When Did WWE Know Roman Reigns Would Need To Be Suspended?

When Roman Reigns lost cleanly to Seth Rollins (before he dropped the strap to Dean Ambrose), the WWE Universe was surprised, as Reigns was being booked like Super Cena throughout 2016. Something smelled fishy. Well, a couple of days later, we might have the real reason Dean Ambrose is currently champ.

According to Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez, the top guys in WWE knew about the suspension before Money in the Bank and still chose have him show up on Raw and get involved in the main event at Battleground. With the suspension ending three days before the event, it's entirely possible that Reigns will still be in the main event of that PPV. What's uncertain is whether they chose to change the ending of the match at MITB after finding out that Reigns would be suspended.

What's certain is that he definitely won't be available for the draft on July 19th!

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