which wooed everyone, as he doesn't have that sexy look to him anymore and has aged pretty quickly over the years and looks pretty old, but despite all this that charisma and sex appeal is still etched in his core.

4 Billy Gunn

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Billy Gunn was definitely one of the most exciting individuals in the WWE when he teamed up with Road Dogg as part of the New Age Outlaws and later D-Generation X, as he was pretty good in the ring and his physique was also a bonus for his chances of making it big in the company. He survived in the WWE for a long time, having a decent singles run before teaming with Chuck(something which didn't really help him) and was released in 2004. He'd later go onto join TNA where'd he reunite with Road Dogg and they'd team up for a while, as he was back in the WWE in 2012. He even reformed the Outlaws with Dogg for a last run in which they even won the Tag Team belts and Gunn was later resigned as a trainer for WWE, but was fired when he was found guilty of taking steroids. He's currently still wrestling quite well, as his figure hasn't regressed at all and looks absolutely ripped right now(probably because of the steroids) as he looks to be in the best shape of his life right now and despite the steroid allegation, is still carrying himself superbly.

3 Al Snow

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Al Snow jumped into the scene during the Attitude Era in the WWE, as his gimmick of a deranged man who travelled around with a "head" suited him really well and made him a star in WWE's Hardcore Division. He went onto win that championship six times in his career, also winning the European Championship once, as he even wrestled for WWE's ECW promotion for some matches when it was started off. After being fired by WWE, Al went onto join TNA in 2008 and has been working in it since in mostly a backstage role but has been on-screen with wrestling occasionally and acting as a manager, most recently managing The Tribunal. Snow was never really a looker back in the days, but that has completed changed nowadays as he looks absolutely ripped and extremely buffed as compared to before and even at this age he has muscles wrestlers half his age would crave for as the way he has transformed himself in the past few years is absolutely stunning.

2 Raven

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Raven was definitely amongst one of the more terrifying, unique wrestlers of the 90s as he ruled over ECW with his own "Nest" and with the help of his stable won many things (including the ECW World Title) and also put on some memorable matches in ECW during his years in the promotion. He'd then go to WCW for another stable in "The Flock" but his stint here wasn't that successful, forcing him to move to WWE with the turn of the century where he was made into one of their best Hardcore Division guys. Raven would win the Hardcore Championship uncountable times, as he wasn't pushed beyond that division and was released once that was discarded, making him to join TNA. He put on some great content in TNA as well and helped the promotion get some mainstream attention with his name, as he has been wrestling in the Indy circuit for the past six years now. But the long-haired, terrifying wrestler looks only like a shade of his former self right now, as he has cut his hair and has aged pretty quickly and looks pretty old and there's nothing scary about him. You could feel for him as his body hasn't taken all the pain he has put it through and has regressed in the past years, but he's still going strongly and serving the sport which is the only thing he loves in life.

1 Lex Luger

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Lex Luger was originally supposed to be a much bigger star than what he is regarded as right now, as the muscular man was originally supposed to be the "next Hulk Hogan" in the WWE when he joined from WCW. He was given a massive push at first when he bodyslammed Yokozuna and was originally booked to win the WWE Title at SummerSlam 1993 but that changed in the last minute due to fans not liking it and him spilling the beans of the result to a reporter. He'd later be degraded to a tag team guy and he really didn't like what WWE was doing with him, shockingly opting to join WCW without letting Vince McMahon know beforehand. He then teamed up with Sting for most of his early term before going onto feud with the New World Order and later getting a short run as a singles star. But things started to go wrong after that for him, as he was heavily into drugs at the time with Miss Elizabeth, who died while she was living with him. Luger got the shock of his life with this and decided to go sober and currently works in the Wellness Violation Program with the WWE and looks to be in an absolutely terrible shape, as the drugs and his lack of looking after his body has hit him hard. He looks extremely skinny and frail and nothing like the superstar everyone knew in the 90s, as he is a good example of the downsides of doing drugs as that absolutely ruined his career and he's trying to make sure it doesn't happen with anyone else in the WWE now.

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