What's The Deal With Shane McMahon's Bruise? Is It Real?

via 411mania.com

I am going to assume that, like me, when you saw the bruise on Shane McMahon's face last night on Raw, you didn't think twice about it. After the beating he took during his WrestleMania match against The Undertaker on Sunday Night, having a bruise on his face didn't seem at all out of place right? Well, in fact, it might be.

According to people who saw Shane at the WrestleMania after party, he wasn't sporting any bruises or marks of any kind at that time. Which leads many to believe that what we saw on his face last night was fake.

Now, bruises can take a little while to appear, so it is possible that he looked fine after his match and the bruise took 24 hours to show up. But I also don't think any of us would be that shocked if it was fake.

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