What These 20 Wrestling Women Of The '90s Look Like Today

There's no denying that women's wrestling in the WWE has changed drastically since the '90s. Back in the good old days, the women were mainly utilized as "eye candy" for the fans in between matches. No doubt there were plenty of talented female wrestlers back then, but in-ring performances were not nearly as highly regarded among both us fans and the higher-ups within the company back then like they're now a days with a plethora of "ring technicians" like Charlotte, Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley. However, I'd say that the WWE went through sort of a transition period in regards to women's wrestling back in the '90s.

For the late '80s into the early-mid '90s, the WWE prided itself in showcasing in-ring talented individuals more so than just good looking models. That said, when the WWE transitioned from the "New Generation Era" into the "Attitude Era," the company's focus on their women changed from talent to looks, and that really remained the WWE's focus of the Women's Division wrestlers all the way up until just a couple years ago with the "Women's Revolution."

All that aside, there were plenty of hot "Divas" back then, as well as solid in-ring performer's who've went down in the history books as some of the greatest female wrestlers of all time. Although I'm sure some of you fans have seen some recent pictures of the WWE's "women from the past," I'm certain that many of you are also curious as to how some of your childhood favorites are holding up now a days. Stay tuned, as this list divulges what these 20 wrestling women of the '90s look today!


20  20. Jacqueline Moore

Jacqueline is remembered by wrestling fans for her tenures in multiple promotions including WCW, WWE and TNA dating all the way back to the late 80's, which is when she started out her wrestling career on the Indies. Jacqueline is widely considered to be one of the greatest women's division wrestlers of all time, and her 2016 WWE Hall Of Fame induction is proof of that.

Throughout her illustrious career, Jacqueline has captured the WWE Women's Championship twice, as well as the Cruiserweight Championship once after defeating then champ, Chavo Guerrero to become the third ever female to capture the CW gold. Although Jacqueline's no longer in the spotlight anymore (at least not nearly as much), she's still taking good care of herself. At 53 years old, I'd say that she's doing just fine judging by the recent picture of Jacqueline above.

19 Terri Runnels


In all honesty, Terri Runnels was never renowned as being a "great" or even "good" women's division wrestler throughout her career stretching all the way back to '88. Instead, Runnels is mainly remembered (if at all) by wrestling fans for being the hot (and busty) lady who managed various stars in both WCW and WWE including current Superstar Goldust in the '90s (who was Terri's real-life husband between '93-'99).

Terri's one and only accomplishment in the WWE is the Hardcore Championship, and after defeating Steven Richards for the gold, just under 10 seconds later, Steven proceeded to pin Terri to regain his championship. Obviously not very significant, but at least Runnels can say that she has won championship gold in the WWE before. That aside, now a days, Terri mainly focuses her time on her social media following. Although Terri's 50 years old, she still looks very much the same as she did decades ago, and you can see that by taking a look at the recent picture of her above.

18 Alundra Blayze

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Alundra Blayze is widely regarded as being one of the greatest in-ring female wrestlers of all time, and despite her controversial actions in the past (throwing the WWE Women's Championship into a trash can live on WCW television), the WWE let bygones be bygones as they had inducted Alundra into the Hall Of Fame back in '15. There's no denying that Blayze has had a great career, as she has won the WWE Women's Championship on 3 occasions, as well as the WCW Cruiserweight Championship once.

Speaking of the Cruiserweight Championship, Blayze was actually the very first female to hold the gold. However, Alundra has long since retired from pro-wrestling (back in '01) because she felt as though women's wrestling was becoming more and more about bra and panty matches versus real wrestling. With that said, Alundra Blayze has still maintained her health following her retirement, as she looks quite good for being 53 years old.

17  17. Debra


Debra started off her pro-wrestling career back in '95 in WCW performing as a valet for multiple performers (especially for her then-husband Steve McMichael) as well as a manager for various talents including Alex Wright and Goldberg. Following Debra's divorce from McMichael, she later joined the WWE and went on to perform for the company as both a manager and a part-time in-ring wrestler which led her to win the Women's Championship from then-champ Sable in May of '99.

Following her loss to Ivory for the Women's Championship in June '99, Debra appeared fairly sporadically up until her departure from the company in '02. Debra's definitely far from being a "trailblazer" in women's wrestling, but she still had a few memorable moments throughout her run in pro-wrestling. That said, 16 years following her wrestling departure, at 57 years old, Debra still looks fantastic!

16  16. Ivory


Ivory is a former pro-wrestler mainly remembered by fans for her tenure in the WWE between '99 and '05. Ivory started off her WWE career back in '99 performing as the manager for D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry prior to becoming a singles competitor shortly after. Ivory had actually won the Women's Championship twice in her debut year ('99).

Although Ivory has long since retired from wrestling, she's still regarded as one of the "classic" women in WWE history, and she had 3 runs with the company's Women's Championship. Once Ivory's in-ring career started to wind down in the early 2000s, she transitioned into roles on some of WWE's television series such as Tough Enough where she performed as a trainer. Now at 55 years old and well removed from her in-ring days, Ivory still looks to be in great shape and seems as though she could be 5 years younger than her actual age.

15  15. Stacy Carter aka The Kat


Stacy Carter (The Kat) is far from being renowned as being one of the "greats" as far as women's wrestling is concerned. Instead, Stacy Carter is mainly remembered for her short tenure in the WWE between '99 and '01 where she had one run with the Women's Championship after winning a fatal-four-way match at the Armageddon pay-per-view in December of '99.

Stacy wasn't a phenomenal in-ring competitor by any standards (she wasn't even trained), but Carter's role was mainly about giving the audiences some "eye candy", as there's no denying that she was a very hot blonde back in the day. However, Stacy's WWE career ended fairly abruptly in 2001, and she hasn't been since all too much since (some Indy shows here and  there). At 46 years old, Stacy's looking every bit her age, if not slightly older.

14  14. April Hunter


Now you may be wondering, who on earth is April Hunter? Well, April performed back in the late '90s for WCW as a wrestling valet (mainly accompanying members of the nWo). Her stint in the company was very brief, and she trained in the early 2000's to become an actual in-ring competitor versus just being a valet and eye-candy.

However, April never really amounted to very much in pro-wrestling, although she did appear in TNA on a number of occasions. Aside from working various Indy shows, Hunter is known to compete in fitness model competitions, as well as write various comic books. April has also started to write her own blog. Now, at 40 years old, April Hunter still looks quite good for her age, and she has definitely taken care of herself and her body.


13  13. Kimberly Page


Kimberly Page's definitely a Diva who falls under the category of "wrestling personality" versus in-ring performer. Kimberly started off her pro-wrestling career back in '94 performing for WCW as the valet for her real-life husband at the time, Diamond Dallas Page. Kimberly reached the peak of her WCW career back in '97, which is when she formed the "Nitro Girls." However, Page would leave the Nitro Girls in '99 and would return to performing as the valet for Dallas Page up until her departure from the company in 2000.

It's fairly obvious that Kimberly never had a very successful pro-wrestling career, however for the roles she was given, I'd say she made the most of it and performed to the best of her ability. Kimberly hasn't been very active following her departure from WCW, and the only glimpse we've seen of her on television was at the 2014 Hall Of Fame ceremony where she witnessed her ex-husband (Dallas Page) induct Jake "The Snake" Roberts into the Hall Of Fame. At 48 years old, I'll admit, Kimberly still looks pretty good!

12  12. Torrie Wilson

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Although Torrie Wilson is mainly remembered by fans for her tenure in the WWE (between '01-'08), Torrie still performed for WCW between '99-'01. During Wilson's time in WCW, she mainly performed in non-wrestling roles (most notably for seducing David Flair into turning against his father, Ric Flair which was initiated by the nWo). Following that story-line, Torrie Wilson mainly performed as a valet/manager for various talents including Billie Kidman and David Flair.

When Wilson made the jump to the WWE, her career as an in-ring wrestler kicked off (although many of her feuds were settled with bikini contests). It was pretty clear that Torrie was mainly utilized to wow the male fans, but she still had a very memorable career despite never winning a championship. Quite ironically, at 41 years old, Torrie Wilson actually looks hotter than she did during her time in WCW and the WWE. Age is just a number for Torrie!

11  11. Stacy Keibler


The beautiful former pro-wrestler Stacy Keibler kick-started her career back in '99 performing for WCW. During Stacy's time down in World Championship Wrestling, she was mainly remembered for putting on dance performances each week on Monday Nitro under the name "Skye," as well as being one of the Nitro Girls. Following WWE's purchase of WCW, Stacy Keibler was brought over to the WWE and she feuded with the likes of Lita and Trish Stratus.

Alongside Stacy's real-life friend Torrie Wilson, they competed against Lita and Stratus in the first-ever tag team Bra and Panty Match. Although Keibler never won championship gold during her tenure in the WWE, Stacy still put on some solid bouts against the likes of Molly Holly, Victoria and Trish Stratus. I think it's safe to say the Keibler will mainly be remembered by the WWE Universe for her incredibly hot (and long) legs. Stacy's currently 37 years old, and she looks fantastic to boot!

10  10. Molly Holly


Molly Holly began her pro-wrestling career back in '97 performing for a variety of promotions including WCW and the WWE under the ring name Starla Saxton. Holly even had a crack at the WWE Women's Championship against then-champ Jacqueline in '98 but came up short. Prior to getting her "big break" in the WWE as Bob and Crash Holly's on-screen cousin, Molly performed for WCW as one of Randy Savage's valets.

In the WWE, once Molly's alliance with The Hurricane ended after she had outsmarted Helms into winning the Hardcore Championship, Holly's solo in-ring career took off and she quickly rose the ranks within the company by capturing her first Women's Championship in '02 after defeating Trish Stratus. Following that title win, Molly remained a key Women's Division wrestler up until her departure from the WWE in '05. Although Molly's not very old, I'd say that she looks a bit older than her actual age of 39 wouldn't you?

9  9. Sable


Sable is widely considered to be a "pioneer" in women's wrestling. Starting off her WWE career in '96 as Triple H's valet, Sable quickly rose to fame and prominence following Marc Mero's injury in '97 (Sable managed Marc). Although Sable was never the greatest in-ring competitor, her personality (not to mention her dazzling looks) were enough to catapult Sable into super-stardom, and she remained one of the company's most popular stars from '97 all the way up until her departure from the WWE in '04.

Despite being viewed as "eye candy" (hence why she was featured on Playboy in '99 which became one of the highest selling issues of all time), Sable still had one run with the Women's Championship after defeating Jacqueline for the gold at Survivor Series in '99. This is something many other "eye candy" Divas cannot say they accomplished including the likes of Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson. Although Sable has mainly kept out of the media's eye following her retirement from wrestling, she's still sometimes photographed (picture above), and I think Sable looks great for being 49.

8  8. Sunny


Although Sunny had somewhat "fallen off the deep end" a while back, she has since captured her life back and is doing better (although she is doing movies for the "other industry" now days). Sunny started off her pro-wrestling career back in '92 performing for promotions such as Smokey Mountain Wrestling prior to making the jump to the WWE in '95 which is where she garnered the majority of her fame and success.

Although Sunny was never a consistent in-ring competitor (at least in the larger promotions such as WWE and ECW), she was still a fantastic manager who was very capable in her role (not to mention very good looking). Many consider Sunny to have been a "trailblazer" as far as what women were considered to be in the WWE, as Sunny had personality which was something that many Divas lacked before her. With that said, considering Sunny hasn't taken very great care of herself (or her health) following her retirement stemming from substance abuse, Sunny looks quite a lot older than her actual age of 44 today.

7  7. Lita


Lita is undoubtedly one of the greatest Women's Division wrestlers of all time. Starting off her wrestling career back in '99 on the Indy's and ECW, Lita gained some valuable experience after attending Dory Funk Jr's school which would greatly benefit her when Lita jump-shipped to the WWE the following year. Although she started off her career in a valet/manager position, Lita quickly rose to fame in the Women's Division and she captured her first Women's Championship after defeating Stephanie McMahon in August 2000 on an episode of RAW Is War with The Rock as the special guest referee.

Following Lita's first title win, she would capture the prized gold three more times before calling it a career in '06. Lita's definitely considered to be a "trailblazer" in women's wrestling, and her impact on the sport will be everlasting. Lita rightfully took her place in the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2014. At 42 years old, Lita honestly looks hotter than she did 10 years ago, so she has definitely aged really well!

6  6. Bull Nakano

Bull Nakano was most definitely a character ahead of her time. Back in the '90s, Nakano competed for both the WWE and WCW with a monstrous gimmick which resembled that of a Nia Jax now a days. Although Nakano's tenure in the WWE was very short, she still had memorable feuds with the likes of Alundra Blayze, and she had even captured the WWE Women's Championship in '94, fittingly in Tokyo, Japan. However, Bull's stay in the WWE was short-lived as she was released from the company in '95 following a drug bust.

However, Bull Nakano continued to wrestle across North America and in Japan up until her retirement from the sport in '97 due to a number of injuries. Following her retirement from Sport's Entertainment, Nakano took up golfing and she had actually qualified for the LPGA (Lady's Professional Golf Association) in 2006. Judging by the recent picture above, Bull Nakano definitely looks her age (49), but she still looks like she takes care of herself.

5  5. Trish Stratus


Much like her rival Lita, Trish Stratus is also undoubtedly one of the greatest Women's Division wrestlers of all time (if not the greatest). Although it wasn't until 2000 when Stratus would bless the WWE Universe with her presence, Trish was actually signed by the company one year earlier in '99. Trish Stratus would spend her first year in the company performing in manager/valet positions, but she quickly rose to in-ring fame the following year ('01).

Stratus would win the Women's Championship at the '01 Survivor Series in a Six-Pack Challenge Match which involved other Divas including Ivory, Jacqueline, Jazz, Lita and Molly Holly. Following her first title win, Trish would win the Women's Championship 6 more times throughout her illustrious WWE career prior to calling it a career in '06. There's no doubt that Trish's one of the all time greats, and few Divas will ever match Stratus in terms of talent, looks and the connection with the audiences. At 41 years old, judging by the recent picture above, Trish Stratus looks every bit as hot as she did 10 years ago.

4  4. Mickie James

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Mickie James has been involved in the pro-wrestling industry for what seems like an eternity, and she fairly recently shocked the WWE Universe by returning to the company following a 6 year absence. Although it feels as if Mickie has been wrestling for such a long time, her career actually started in '99 on the Indies for promotions such as KYDA Pro Wrestling and MCW. Following a short stint in TNA, Mickie was signed by the WWE and was sent down to OVW before making the main roster jump in '05.

After performing as the Trish Stratus obsessed fan for approximately a year, Mickie would eventually defeat her kayfabe idol Trish Stratus for the Women's Championship in June of '06. Like many other Divas, following Mickie's first title win, she was shot up to the top of the Women's Division where she captured the Women's Championship 4 more times, and the Divas Championship once. If anything, Mickie James has only become hotter over the years, and at 37 years old, she looks fantastic!

3  3. Jazz


Jazz, the current Independent and former WWE wrestler started out her career back in '98 in ECW, and she remained an ECW star up until the company had to shut down due to bankruptcy. When Jazz left ECW, the WWE showed interest in her and they assigned Jazz to their developmental territory OVW to gain some experience. Obviously the WWE saw potential in Jazz, as she made the jump to the company's main roster in January '02, and she captured her first of two Women's Championships just one month removed from her debut.

Jazz would capture the Women's Title once more in April of '03, and she remained a fairly significant player in WWE's Women's Division up until her departure from the company in '04. Following her WWE tenure, Jazz has been a constant on the Indy scene, and she is currently the NWA World Women's Champion. However, Jazz definitely looks fairly worn out and slightly older than her actual age of 43.

2 Sharmell Huffman aka Queen Sharmell

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Sharmell made her debut into the world of pro-wrestling back in '98 as one of the WCW's Nitro Girls. Although Sharmell (ring name at the time was Paisley) made a few in-ring appearances in WCW, she was mainly utilized as a valet for multiple talents. When Sharmell signed with the WWE in '01, it looked as if her career as an in-ring competitor was going to take off as she was assigned to OVW. However, an injury forced Sharmell to retire from in-ring wrestling.

Sharmell would later re-sign with the WWE in '05 to perform as a valet for her real-life husband, Booker T. As we all know, the next year ('06) Booker T morphed into "King Booker", and this resulted in Sharmell becoming dubbed "Queen Sharmell" who continuously (and annoyingly) yelled "All Hail King Booker!" Following a short tenure in TNA accompanying Booker T, Sharmell decided to leave her wrestling career behind. However, Sharmell has definitely taken good care of herself, as she looks phenomenal for being 46 years old!

1 Stephanie McMahon


Although Stephanie McMahon has never been a full-time Women's Division wrestler at any point in her career, there's no denying that Stephanie has been very entertaining in every role she has played thus far (okay maybe not the "Authority" angles). Regardless, Stephanie started her on-screen character back in '99 in a relationship angle with Test. From that point forward, McMahon played plenty of backstage roles (mainly relationship angles), the GM of RAW and SmackDown, and she even had a run with the Women's Championship in 2000 which lasted from March to August of that year.

Despite the plethora of hate Stephanie receives towards her recent stale character, we can't underestimate McMahon's talent as a heel. What's quite interesting about Stephanie is the fact that she has gotten hotter (much hotter) with age. In all honesty, she looked decent back in the day, but since Stephanie returned to an on-screen role back in 2013, she has taken the word "hot" to the next level. At 40 years old, Stephanie looks absolutely fantastic!


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