When Nature Calls: 8 Wrestlers Who Dropped A Deuce In The Ring And 7 Who Wet Themselves

As the old saying goes, everybody poops. Just probably not while in the middle of a wrestling ring in front of 15,000 screaming fans. Unlike your typical 9-5, there are no bathroom breaks in professional wrestling, which means if a superstar feels the call of nature while being suplexed on Monday Night Raw, their only option is to simply let it happen and carry on with the match. It’s a phenomena that many superstars have experienced over the years, taking the phrase, “The show must go on,” to new extremes. And while you may have missed it at the time, the Internet never forgets.

It’s not like anyone plans to have a wrestling “accident,” but then again, if you wrestle five days a week, 52 weeks a year, there’s bound to come a time when you’re kicked in the stomach at the wrong moment and have to burn your trunks. In fact, not even Vince McMahon himself has been immune to taking his pants on a trip to brown town as veteran announcer Jim Ross revealed on the Opie & Anthony Show in 2014, recalling a time during the Attitude Era when McMahon tried to play a prank on Gerald Brisco by farting in his face. However, McMahon is said to have misjudged his lower intestines and instead, he sharted, forcing himself to walk out on live television in soiled pants.

The following list examines times when wrestlers have soiled themselves in the ring, whether you knew it or not. For some it was due to a legitimate illness while others were caught totally by surprise after a move knocked the wind (among other things) out of them. Here are eight wrestlers who pooped their pants and seven who merely wet them.

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15 Deuce - CM Punk

via WWE.com

CM Punk’s appearance on Colt Cabana’s Art Of Wrestling podcast was an event for wrestling fans for a great many reasons, from his blisteringly candid talk of the business as well as the people in it, to hearing his side of the story regarding his tumultuous departure from the organization. However, perhaps the most entertaining piece of dirt was a story about a match against Dean Ambrose on SmackDown where an illness lead to one uncomfortable wrestling face-off. At the time, Punk had been extremely sick and says WWE doctors were pumping him full of antibiotics to treat the problem.

“They Z-Pak me to death so much that in December [of 2013], I s*** my pants on a SmackDown cause that’s what antibiotics do to you.” Ever the one to turn lemonade into lemons, Punk tried to lighten the mood by tweeting, “Hey everybody, watch SmackDown because I s**t my pants,” however that only made things, well, messier and he was told to delete the tweet by WWE personnel.

14 Wet Himself- Triple H

via thefuturemachine.com /forum2k.com

In all honesty, this probably wasn’t the first time Brock Lesnar made someone wet their pants. In April 2013, the King of Kings squared off against Lesnar in a brawl that ended with Triple H taking a nasty F-5 at the hands of the The Beast Incarnate.However, when the clip appeared online, fans couldn’t help but notice a massive wet spot on the crotch of Triple H’s jeans.

The discovery would end up catching fire online so much that The Game would have to address it in a video posted to WWE.com a week later. In the video, which features Trips reuniting with the New Age Outlaws, Road Dodd can be heard pointing out the wet spot Triple H had on his pants the week before. “Note to self,” Triple H would respond, “Never go to the ring to fight a guy that big with a full bladder.”

13 Deuce - Stone Cold Steve Austin

via WWE.com

That’s right, even the Rattlesnake isn’t immune to dropping a mid-match deuce. During an interview, Stone Cold Steve Austin recalled a match he participated in while on tour in South Africa in which Yokozuna quite literally knocked the crap out of him. “It was a dietary change for me and I was in there working with Yoko and Yok’s probably weighing about 600, 700 pounds at the time. When you’re that heavy, a hundred pounds doesn’t really make a difference, he might have been 800.”

Austin said that during the match Yokozuna would pick him up with one arm and slam him down on the mat, the impact causing more than just his breath to escape him. “I’m lucky I wore black trunks. It wasn’t a gigantic s*** but you know, I sprayed.” He says that as soon as he felt it, he looked up at Yokozuna and told him to skip to the ending spot of the match, Austin running back to the showers as soon as it was over. He says to this day, he can’t remember who won the match.

12 Wet Herself - Natalya

via YouTube.com

When it comes to bodily functions, Natalya just can’t seem to catch a break. First, there was that time when her actual wrestling gimmick was farting during matches and then, a real mid-match accident was broadcast on Total Divas. During a 2013 match on the WWE program, Superstars between Natalya and Naomi, Natalya’s good mood was dampened after a rogue booty bump to the gut from Naomi caused her to wet her pants.

Judging from the ensuing aftermath caught on Total Divas cameras, Nattie wasn’t willing to just laugh it off either. “I’m so embarrassed,” she confessed to Naomi, adding, “I know it’s just an accident but this has never, ever, ever happened to me, ever.” Hopefully, the former Divas Champion can find the humor in it now.

11 Deuce - Yokozuna

via videotapeswapshop.co.uk

As previously evidenced, Yokozuna appears in a surprising number of “wrestlers pooping themselves” stories but this one is probably the worst. During a match in India against Bret Hart, the powerhouse was battling a particularly nasty case of diarrhea. At one point, Hart was laid out on his back, getting ready to take Yoko’s patented Banzai Drop when he looked up and saw just about the most horrifying thing you can imagine, coming at you at full speed; a massive poop stain across the bottom of Yoko’s gear.

Hart says that was probably the fastest he’s ever moved, rolling out of the way just in time to miss the soiled missile. However, the ring wasn’t so lucky and the behemoth left a lasting mark on the canvas, the stain said to be the color of pea soup.

10 Wet Himself - Seth Rollins

via WWE.com

When you gotta go, you gotta go. In 2014, Seth Rollins made headlines all over when he revealed that he once subdued the call of nature by relieving himself in the middle of a match. During a sitdown on the Internet talkshow, Talking With Soup, Rollins said that one of his biggest wrestling mistakes was finding a creative place to urinate during an episode of Monday Night Raw.

As the story goes, Rollins felt the urge during a tag team match with the other members of The Shield so he did what anyone would do, he snuck under the ring and relieved himself there. It’s been rumored that the Kingslayer did his business in an empty bottle he found under the ring. Rollins also admits that few people knew about the story prior to his admission so it’s hard to say whether or not he got in trouble for the act.

9 Deuce - Sid

via ringscoops.com

At WrestleMania 13, Sid Vicious’s final title reign came to an end when he was pinned by The Undertaker in the main event. However, if urban legends are to be believed, he left a little more than just his belt in the ring. As the story goes, Taker was getting ready for the grand finale of the match, which was the Tombstone Piledriver, however, when he positioned his head in-between Sid’s legs, he smelled something foul. It’s then he realized that Vicious had soiled himself.

Still, The Undertaker went through with the move, pinning him to win his second WWE Championship and as soon as the match was finished, Vicious reportedly sprinted out of the ring, running to the back to wash up. Some conspiracy theorists have even alleged that Vicious actually defecated in the ring on purpose to sabotage the match, but that’s perhaps one urban legend too far.

8 Wet Himself- Jim Ross

via theavclub.com

As a WWE announcer, it’s your job to be the voice of every match on a WWE telecast. From start to finish, commentators narrate each move used during a bout while also selling the story of the match. Because of this, a bathroom break is pretty much out of the question during a show’s three-plus hour runtime. So what does an announcer do when they feel the urge to go during a show? Well, according to Bruce Prichard, you just go.

During an episode of his podcast, Something To Wrestle With, Prichard opened up about the little-known tradition and according to the wrestling icon, it’s something that happens a lot more than you’d think. “Jim Ross has peed his pants, yes. You’re out there for four f***ing hours and you gotta pee. It’s not like you can take a break and go back and pee. You gotta pee, you pee. That’s why you wear black.”

7 Deuce - Tommy Dreamer

via WWE.com

This next story takes the phrase “beat the crap out of you,” to an entirely new level. During a match against Mark Henry, Tommy Dreamer found himself on the receiving end of a “World’s Strongest Slam,” from the 400-pounder. However, when he landed, something immediately seemed off. “After he did it, I was laying there and there was an atrocious smell. It was the most rancid smell ever.” Still, Dreamer said it never occurred to him that he could have produced it. “I was like, wow, I think Mark Henry may have, you know, defecated himself. Or did [his manager] Tony Atlas have too much protein?”

The Innovator of Violence said he proceeded to get up, greeted the fans and went to the back for his usual post-match shower. However, it was after he returned from his shower to his balled up clothes that he realized just where the smell was coming from, finding a small “tootsie roll” in his underwear. Concerned about the fact that he couldn’t even feel the feces expel from him, Dreamer decided to take it to his doctor to inspect. It’s then that he learned exactly what happened. As it turns out, the feces had come from his upper bowel. Dreamer had been hit with such force, it shot right out of him.

6 Wet Herself- Stephanie McMahon

via cagesideseats.com/boredwrestlingfan.com

In all fairness, this is more of an Internet urban legend than it is a confirmed story. Back in 2014 at Payback, Stephanie McMahon was working an angle with Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan in which McMahon demanded Bryan drop his WWE Championship, threatening to fire Bella [his wife], if he didn’t comply. During the pay-per-view however, Bella decided to turn the tables on the Billion Dollar Princess by quitting instead, punctuating the moment by slapping McMahon hard across the face, sending her running out of the ring with her tail tucked behind her legs.

However, as she was running, fans couldn’t help but notice a darkened patch down the back of her dress, leading to speculation that the slap could have caused her to lose bladder control for a moment. The incident was never mentioned on television and it’s entirely possible the light simply caught her dress at the wrong angle, however, that hasn’t stopped the Internet from talking.

5 Deuce - Andre The Giant

via caulifloweralleyclub.com

Andre The Giant was about as larger-than-life as they come. At seven-foot-three and 530 pounds, Andre was notorious for having trouble using the bathroom while on the road, often having to defecate in bathtubs and in one famous case, his bed, as toilets often couldn’t support his body size. So when Andre fell ill during a tour of Mexico, using the bathroom became especially challenging, leading to one messy accident in the ring. As Bad News Brown revealed during a shoot interview, Andre would throw Brown into the ring corner during the match, ready to launch himself into Brown for a move called the Big Splash.

It’s a name that would prove more aptly titled than anyone could have realized as when Andre connected with Brown, he would lose all control of his bowels, defecating both in the ring and on his opponent as well. “He gives it to me and all of a sudden, everything went,” said Brown. “Right in the corner and he just let go and it’s all over me. I fell out of the ring and I’m about to puke, you know?” Brown said that he immediately ran from the ring to wash up, not even staying to finish the match but doesn’t hold it against him. “I mean, I felt sorry for the guy, he was just sick. That’s all, I just let it go.”

4 Wet Himself - Mr. Perfect

via wwe.com

Curt Hennig may have referred to himself as “Mr. Perfect,” but this is just about the furthest thing from it. In a story that’s been highly circulated online, Hennig and Scott Norton are alleged to have been forced to hide under the ring throughout an entire show back in the day, waiting to run-in during one of the final matches.

Sometime during the night however, Hennig would realize that he had to go. Unable to hold it in, Hennig is said to have turned to an “emergency bucket,” underneath the ring, doing his business in it and then having to lie beside it for the rest of the night while waiting for his moment. While the story remains unconfirmed, it’s certainly an entertaining image to imagine.

3 Deuce - Dusty Rhodes

via singaporebuzzblog.com

Warning: If you have a weak stomach, this story probably isn’t for you. Back in 1984, wrestler John Nord was facing Dusty Rhodes in a match. At the time, the heavier wrestlers would often stuff toilet paper down the backs of their wrestling trunks to combat hygiene issues for a method they appropriately named, “the muffler.”

Well during the match, Nord was supposed to hit Rhodes with a piledriver as the big finale but when he positioned him to pull it off, he realized he had never performed the move on such a heavy wrestler and couldn’t get a hold on him. Panicking, Nord says he dug deep and pulled his singlet up to the side, however, as he did, Rhodes’ muffler fell out onto the ring, the paper having been stained with brown, yellow and red. Nord says he was able to pull off the move but by then, the crowd had already noticed Rhodes’ exposed muffler.

2 Wet Himself - Vince McMahon

via wrestlingforum.com/whatisthisexcel.com

This next story is admittedly a bit of a cheat. Vince McMahon vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin is still to this day one of, if not the best rivalry, the WWE has ever seen. It cemented Austin as the company’s most popular babyface in history and made a legendary heel out of McMahon. In one of their most infamous segments, Austin showed McMahon just how far he was willing to go in their feud when he pulled a gun on him, raising the barrel to a pleading McMahon’s head and pulling the trigger only to reveal that it was just a toy meant to scare the tyrannical tycoon.

As McMahon panted in relief, Austin would point out that he relieved himself in more ways than one, remarking, “I think we got a problem here. I think we got another t-shirt on the way and I think that t-shirt might just say, McMahon 3:16 says I just p***ed my pants.” pointing out the massive wet spot on McMahon’s trousers. While this was clearly a scripted segment, as previous stories in this list have shown, McMahon isn’t above relieving himself in the ring for real either.

1 Deuce - John Cena

via YouTube.com

John Cena may be the face that runs the place but even he’s not above dropping a bomb in the ring as he revealed during an episode of Total Divas. In the episode of the hit E! reality series, Cena’s girlfriend Nikki Bella approaches him to gossip about Natalya’s embarrassing pants wetting incident. However, in the clip, the 16-time WWE champ isn’t in the mood to laugh, revealing to Bella that he’s no stranger to a mid-match blunder himself.

“I pooped myself once," he said. "It was in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I had food poisoning and I still went out to wrestle, so I feel for Nattie.” It’s nice to see that someone of Cena’s stature isn’t afraid to admit to something as personal as that and as for the whole “dropping a dookie in the middle of the squared circle,” situation, it’s a good thing you can’t see him.

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