What's That Smell?: The 20 Biggest POS In Wrestling

Stay tuned, as this list divulges the 20 biggest POS' in wrestling.

Pro-wrestling is most definitely NOT for the faint of heart. The guys and gals that make it in the business work their butts off, grind like no other, and they all have a "never take no for an answer" mentality. Because of how difficult and stressful wrestling is, very few talents ever make it to the "big times" like the WWE for example. However, having good connections with those in the business is worth its weight in gold, and it certainly increases the odds of finding success (just ask guys like Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes et cetera).

As you would also expect, many (and I mean many) successful wrestlers have absolutely enormous egos, and although many of these said talents aren't easy to get along with, I think Vince McMahon respects guys who showcase dominance and confidence (basically they think they're superior to everyone else). Quite ironically, those in charge (Mr. McMahon and Triple H have massive egos the size of  football fields, so I'm sure they both appreciate those who share similar values and personalities.

Regardless, there have been many wrestlers past and present who were just plain and simply POS. Some of the guys included on this list received repercussions for acting and behaving like total a-holes (mainly the jabroni jobbers with no important positions), but those who showed any potential or already had an established position were often given a free pass, and even a pat on the back. Stay tuned, as this list divulges the 20 biggest POS' in wrestling. (Note, I haven't included any POS wrestlers who have since passed on like Chris Benoit, The Ultimate Warrior or The Fabulous Moolah).

20  20. Dynamite Kid


Although Dean Ambrose is the kayfabe "Lunatic Fringe," if there's a wrestler who deserves that title in real-life, then look absolutely no further than the Dynamite Kid. The guy was a total D-bag in the truest sense of the word, and he basically had the reputation of being a s--t disturber, as he engaged in several backstage brawls. One of those said brawls was against Bruce Hart , and the fight ended with Kid breaking Hart's jaw. Aside from his backstage fights, Dynamite Kid was a total reckless fool in the ring, as he purposefully injured wrestlers he wasn't all too fond of by stiffing the living heck out of them!

If things couldn't possibly get any worse, Dynamite Kid is alleged to have put a gun under his first wife's chin nearly every morning as a means to threaten her. When Kid was asked about his insanely violent behavior a while back, Dynamite Kid responded quote on quote by saying "I didn't think I was violent... I mean sure I put a shotgun under her chin once, but it had no shells." If this doesn't scream total lunatic, then I certainly don't know what does. Fittingly, Dynamite Kid now suffers from all sorts of health problems and is wheel-chair bound permanently (karma people). Although Kid was one of the most technically sound wrestlers of all time, he's still a huge POS, and there's no arguing it.

19 John Cena


Behind the scenes, John Cena is not that goody good superhero character that he portrays whenever he's on WWE television. Behind the scenes, John Cena is a very power-hungry guy who's only concerned about the success of his own brand. Sure, now that Cena's transitioning from being a full-time wrestler into a Hollywood star, he's no longer quite as "power-hungry" in the WWE as he used to be. However, get on the wrong side of "The Cenation Leader" and your career could potentially end up in the dumps, especially if Vince isn't too convinced on the wrestler (think Mr. Kennedy, Zack Ryder or Alex Riley).

At the end of the day, John Cena is still "the man" in the WWE, and he holds a ton of weight backstage with those in charge. I'd say that Cena has toned down in the ego department a bit in recent years because he really couldn't achieve any more success in the company, but back when he was establishing himself as the "top guy," that version of John Cena was a fearless guy willing to do absolutely anything to keep his position at the top, even if that entails taking someone else down. Although Ryback's on this list himself (hilariously), The Big Guy was definitely fairly accurate when he called Cena a POS!

18 Low-Ki aka Kaval


Low-Ki is undoubtedly one of the biggest POS' in pro wrestling history. As a little backstory, he's known for his tenures in promotions such as ROH, NJPW, TNA (currently), as well as the WWE where he performed under the ring name Kaval. Now you may be wondering, why is Low-Ki a POS? Well for starters, the guy has an attitude and ego like few others, and one word that could possibly describe his attitude is "toxic." Low-Ki thinks he's above everyone else in terms of his ring work (he is pretty solid in the ring, but his horrible demeanor kills the good), and this was one of the reasons Low-Ki never found much success in the WWE.

No one wanted to give a guy (who wasn't at all established in the WWE) with such a bad attitude a chance at achieving success. As well, Low-Ki is an extremely stiff worker, and he's injured multiple wrestlers including WWE's Dolph Ziggler after an insane looking kick to the face. Let's also not forget to mention that he has knocked out various talents from botched kicks too (guys like Sami Callihan for example). To add to things, Low-Ki doesn't like putting anybody over, and he's all about himself and his own success. Kaval's basically the definition of a POS in pro-wrestling.

17 Hulk Hogan


Hulk Hogan has been described by Bret Hart as being a "phony POS." Now don't get me wrong, Hogan has indeed made an everlasting impact on pro-wrestling, but the Hulk Hogan who graced our televisions back in the day is far from being the real-life Hulk Hogan. The real Hulk was an absolute money-hungry (and power-hungry) guy who was only concerned with his own position and paycheck (both in the WWE and WCW). Hogan liked to convince fans that he was fighting for them, but in reality, he was fighting to increase his bank accounts size.

There have also been countless incidents over the years when Hulk Hogan came across as a total POS to his fans when they didn't have the money to buy an autograph of his (and yes, he charged good money for an autograph). Let's also not forget to mention that Hulk Hogan is a racist, as there have been multiple occasions when Hogan negatively referred to African-Americans (hence why the WWE cut ties with Hogan to begin with). As well, in his personal life, Hulk Hogan is a cheater (remember the whole Gawker lawsuit which resulted in Hogan being insanely awarded 115 million over his sex tape with his friends wife?) Taking all of these things into account, I'd say that Bret Hart's description of Hogan being a "phony POS" is quite accurate.

16 Hardcore Holly


Bob Holly is is by far one of the craziest wrestlers of this generation. The guy was a complete ego-maniac (Holly thought he was so much more valuable to the WWE than he ever was) and he was also a bully backstage with fellow talents. One backstage altercation that Holly has been involved with was when former WWE Tag Champ Rene Dupree forgot to pay for Hardcore Holly's parking ticket. Holly being the total lunatic that he was (and quite frankly still is) threatened to kill him despite Rene offering to pay Holly double what he had owed.

When the two were booked to wrestle a singles match against each other a short while later, Rene has since told the wrestling world that Hardcore Holly proceeded to kick him repeatedly with a steel-toed wrestling boot. Aside from that incident, Hardcore Holly has also built a reputation of being an extremely stiff worker, and he made a habit out of treating young up and comers like total s--t. I think it's clear that Hardcore Holly suffered from some serious anger issues, and he's regarded as a big POS in the business as a result.

15  15. Alberto Del Rio


Alberto Del Rio has been considered widely to be a total POS since departing from the WWE last year. Alberto has acted like a total menace and he seems to constantly be getting himself (and dragging Paige down with him) into trouble. I believe Alberto Del Rio valued himself much higher than the WWE did during his last run with the company, and all he seems to do these days is shoot on the WWE, it's employees and of course, the "big nosed" Triple H.

Although Del Rio liked to consider himself to be a "real man," he honestly comes across as an utter POS considering the incident which involved Del Rio and a WWE employee, as well as Del Rio beating up the original Sin Cara for real whenever they wrestled each other. Although it's kind of funny, Alberto Del Rio likes to shoot continuously on WWE wrestlers he hates (Miz for example) and he claimed that he wanted to punch The Miz in the face on multiple occasions. Taking all of Del Rio's recent lash outs, fights and his obvious short temper into account, I'll make the statement that Alberto comes across as an ego-maniac POS.

14 Teddy Hart


Teddy Hart (Bret Hart's nephew) is an example of a guy who had way too huge of an ego for his own good. The guy has been given so many opportunities over the years to work for big promotions such as the WWE and TNA, but Teddy was released by both promotions (among others) due to his horrible attitude and behavior towards other talents. For whatever reason, because his last name was "Hart," Teddy though he was above everyone else, and he acted like a total D-bag to lots of his co-workers.

If there's one former wrestler who has major issues with Teddy Hart, then look no further than CM Punk. Punk and Hart were far from being friends, and they even got into a fight back in 2004 outside a restaurant (supposedly Hart got the upper hand) before Sabu broke things up. Teddy Hart definitely had a superiority problem, as he felt everyone was under him in terms of talent and work ethic. Regardless, considering he's burned nearly every bridge in the pro-wrestling business, there's little doubt that many of his co-workers consider Hart to be a total and utter POS despite being a very solid in-ring talent.

13 Ryback


Where do I even begin with "The Big Guy?" Although Ryback was somewhat mistreated or misused during his tenure with the WWE, his sour attitude and constant shoots on the company and its employees makes few fans feel sorry for the obviously but-hurt former WWE star. If we're just going to be discussing why Ryback was a POS during his run with the WWE, the guy was an absolute botch machine for starters. Ryback injured multiple guys with his carelessness (CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler come to mind), and he also had (and still has) an inflated ego that turns just about anyone off.

He proclaimed that he was better and worked harder than everyone else and was deserving of a main event spot (delusional right?) If that's not enough, outside of the WWE, Ryback makes a point to shoot about the company and basically why A) they suck, and B) why everyone on the roster has some problem. Recently, Ryback made statements regarding Jinder Mahal's apparent Gyno from what he thought was resulting from steroid use, but then shortly after Mahal became the WWE Champion, The Big Guy completely changed his tune and blamed the fans for taking what he said out of context (even though he said exactly what he denied saying). Plus, being rude to fans in the past rounds out Ryback as being a real POS.

12 Virgil


As I'm sure you can tell just by looking at the sorry sap picture above of a Virgil meet and greet, Virgil is far from being a popular former WWE Superstar. If you hadn't already known, Virgil attends nearly every possible wrestling convention across the country, and an empty lineup like the picture above is very common. Why you ask? Well, Virgil is a bit of a POS in all honesty. The guy's a bully to fans, he tries to sell things for more than they're worth to fans who would approach him, and all in all acts like a total knob.

Although Virgil was considered to be a "fan-favorite" in the WWE after turning on The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, Virgil's the complete opposite in real-life. Over the years, countless fans have reported negative stories in regards to meeting the former wrestler at various conventions or meet and greets. Virgil was also said to have been a total jerk behind the scenes while working for the WWE. One tweet from Virgil that smelled like it came from a total POS was quote on quote "Buy my T shirt or I'm going to put my foot up your a-- #f--kmoney." Virgil acts like a total POS, so it's pretty obvious why very few (and I mean very few) fans like approaching the nutcase.

11 CM Punk


Despite the fact that many fans can't help but chant (often annoyingly) "CM Punk" during terrible WWE segments and despite Punk being a very popular (and talented) Superstar, that certainly doesn't take away from the fact that CM Punk is a bit of a POS. Not only did CM Punk walk away from a big money WWE contract because he felt he was "mistreated" (yes, Punk wasn't main eventing every single pay-per-view but his position in the company was solid), but he also seems very ungrateful for his supporting wrestling fans.

He's made the statement before that "I'm never wrestling again," and he had very little to no compassion for his pro-wrestling fans. Without Punk's legion of undying fans and supporters, CM Punk wouldn't be anywhere near where he is today. Let's also not forget to mention that Punk was a pain in the you know what backstage, and although we wanted more "main event CM Punk," his demanding (and somewhat entitled) personality certainly didn't do him any favors with the higher ups in charge. All of these facts contribute to the reason why many wrestling fans consider CM Punk to be a total POS for his lack of gratitude.

10 Vince Russo


Despite not being an in-ring talent, Vince Russo is undoubtedly one of the biggest POS' in the pro wrestling world. Although this guy liked to take credit for single handily creating the Attitude Era and many of the concepts behind some of the successful gimmicks like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin et cetera, that doesn't hide the fact that Vince Russo is one of the biggest lying liars in the history of the sport. Vince has built a reputation of being someone who doesn't take any responsibility for making mistakes, and he blatantly denies certain things that he did wrong (take how he booked WCW for one thing).

Vince Russo has way too huge of an ego for his own good, as he was basically "in the right place at the right time" during WWE's transition between the "New Generation Era" and the "Attitude Era" considering the fact that they had to drastically change their product in order to keep fans engaged to their program, so they had to take big chances. A plethora of Russo's creative ideas were beyond delusional, and it just so happened that a couple of his hundred and one ideas were gold while the rest were, let's just say bad. Vince Russo is his own biggest "mark," and he's considered to be a total POS by countless wrestlers (and fans) for tanking WCW and still keeping a huge ego intact.

9 Brock Lesnar


Although the above picture of the poor "I got kids" Heath Slater being bullied and intimidated by Brock Lesnar was nothing more than a scripted segment, in real life, Brock is actually quite similar. Of course he tries his best to be professional at his workplace, but Lesnar has still lost his temper on multiple occasions. Probably the most widely known bullying incident involving Lesnar occurred in his developmental territory, OVW with the developmental manager at the time Kenny Bolin. Allegedly, Kenny blew an air-kiss to Brock's girlfriends cheek (who he had supposedly hugged and kissed on the cheek multiple times), and Lesnar lost his s--t.

After a couple threats and a little physical altercation, Lesnar ended the heated exchange by yelling quote on quote to Kenny "you ever touch her again and I will f---ing kill you!" Although this is just one incident, it's a good example of the kind of person Brock can be. All that aside, Brock Lesnar also doesn't give two you know whats about pro-wrestling, and he only wrestles (once in a blue moon) for his big fat paycheck. If the money wasn't there, Lesnar would be the first guy out the door. I'd say Brock's a big POS, at least in the wrestling business that is.

8 Bubba Ray Dudley


Quite fittingly, Bubba Ray Dudley is very much similar in real-life compared to his "Bully Ray" character he portrayed in TNA. Although we all love The Dudley Boys and consider them to be one of the greatest tag teams in pro-wrestling history, Bubba Ray is still very much a big POS. For starters, Bubba was not the most "careful" wrestler in the ring, and he injured multiple wrestlers as a result. Dudley has also been accused of being extraordinarily stiff in the ring (especially against new up and comers or guys he wasn't all too fond of). Just ask guys like Rene Dupree and Randy Orton (even though Orton has a place on this list too ironically).

Regardless, quite a few guys have trashed Bubba Ray as being a big old POS who was extremely difficult to work with. One wrestler in particular, Batista, a guy who doesn't usually trash wrestlers recently trashed Bubba Ray Dudley. Here are a few juicy bits of the shoot; "Bubba Ray Dudley is a jerk-off. He's one of those people who used to always bully guys and throw his weight around just because he had a good position in the company. He treated me like s--t. He treated Randy like s--t. I don't have a whole lot of bad things to say about people, but Bubba will always be a POS in my book."

7 Scott Steiner


I think it's safe to assume the "The Genetic Freak" Scott Steiner has suffered from what we like to call "roid rage." If you're wondering what exactly roid rage is, it's basically when someone's acting like a total loose cannon (uncontrolled verbal and physical anger or violence resulting from steroid use). There's no denying that Steiner was a menace who was a magnet for arguments and fights among various talents both in WCW and in the WWE. Steiner was definitely intimidating to most, as the very last sight a smaller talent would've wanted to see is a red-faced full fledged roid raged Scott Steiner barreling towards them like a drunk gorilla.

Not only was Scott a total reckless maniac towards his co-workers, but he was terrible to have to deal with management wise, and he valued himself far more than what he was actually worth to the companies he wrestled for (sounds pretty similar to Ryback doesn't he?) On top of his POS demeanor backstage with the locker room and those in charge, Scott Steiner also regularly acts like a total POS D-bag to his fans. Basically, Scott Steiner is the epitome of a wrestler you wouldn't want to meet in real life.

6 Shawn Michaels


Before I even begin talking about this entry, I want to make it very clear that we're talking about the '90s POS Shawn Michaels and not the Shawn who turned his life around and found religion before returning to the WWE in 2002. The '90s HBK was nothing short of a POS, and there are legitimately a million reasons why. Some of these said reasons include the fact that Shawn was an ego-maniac who was very difficult to get along with, had anger issues (probably because of his pill abuse), had an extremely toxic demeanor, held grudges and was a total jerk to many talents, refused to put over other wrestlers, helped Vince screw over Bret Hart, and Shawn refused to feud with guys he wasn't fond of.

Very few wrestlers can match Shawn in the POS department, and he has had a hard time forgiving himself for his past issues. However, since turning his life around and finding his meaning in life, Shawn has since apologized to the guys he disrespected and has tried to correct his wrongs which is admirable. With all that said, Shawn Michael's simply can't erase the past, so he'll have to live with the fact that he was one of the biggest POS' in history during his first WWE run.

5 Randy Orton


While Randy Orton is nowhere near the POS he was back in his early WWE years, he still carry's himself with the "I'm superior" attitude. However, this entry of Randy Orton is based off of his early years (debut up until maybe 2010 or so). Back then, Orton was the biggest POS in the WWE without question. Randy was arrogant, rude, felt superior to everyone else and was just messed up on drugs hence why he was suspended by the company twice (although Orton was never punished for his actions).

There are far too many negative POS Randy Orton moments to list here, but one of the most notable moments includes Randy trashing a hotel room in 2007 with damages worth an estimated 50k. Back in his early WWE years, Orton was nothing more than an egotistical prick who cared about himself and himself only. Let's also not forget to mention that Randy can come across as huge POS to his fans (still to this day although he was way worse for the first half of his career) when he's not in a perfect mood. Overall, definitely one of top 5 biggest POS' in WWE history.

4 Triple H


Triple H is by far one of the biggest ego-maniacs in WWE history. Hunter's undoubtedly all about the spotlight and power, and he has definitely attained all of his dreams (although some question his methods). While Triple H was on top of the mountain in the company, he was very much about keeping his position at the top even if it meant taking part in backstage politics to take down rising stars such as RVD, Booker T among others. Triple H was very much considered by many of his co-workers to be a "backstage politician" who strategically wormed his way up to the top.

Although it's very likely that Triple H loves his wife Stephanie, there's no doubt in my mind that marrying a McMahon was apart of that said strategic plan to cement himself in the company. Of course Hunter cared for her, but Triple H is far from being a saint. Triple H was also widely considered to be a total POS backstage (ironically by two other POS' in Del Rio and Ryback for example). Regardless, Triple H has done very well for himself in the wrestling business, but his tactics early on resembled that of a POS in all honesty.

3 Vince McMahon


Now don't get me wrong, the man in charge, Vince McMahon has most definitely made some positive contributions to the wrestling business and is a great businessman (most of the time), but he's still a bit of a ruthless POS regardless. The real Vincent Kennedy McMahon is an ego-maniac who likes total control of his promotion. To give you guys some perspective on the subject, I'll list a number of the reasons as to why many fans consider Vince to be a big old POS.

That list includes The Montreal Screw-job, letting CM Punk go, forcing Daniel Bryan into retirement, making part-timers the key focal point of the shows, not punishing the more than deserving of an a-- kicking JBL, suspending Titus O'Neil unnecessarily, keeping Kevin Dunn and Michael Hayes employed, and how could I possibly forget, forcefully pushing Roman Reigns down our throats as the next John Cena. Even though Ryback's a total D-bag and a POS in his own right, he was right on the money when he mentioned that Vince doesn't care if he makes 100 million a year or 500 million just so long that he's making all the decisions.



JBL is undoubtedly the biggest wrestling POS in recent memory. The sheer number of testimonies regarding JBL and his bullying behavior have made John Layfield the most widely discussed WWE bully in a very long time. Most recently, JBL was accused of bullying former commentator Mauro Ranallo (a guy who suffers from depression) to the point of needing to quit his WWE job. Of course JBL denies such allegations, but most know its damn true. Justin Roberts, the former WWE ring announcer has gone on record in his autobiography to state that JBL was a bully who terrorized guys including himself among others.

Justin reported that JBL had chewed out The Miz and John Morrison after they'd won the tag titles for not celebrating enough. To add to the matter, it's rumored that the man in charge, Vinnie Mac actually approves of JBL's bullying tactics as a way to weed out talents who aren't "tough enough" for the business (insane right?) Two of the more serious accusations against the Texan include sexually assaulting Edge in the shower (Edge has attested to it), and mocking the now deceased Chris Kanyon for being gay (and it later came out that Kanyon attempted suicide while in the WWE). Without a doubt, JBL is a total and utter POS who deserves to be released from the company for his deplorable acts.

1 New Jack


Although JBL is the biggest POS in recent memory, the demented lunatic known to the wrestling world as New Jack is by far the biggest POS of all time. The ECW "legend" (legend for all for the wrong reasons) was as reckless and insane as a wrestler could possibly get. When we look back, how many crazy and deplorable moments have we seen from New Jack? The answer to that question is a heck of a lot including the Vic Grimes/New Jack fall off of a 40 foot scaffold (Vic didn't want to do the spot) and Gypsy Joe nearly getting his a-- whooped to the point of death after no-selling New Jack's offense.

Let's also try not forget that sickening time when New Jack had stabbed a poor rookie fool repeatedly in an Indy match in Florida, or that time New Jack botch bladed ECW wrestler Eric Kulas head in '96 which resulted in a serious deep cut to Eric's forehead. After Kulas had said "ring the bell," New Jack got pissed off and grabbed a mic declaring he didn't care if Eric died. New Jack is an absolute menacing POS who gets some sort of a sick thrill out of injuring others. He's more than deserving of the number one POS position on this list, no doubt!

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