What WWE Plans For Brock Lesnar Were Changed?

via fansided.com

Brock Lesnar was originally booked to be the no.1 pick in Tuesday's WWE Draft but ended up going eighth overall to RAW. WWE wanted Lesnar as the first pick due to the added hype stemming from his victory over Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

Roman Reigns' failed wellness test, Lesnar's potential anti-doping violation and John Cena cutting back on his schedule all brought about changes as to the order of the draft.

Additionally, Lesnar was originally scheduled to appear live at the WWE Draft but was pulled. It had nothing to do with his potential violation, as those plans were scrapped prior to the information becoming public.

WWE has now stated that Lesnar's next appearance won't be until SummerSlam. It appears his match with Randy Orton is going to take place with no real angle. Meanwhile, Paul Heyman's contract has expired and it's unknown when or if he'll return to TV to build the match.

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