What's The Deal With The Bill Simmons - Andre The Giant Documentary?

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So, many of you might have heard the rumor going around that Bill Simmons was working on a documentary about Andre The Giant for HBO. Well, unfortunately for all of us excited by the rumor, it appears to be completely false.

Sports Illustrated published an article on its website with ESPN's new public editor Jim Brady, who had this to say about the rumored doc:

"The fascinating life of André René Roussimoff would make for a great documentary but last week’s report that Bill Simmons and well-respected sports documentarian Jon Hock have teamed up for an HBO doc on wrestling icon Andre The Giant is false. Reached on Thursday by SI.com, Hock confirmed that he’s never talked to Simmons or HBO about such a project and he is not working on any Andre The Giant film. He did say he remains close with Simmons and enjoyed making the New York Post’s popular Page Six column."

So, while an Andre The Giant documentary is something I know a lot of us would like to see, it isn't something that is in the works.

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