When Does Hulk Hogan Expect to be Back in WWE?

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With WrestleMania weekend fast approaching, all the stars - past and present - are set to sign, pose, and perform on the "Grandest Stage of Them All." With this weekend and the inclusion of the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, the ghosts of WWE tend to reappear with the Universe.

However, what about the biggest apparition of the 1980s? "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan. Last year, Hogan was cut off from WWE in light of derogatory comments caught on tape. The remarks made by Hogan were viciously racist and the company dealt with the legend accordingly.

Of course, this is WWE where seemingly nobody is gone forever. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Hulk Hogan is set to return to the company sooner rather than later; possibly during WrestleMania festivities as Hogan is scheduled to be in Dallas during 'Mania weekend.

It is being reported that Hulk Hogan is asking for a "shockingly low" amount of money for appearances during said weekend which has been taken as in indication of Hogan's future. To those attempting to book Hogan: the impression provided is that Hogan feels he will be back in WWE that weekend or shortly after the event.

Over the years, fans have watched Hulk Hogan come in-and-out the WWE doors multiple times but never as an accused racist. How will fans react to his re-emergence on the scene? The initial reaction will come in the form of a massive pop as fans tend to mark-out whenever the music of a relic begins to play.

Hulk Hogan has inspired millions as they were children only to angry many as adults. With teary eyes, Hogan has already apologized to the public; a situation bound to take place on WWE programming as well. However, will the majority of WWE's audience forgive and accept Hogan back?

Remember: a racist is a racist is a racist.

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