Where Are They Now? 15 Forgotten Wrestling Valets

Eye candy is one of those things that acts as a sort of "icing on the cake" in the sports world. If you're an NFL fan, you're probably a fan of the cheerleaders no matter what team they're shaking pom-poms for. Similarly, if you're into mixed martial arts and follow the UFC, you're familiar with names like Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer; two absolute gems and probably the most famous card girls in the sport. Of course, if hockey's your thing, you better hope your team has an ice girl crew; a few still don't.

Don't get us wrong, sports are great regardless of scantily clad women jumping around (the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, for example, have no trouble selling tickets despite a lack of dancers on the field) but like we said, icing on the cake. Part of what separates wrestling from the rest of the sports world is that given the use of a story-line, rather than the female talent just being on the field showing off bodies, hot women can play more important roles and add to the product in ways unachievable in other sports.

Divas and valets (the difference generally being that valets are purely eye candy, while Divas actually wrestle, although the lines can get blurry) are often entertaining and memorable. While many Divas stay active in the wrestling community after their retirements, many valets are lost after they stop appearing regularly. Some move on to bigger and better things, while others...well...do not. Plenty maintain show business careers, while others completely fall off the face of the globe. Here are fifteen "where are they now" stories about former valets/managers/eye-candy divas.

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15 Midajah and Shakira

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Late in the 1990s and around the time when WCW was heading downhill, Scott Steiner was one of the biggest names in the promotion and was accompanied by two gorgeous fitness models referred to as "The Freaks." Midajah and Shakira were signed to join nWo but quickly started spending time with Steiner. At the time he was becoming WCW's biggest heel, but the addition of two pieces of eye candy made him even more of a name. Shakira left first to focus on modeling work, while Midajah stuck around until 2001, but took off shortly after March 2001.

Midajah took up acting and has found parts in a few notable movies such as Bubble Boy and Date Movie (not great flicks, but better than anything I've been in...). Outside of acting, she is a personal trainer and works as a make up artis  and looks like she may have had some plastic surgery gone wrong. Shakira has spent her time working in real estate since her retirement from wrestling.

14 Francine

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Known primarily for her time with ECW in the mid and late 1990s, Francine Fournier decided to get involved with the business after seeing a commercial on television in 1993. She was working for a life insurance company at the time and absolutely hated everything about her job.

Among the wrestlers she worked with were The Pitbulls, Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow. After ECW's bankruptcy in 2001, she spent some time with TNA and a very brief stint with WWE but officially retired in 2006. She made a few appearances after that, but none since 201o. She now has two kids and is a stay at home mom. She's said that while her time in the ring was great, being a parent and living the quiet life is something to which she is far more suited.

13 Kimberly Page

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Kimberly Page was one of the wrestling world's hottest laddies back in the 1990s. She was the head of the Nitro Girls and was with her now ex husband Diamond Dallas Page for his ring appearances. He was one of the biggest names in WCW at the time, so fans were treated to her often. After she turned her back on her husband and spent some time working with Eric Bischoff, she left the sport and decided she wanted to take up acting.

Her acting career was by no means impressive, but between 2003 and 2005 she had some memorable jobs including an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and CSI: Miami. Of course, the funniest moment of her time as an actress was in 40 Year Old Virgin. She was the woman who had her breast pop out at the speed dating event. Since acting didn't really work out for her, she has worked jobs in marketing since the mid 2000s.

12 Amy Weber

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Before she got involved with WWE, Amy Weber already made a small name for herself as an actress. In film she found some small roles in mostly terrible films such as Joe Dirt and Pauly Shore is Dead, while on television she played several single episode roles in shows including Melrose Place, CSI, 7th Heaven, and her earliest: Saved By The Bell. In 2004, she started working in the wrestling business and became a member of The Cabinet, with John "Bradshaw" Layfield. She had one match, against Joy Giovanni, which ended in a win for Weber.

After that she left WWE in a big hurry. There were rumors of some sexual harassment, but she insisted that it was the pay and the environment backstage. Since her retirement, she has acted in theatrical productions, had two kids and gotten married, and released a dance album in 2012. These days she looks nothing like a woman in her mid-40s. Wow.

11 Lady Blossom

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The second wife of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jeanie Clarke had an eventful life since wrestling. The two were married from 1992 to 1999 and she worked as Lady Blossom when Stone Cold was in WCW in the early 1990s and this is probably what she is best known for. She had however, worked throughout the late 1970s and 1980s in British promotions.

She retired before Stone Cold's time in WWE started as she got pregnant in 1991 with her second kid. After leaving the world of wrestling and eventually divorcing Austin, she ended up, like so many other wrestling personalities, with a substance abuse problem. By her own admission, she was crazy for pills and had some periods of her life in which she remembers very little due to her habit. She has been sober for a few years now and released an autobiography on Amazon earlier this year.

10 Sunny

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For dedicated fans, recent news about Sunny has been all over the place, but for casuals, there have been some interesting "goings-on" in the life of Tammy Lynn Sytch. She was everywhere throughout the 90s, including WWF, ECW, and WCW. She floated around the independents for a few years in the 2000s and appeared sporadically in WWE around the end of the last decade, which means she's likely been forgotten by younger and casual fans.

In the past few years, she's been arrested quite a few times. Her rap sheet includes multiple counts of violating protective orders, a couple of DUIs, a couple of probation violations and a burglary. She spent a few months in rehab after a long battle with drug and alcohol addiction. Most recently, she participated in an adult film produced by Vivid Entertainment. It was her first crack at the industry and it remains to be seen if she'll continue.

9 Joy Giovanni

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The only problem with Italian-American stunner Joy Giovanni's time in the WWE was that it was relatively short. She was only involved with the promotion for 2004 and 2005, but was released at the end of '05. She returned for WrestleMania XXV's Diva Battle Royale in 2009, but has not been involved with the business since.

She's worked as a model throughout her career, has tried her hand at acting, appearing in a few unremarkable films after her time with WWE. She played what can loosely be called professional women's football in the LFL (Lingerie Football League), and has worked in the massage therapy business. Probably her finest achievement in show business however, was her scene in the music video for Avenged Sevenfold's awesome tune The Beast and the Harlot. In said video, she dances around a pole and then has a pretty satisfying makeout session with a woman (the Harlot). With an equation like that you really can't lose. At the moment, she's working as a masseuse and model.

8 Kelly Kelly

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Barbara Blank started her career in show business as a model, but was signed to Ohio Valley Wrestling when it was a feeder developmental promotion for WWE. She went to ECW and then eventually Raw. Her gimmick was that she was a stripper. Given the fact that she was one of the most beautiful women ever to step into the ring, on top of the stripper gimmick, she became an instant favorite.

She's best remembered for her dramatic feud with Beth Phoenix and a brief stint spent as the Divas Champion. She's been active since her retirement in other media, including a music video for rapper Timbaland. More recently, she's been living a far more laid back life and has been on the reality television show WAGs, which details the lives of the wives of athletes (if this show's existence is news to you, welcome to our site, you must be new here).

Kelly Kelly married retired NHL defenseman Sheldon Souray, known for having one of the hardest slap shots in the history of the league.

7 Major Gunns/Tylene Buck

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Tylene Buck started her career in the ring off in WCW as an nWo girl. Discovered as a fitness model, she was basically eye candy with little or no involvement with the matches at first. She then became an interviewer but was then given the name Major Gunns and sent back to the ring. She joined Misfits in Action, but turned against them when she cost General Rection the WCW United States Championship, after throwing in the towel during his match with Team Canada's Lance Storm.

Eventually she was released in 2001 and subsequently worked for Xtreme Pro Wrestling. She then got into the adult entertainment business. She's done film, webcam shows, and has combined her two careers (wrestling and dirty movies) by working for some time with Double Trouble Wrestling. This business is the product of true genius and is essentially where x-rated movies meet pro wrestling. It's like an all Divas league, but the girls get totally naked and actually fool around. What a time to be alive.

6 Madusa/Alundra Blayze

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Whether you know Debrah Miceli as Madusa or Alundra Blayze will depend on where you first saw her. For WCW, of course, she was Madusa, Rick Rude's valet and for WWE she started using the ring name Alundra Blayze. Throughout her 18-year (1984-2001) career she held women's division belts for five different promotions: WWF/E, WCW, All-Japan Women's Pro Wrestling, American Wrestling Association and International World Class Championship Wrestling. While she's a prominent women's wrestler, fans forget that she was also a valet at times, which is why she makes this list.

Her life after wrestling has been interesting and she has returned to the sport, being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015. She famously dumped the WWE Women's Championship belt in 1995 after returning to WCW and this caused some animosity between her and the WWE, though that's blown over.

Since her retirement, she has driven monster trucks under the name Madusa. This passion of hers dates back to the 1990s. She married Ken Blackman, a former NFL guard, and started a custom motorcycle business with him. They got divorced shortly after their marriage (this actually happened while she was still wrestling but seemed too interesting to leave out).

More recently she has been in school, studying for her doctorate in naturopathy, becoming a yoga instructor, and more recently married a U.S. Army sergeant major.

5 Terri Runnels

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We should point out that we get that for many fans, Terri Runnels, Marlena (whatever you know her as) is nowhere near "forgotten" (as it says in the title of the article). In her case, however, we included her because she's been out of the sport for the vast majority of the last decade and her post-wrestling life is a story too great not to share.

Goldust, Perry Saturn, Val Venus, and Raven are just a few of the memorable wrestlers she was involved with. She left the company in 2004 and since her retirement, she has spent a great deal of time travelling the world, but has also been very active with children's charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Children's Miracle Network. We applaud your efforts Terri!

4 Lita

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Intimidatingly sexy tattoo enthusiast Amy Dumas, who we all know and love as Lita, was inspired to get into wrestling by Rey Mysterio in the 1990s. She put herself through training in Mexico, and upon her return to the United States, went by the name Angelica in ECW and by 2000 she was working in WWE with luchador Essa Rios. She later worked with Matt and Jeff Hardy as Team Xtreme. This the more "forgotten" aspect, as most remember Lita as a terrific wrestler, but she also did effective work as a valet. In 2000, she also held the WWE Women's Championship belt for about two and a half months. She would hold that title three other times before her retirement.

Throughout the 2000s she still worked in the wrestling business, joining up with legend Trish Stratus for a while (before the two had their feud). She was also Edge's valet for some time, but their relationship ended when she retired in 2006. She's been back from time to time and was selected to the Hall of Fame in 2014. Despite their on-stage hatred, she and Trish Stratus remain best friends.

In the late 2000s, Lita was the front-woman of punk rock band The Luchagors. They continued to tour until 2014, but couldn't achieve enough mainstream success for it to be worthwhile to keep going. Dumas hosted a radio show for a couple of years and appeared in a few television shows. She also founded a charity online store for homeless pets; Amy Dumas Operation Rescue and Education (A.D.O.R.E.). She is currently signed on with the WWE as an analyst.

3 Ivory

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Her introduction to the world of professional wrestling took place in the mid 1980s, when she was taken (somewhat hesitantly) to a Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling tryout by a friend. She impressed the people at GLOW, worked there under the ring name Tina Ferrari and worked for a couple of other women's wrestling promotions throughout the 1990s before landing a contract with WWE.

She started out as one of The Godfather's hos, but then became the eye candy for Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown before a memorable stint as a member of the conservative faction Right to Censor. They folded in 2001 and she spent some time as Lance Storm's valet. As of 2005, she decided not to bother continuing her career. In between her valet work, Ivory was also a terrific in-ring competitor, winning the Women's Championship three times.

Lisa Moretti (Ivory) briefly got involved in landscaping, but has dedicated much of her time in retirement to animals. She was a key figure in supporting and offering aid to the lost pet population of the southern United States, particularly Louisiana. During and after the disaster she volunteered with several shelters. She now lives in San Juan, Washington, and has opened a dog daycare in nearby Friday Harbor. Her business also operates a boarding service for cats and offers grooming, training and veterinary services for these pets.

2 Shaniqua

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The winner of the second season of Tough Enough (2002), Linda Miles was released and sent for more training after her first couple of matches. Upon her return in 2003, she was the dominatrix Shaniqua, who served as valet for The Basham Brothers on Smackdown. She interfered in most of their victories and had a few notable feuds with Divas such as Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie, before being cut in 2004. Of course ,this cut did not take place before a period during which she was the regular recipient of stink-faces from Rikishi.

Despite not lasting in WWE (she had a reputation for being a nightmare to deal with outside of the ring), she has remained busy since her release. An avid basketball player and fan, she tried out for the WNBA before her wrestling career started and actually worked as a WNBA referee for a while. She has also worked as a substitute teacher.

1 Hiroko Suzuki

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Hiroko Suzuki is best known for being the valet for her real-life husband Kenzo Suzuki, a former WWE Tag Team Champion, with Rene Dupree. His memorable and hilarious gimmick was terrible renditions of patriotic American songs (such as Born in the USA). Hiroko's gimmick was that she wore geisha makeup and a kimono. The gimmick, along with their accents and certain other Japanese stereotypes, may be considered offensive today, but we're not gonna dive into that here.

Hiroko had a memorable feud with Torrie Wilson, but she and her husband did not have their contracts renewed in 2005. They returned to Japan and she continued to work as his valet until 2006. She was out of the spotlight for almost ten years but took up politics recently and was elected to public municipal office in 2015, working for the city of Funabashi.

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