When Will We See Brock Lesnar On TV Again?

The WWE announced recently that Brock Lesnar would be returning to the ring to fight Kevin Owens at the WWE live event in Hawaii on June 29th. However, that event will not be airing on the WWE Network (at least that is the plan as of this moment). So, when can we hope to see Lesnar on TV next?

Well, according to, the creative plans for Lesnar are up in the air and that The Beast Incarnate will probably be kept off WWE television until August in order to build for a SummerSlam match (Brooklyn, August 21st).

The rumored plans for a Lesnar/Wyatt feud look to have changed and there is no word as to what feud they will be setting Brock up with heading into Summerslam.

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When Will We See Brock Lesnar On TV Again?