Where Are They Now? Forgotten Members Of The nWo

The nWo had a total of 62 members! That leaves for a lot of forgotten members of the WCW faction. Where are they now?

The New-New-New-New World Order may have been the most important faction in wrestling history. With all due respect to The Four Horsemen, Evolution, The Bullet Club and every other stable; the nWo was revolutionary and ushered in the Attitude Era. Even though the nWo originated in WCW, the WWE’s Attitude Era was in direct response to the success that the nWo had in WCW. Eric Bischoff isn’t the most-liked guy in the wrestling industry but fans should be thanking him for conceiving the idea of the nWo and kick-starting the best era in wrestling history.

At one point a wrestling fan could probably rattle off the name of every member of the nWo. But then it started to grow and grow and grow and by the end of it 62 different people could say they were once in the nWo. Not only did it grow in the number of members, but the number of incarnations of the group grew as well. You had nWo Hollywood, nWo Wolfpac, nWo Elite, nWo B-team and nWo 2000…and that’s just the WCW incarnations! What started as a great idea mushroomed into a laughingstock and the group proved that more isn’t always better.

Of the 62 members of the NWO, many were some of the most famous wrestlers on the world. But others? Not so much. We will revisit some of those lesser-known talents who screamed “4 Life” in both the WCW version of the group and in other promotions. Here are 15 wrestlers you forgot were in the NWO: Where are they now?

15 Booker T


If you blinked, you might have missed Booker T’s time in NWO. Despite his tenure in WCW running parallel to the formation of the NWO, Booker didn’t join the group until he got to the WWE. The WWE version, at the time, featured Nash, Hall, X-Pac, and Big Show. But Hall was going through (more) personal problems and asked for his release from WWE while Nash was out of action with a biceps injury. Needing members, Booker joined the NWO but his stay would be short-lived. Just weeks after joining the group, Nash returned to action and Shawn Michaels also joined the group. Michaels was unhappy that Booker was trying to steal the spotlight from the rest of the NWO so he, literally, kicked him out of the group via Sweet Chin Music:

Booker is currently a color commentator for Raw alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves.

14 Fake Razor Ramon


His real name is Rick Bognar but most remember him as the second or fake Razor Ramon that was brought to WWE along with the fake Diesel by Jim Ross. Bognar is a Canadian wrestler who joined WWE in September 1996 and was gone just four months later. (BTW, fake Diesel would later become Kane). Bognar would later go to New Japan Pro Wrestling in 1997 where he wrestled under the name Big Titan. Bognar would join NWO Japan in NJPW which also boasted The Great Muta and nWo Sting as members. A neck injury he suffered in Japan led to an early retirement at the age of 29 in 1999.

After studying with a Tibetan Buddhist monk for four years, Bognar decided to become a life coach and still serves in that role today. He helps people work through things like divorce and financial loss while also serving as a motivational speaker.

13 Scott Norton


Norton holds the honor of being a part of four different subgroups of the nWo. He first joined the original nWo in December 1996 where he would team with Buff Bagwell to form Vicious & Delicious. He then joined nWo Hollywood and was later a founding member of the NWO B-team. All while this was going on, Norton was racking up the frequent flyer miles as he would often go to New Japan Pro Wrestling where he was a part of the nWo Japan. Norton left WCW before they were brought out by WWE as he moved to Japan full-time in 1999. Today he still has the same size he had during his heyday though he’s a bit puffier in certain areas. Norton still works the independents and lives in Houston, Texas.

12 Disco Inferno


Yes, even one of the Dancing Fools was a member. With such stars as Kevin Nash, Sting, Lex Luger, and Randy Savage; most people forget that the nWo Wolfpac had mid-card talent like Disco Inferno. He was the final member for join the Wolfpac before it merged with the nWo Hollywood and then produced two more subgroups: nWo Elite and nWo B-team. Inferno was a part of nWo Elite though his talent more suited the B-Team. Unknown to many, Inferno was actually a part of the WCW booking team during its final days which may have played a part of the company’s demise. Since leaving WCW, Inferno has wrestled on the indies and in TNA. He currently lives in Las Vegas where he trains wrestlers and is also a podcast host.

11 Kyle Petty


Hey, not every member of the nWo stepped into the squared circle. Petty is a member of the first family of NASCAR as he is the grandson of Lee Petty and the son of The King, Richard Petty. Kyle drove for Petty Enterprises and other racing teams for 30 years from 1979-2008. His best finish was a pair of 5th place finishes in 1992 and 1993. He joined the nWo in September 1996 and even drove an NWO racecar over seven races. In those seven races, the nWo car did not qualify twice, crashed three times, and only finished the race two times. Petty was also involved in a rather forgetful promo with the nWoO. Since retiring from racing, Petty now calls NASCAR action for NBC.

10 Stevie Ray


In the beginning of 1998 Stevie Ray suffered an ankle injury that kept him out for five months. During this time Harlem Heat split up and that allowed Booker T to become a superstar as an individual wrestler. When Ray returned to action in June, he accepted an invitation to join the nWo Hollywood and then became the leader of the nWo B-Team which consisted of undercard wrestlers. As tensions grew in the nWo, Ray began to help Booker T in his matches and eventually Harlem Heat reformed in July 1999. The reunion would be short-lived as Booker T and Stevie Ray would eventually feud with each other. Ray was one of the few big-name wrestlers not brought over to WWE when they bought out WCW but he has teamed with his brother on various one-off appearances on the indy scene. He now hosts a radio show in his hometown of Houston.

9 David Flair


The only Flair to ever be a part of the nWo (for now), David had to be the envy of the WCW locker room as he dated Torrie Wilson on-screen and dated Stacy Keibler in real life. Flair and Wilson both joined the nWo Hollywood when David used a taser on his father which helped Hulk Hogan win their World Title match. But both Flair and Wilson would only last about a month in the nWo before being kicked out. In reality, this was to allow Flair to get some much-needed seasoning in WCW’s Power Plant. He would win two championships while in WCW and then serve short stints in both WWE and TNA. In 2008 he teamed with younger brother, Reid, in his pro wrestling debut in which Hulk Hogan of all people served as the special guest referee.

Today, David Flair lives in North Carolina with his wife and two kids and he manages the Seal Wire Company which produces copper and steel wire for companies.

8 Torrie Wilson


Apart from Miss Elizabeth, Torrie Wilson is the only female member of the nWo. She became involved in the wrestling industry by happenstance as she wasn’t a fan growing up and was essentially recruited by WCW when she visited a wrestling show with her boyfriend. Her stay in the nWo was short-lived as she was only used by the group to seduce David Flair and convince him to turn on his father. Both David Flair and Wilson were then kicked out of the nWo after being in it for just one month in early 1999. Since retiring from wrestling in 2008, Wilson has taken up personal training and is a fitness coach in Los Angeles. She’s also been in a relationship with various athletes including a marriage to Billy Kidman and she also dated Mitch from the Spirit Squad and Alex Rodriguez.

7 Barry Windham


Windham was an associate member of nWo Hollywood thanks to his partnership with Curt Hennig who was a part of the group. However, Windham was one of the founding members of the nWo B-team and he won his third WCW Tag Team Championship with his partner, Hennig. After the nWo B-team disbanded, Windham joined the West Texas Rednecks where he won his fourth WCW Tag Team title with this one coming alongside his brother Kendall. Windham would later work for WWE as a producer from 2007-08 and even wrestled in a WrestleMania Rewind match on Raw.

In 2011 Windham suffered a stroke and heart attack but was able to recover in time for the Four Horseman induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. He currently runs his own business in Homerville, GA and still takes time to appear at wrestling conventions.

6 Horace Hogan


Th nephew of the Hulkster, Horace was the final addition to nWo Hollywood. However, just three months after joining he would split off and help found the nWo B-team. Horace should be grateful to even be a part of the “B” squad as he was more of a C-level talent…at best. After the nWo B-team dissolved, Horace initially teamed with Uncle Hulk before eventually turning on him which ignited a Hogan feud. After the Bash at the Beach incident in 2000 with Vince Russo, Hulk Hogan left the company and Horace followed suit. After a short stint in WWE in which he worked dark matches, Horace retired from the wrestling industry and is now in the construction business in the Tampa area.

However, the Hogan name just can't stay out of the news as Horace was arrested in Florida for climbing down an open sewer to retrieve some coins he accidentally dropped down a manhole...SMH!

5 Harris Brothers


The Harris Brothers were known by various names during their 20 year in-ring careers. In WWE they were known as the Blu Brothers, the Grimm Twins, and 8-Ball and Skull in The Disciples of Apocalypse, a biker crew mostly remembered for the "Gang Wars" that took place on WWE programming. In WCW they were known as Creative Control and acted as enforcers for Jeff Jarrett. They joined the last WCW sub-group of the nWo that was known as nWo 2000. They were three-time WCW Tag Team Champions but for only a total of 40 days. After WCW was bought out by WWE, the Harris Brothers went to the independent scene before joining old friend Jeff Jarrett in TNA.

They retired in 2005 and work for a marketing company called Aroluxe which is in the Nashville area.

4 The Great Muta


One of the greatest and most influential Japanese wrestlers of all-time, Muta also made an impact in the United States during his runs in WCW in the 1980s and 1990s. Muta wrestled for nWo in WCW and wrestled for nWo Japan while with New Japan Pro Wrestling. In the early 2000s Muta shocked the wrestling world by leaving NJPW for rival All Pro Japan Wrestling and he was also named the company’s president. Many drew comparisons from that move to Hulk Hogan’s turn when he created and joined the nWo in 1996. Muta would later found the Wrestle-1 promotion in Japan and also wrestled several matches for TNA under The Great Muta gimmick. Muta remains one of the more notable wrestlers to never appear in a WWE ring even though he has a profile on

3 Mike Rotunda


The man best known as IRS leveraged his friendship with Ted DiBiase to join the New World Order but wearing an nWo t-shirt never elevated Rotunda above mid-card status. After his contract was “voided” by J.J. Dillon, Rotunda then headed overseas and joined New Japan Pro Wrestling and wrestled in nWo Japan. He then spent several more years bouncing back and forth between WCW and Japan before retiring from full-time wrestling in 2004. He was later hired as a road agent by WWE and has appeared in various skits and one-off matches since rejoining the company.

Today, Rotunda is best known for being the father of WWE superstars Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas. Rotunda also helped save the life of his brother-in-law, Barry Windham, when he discovered Windham at his ranch after suffering a stroke and heart attack. Windham was transported to the hospital where he made a full recovery.

2 The Disciple


Ed Leslie AKA Brutus the Barber Beefcake AKA The Zodiac Man AKA The Disciple AKA The man with 1000 names was a forgotten member of nWo. Actually, he would be a forgotten man in wrestling history if not for his friendship with Hulk Hogan. Leslie joined the nWo as Hogan’s bodyguard and his job was to beat down Hogan’s opponents after his match which was reminiscent of all of the members of the NWO in their early days. After leaving WCW in 1999 Leslie continued to be Hogan’s lackey and appeared as a coach in Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling and on the Hulkamania tour in Australia.

The 60-year-old Leslie still wrestles on the independent scene and last appeared in Big Time Wrestling where he took on ECW legend Tommy Dreamer in a series of matches.

1 Dennis Rodman


The Worm was at the forefront of WCW’s efforts to attract more mainstream attention by having celebrities wrestle. Rodman joined the nWo while he was suspended from the Chicago Bulls in 1997. He wrestled at the Bash at the Beach PPV in a tag match with Hulk Hogan and then dressed up as the Fake Sting to help the nWo at the Road Wild PPV. After returning to his day job, Rodman next appeared on WCW television in the summer of 1998 when he and Hogan faced Karl Malone and Diamond Dallas Page in what was one of the worst wrestling matches of the year. Rodman would continue playing in the NBA until 2000 and was inducted into the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame in 2011.

When he’s not partying in Vegas, Rodman moonlights as a North Korea peacemaker and has befriended Kim Jong-un.

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