How Ronda Rousey Compares To These 15 WWE Women's Stars

When the long awaited rumor of "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey, the former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion signing with WWE was finally confirmed at the end of this year's first ever Women's Royal Rumble Match, there were many wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts fans who started to jump for joy because one of the biggest UFC fighters of all time would now appear alongside their favorite WWE female wrestlers. Now that it looks like Ronda Rousey is now on WWE television to stay for the foreseeable future, we can only speculate as to what kind of names she'll be feuding with, not just in the short term, but over the course of her WWE career (she's said she intends to make this her life for the next few years).

Given the fact that Rousey has never had an official professional wrestling match before, it would be easy to say that any member of the WWE roster would defeat her - same would go for if one of these women were to fight her in a MMA fight. To make it fair, let's take a look at them in the easiest way possible - how do the most beautiful women in WWE stack up against one of the most beautiful MMA fighters of all time?


15 Better: Sasha Banks

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Not only is she The Boss, but she looks absolutely amazing! Sasha Banks is not one to directly flaunt her physical appeal, but when she shows off her figure like this, it really shows how attractive she is. God bless the person who created yoga pants, we really do owe them a debt of gratitude – Sasha’s pants fully display all of her curves beautifully, which is not something we can always appreciate in her ring gear. Not only do the yoga pants accentuate all of her curves, but her playful look in her photoshoots show just how beautiful Sasha is, and how much fun it is to be around her. Long pink hair and tight pants gives Sasha the win here, and we can only hope that she continues the trend of having these custom yoga pants made for big events. I wouldn’t mind if she had them made for small events as well, like every day of the week just so we can see her looking so good.

14 Not: Dana Brooke

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According to my calculations, Dana Brooke is not the best looking blonde in WWE now that “The Rowdy One” is under contract. While the muscle-bound Brooke is still a very beautiful woman, Ronda’s leaner muscular look is much more appealing that Dana’s body-builder frame. If you have seen pictures of Ronda from any of her various Sports Illustrated shoots, or even when she is getting ready to weigh in for a fight you know that her lean arms and legs do not have an over-powering musculature to them the way that the Dana Brooke’s do, which stem for her previous career as a body builder.

While there is no doubt that both women could easily beat me up without even trying, I would have to give points to Rousey in this case – even though her new look with glasses does make Dana look even cuter than usual, she is no match for the appeal of Ronda Rousey.


13 Better: Nikki Bella

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She may not be the most popular woman to ever be a part of WWE’s roster, but there is no denying just how steamy most pictures of Nikki Bella are (unless you count these cringe-worthy ones of her and John Cena). Nikki Bella is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous women to ever be a part of WWE, and certainly overtakes Rousey if we are comparing. Nikki’s figure is curvy in all the right places, yet incredibly tight and muscular due to the care and time she puts into ensuring this. While Rousey has a great set of assets herself, Nikki Bella is also carrying the whole package, giving Rousey a run for her money. Now, what would I be interested in seeing? Perhaps Nikki and Ronda having a dance-off where they both have to do the Bella-twirl to see who can do it better.

12 Not: Sonya Deville

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Upon Ronda Rousey officially signing her WWE contract, she has officially become the most good looking former Mixed Martial Artist fighter on the WWE roster. With all due respect to Sonya Deville, who has shown up wonderfully since debuting on the main roster, there is a clear difference between her and Ronda when it comes to physical appeal. Deville does not seem to be one for posing for steamy pictures in photo shoots, other than times when it is to show off her striking ability, whereas Rousey is not afraid to pose for photoshoots which accentuate her figure. It may be possible that Deville is holding back on us and will unleash her steamier side eventually, but until then Rousey will be the steamiest former fighter on the roster.


11 Better: Alexa Bliss

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So tiny, but oh so beautiful – I am sorry, but there is no way that Ronda Rousey can hold a candle to the smallest, yet most gorgeous woman on the WWE roster. There is just something about Alexa Bliss that makes her irresistible – perhaps it is her tiny figure which sports a firmly shaped backside that is accentuated by her ring attire? Or perhaps it is her beautiful, sparkling eyes combined with her colorful hair? Whatever the case may be, there is no denying that since joining WWE, Alexa Bliss’s beauty has been on every wrestling fan’s mind – she is the type of woman that makes us all wish that WWE still did their former photoshoots for female members of the roster, as it would be absolute heaven to see Bliss posing on the beach like we have of previous female wrestlers.

10 Not: Tamina

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When it comes to ladies with a leather jacket, I have to give the point to Ronda Rousey – Tamina may be strong and beautiful, but she cannot compete against Ronda here. Tamina’s has been with WWE since 2010, but we do not know much about her in comparison to the others on this list – she has spent most of her career as an enforcer in the Women’s Division, and unfortunately does not show enough ferocity when on WWE programming to make her stand out from others.

In comparison, everyone knows when Ronda Rousey has entered a room because she has enough charisma to spare, which makes her incredibly appealing. Unfortunately, this is not a skill which Tamina displays very often, making her much less appealing than Ronda. Perhaps when Tamina returns from her latest injury she should put her personality on more of a display, and it will help our perception of her.


9 Better: Mandy Rose

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How can Ronda Rousey compete with a Golden Goddess? While I would not suggest the two of them get in the ring together – for Mandy’s sake, as the much more fight-experienced Ronda Rousey could easily dismantle her – I would also not suggest they get into a run-way pose down together, as this is where Mandy’s strengths lie. Ronda Rousey is obviously no slouch in the beauty department, but taking gorgeous pictures is what Mandy Rose does best. Just take a look at any number of WWE’s “Instagram Pictures of the Week”, and you are surely to see Mandy Rose posing and showing off her gorgeous figure like it is her job (and it essentially is a big part of it). Rose’s experience as a fitness model has helped her maintain a gorgeous figure while wrestling for WWE, and has also made her one of the most desirable women on the roster.

8 Not: Charlotte Flair

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A battle between two incredibly strong and beautiful women, but Ronda Rousey will be eclipsing “The Queen” here. Since debuting for NXT in 2012, Charlotte has been one of the most physically imposing wrestlers to ever be a part of the Women’s division, but her thick and muscular figure does not help her hold a ranking above Rousey’s slim and cut body. Ronda’s figure and muscles really show off the curves of her body, while Charlotte’s muscles just make her look physically imposing, but change the appeal level of the almost six-foot woman. Charlotte’s time wrestling in the ring has given her much notoriety in the sports and entertainment fields, which is helping her expand her career – unfortunately for her, once Ronda officially arrives in WWE, it will mean that a new “Queen” is in town.


7 Better: Becky Lynch

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Ronda Rousey may be Rowdy, but Becky Lynch is a lass-kicker, and may be one of the most beautifully under-rated women in WWE currently. While her day-to-day ring attire does not do much to accentuate Becky’s tight figure, a quick look at previous photo shoots from earlier in her career shows off just how sexy she can be. Whether she is dressing as a “steam-punk” with golden goggles, or finding some of her pre-WWE photoshoots where she is wearing scantily-clad swimsuits, Becky Lynch is certainly a very under-appreciated woman in WWE. Perhaps it is because she debuted alongside many other women on the main roster, but if you have not taken the time to truly check out Becky Lynch, I suggest that pay her some special attention next time you get the opportunity to see her up close, you will certainly not be disappointed.

6 Not: Bayley

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In this case, it truly matters what you are looking for in a woman – are you looking for a tough-as-nails, no nonsense, steamy type of woman who looks like she could decimate you? Or are you looking for a down-to-earth, girl-next-door, would be a great woman to take home to Mom type? In this case, I think the former is the much better choice which means that the “Huggable One” will not be ranking very high in this situation. Despite having some incredible curves of her own, Bayley does not give off a large amount of sexuality in her character, it leaves a lot of people wishing she would show some more skin so we can see exactly what she is hiding from us. While it does not seem likely that Bayley will be stripping away her layers anytime soon, we can always continue to dream.


5 Better: Maria Kanellis

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While new wrestling fans may not be fully aware of who Maria is, long-time wrestling fans know that she is positively one of the most gorgeous women on the face of the Earth. Currently off of WWE programming while carrying her first child, even in a pregnant state we know just how stunningly beautiful Maria is. With gorgeous curves and a love for showing off her body, Maria was one of the most popular women to come out of the Diva Search competition in the mid-2000s, leading to her even posing for Hugh Hefner in 2008.

When she eventually returned to WWE in 2017 after a seven year hiatus, we all could not wait to see much more of Maria. If she returns to WWE once again after giving birth, we will surely see The First Lady of Wrestling show off her physical appeal once again.

4 Not: Sarah Logan

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Perhaps it is just me, but the “country-bumpkin” gimmick that Sarah Logan portrays just does not do it for me – perhaps it is the accent, or maybe even the ensemble, but it just does not scream “sexiness” to me, especially in comparison to someone who can really turn on the stylish factor like Ronda Rousey. Even in her former role as Crazy Mary Dobson on the independent wrestling scene, Logan’s gothic persona is not one to measure up against Rousey either, as the darkness of the character is not entirely appealing either. While Logan clearly has a great body, her gimmicks have overshadowed her beauty and leave too much to the imagination, which is why Ronda Rousey is a more sought-after woman in the WWE.


3 Better: Maryse

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Another situation of a pervious WWE talent coming back to WWE programming without new fans knowing exactly who she is, and a woman who is also currently off of WWE television as she has a child. However, if you have been a WWE fan since at least 2007, then you are well aware of exactly what Maryse has to offer in terms of her physical appeal and beauty. Maryse’s new character who is entangled alongside her real-life husband The Miz perfectly shows off her playfulness, but during her previous run in WWE she dialed it up much higher, and made audiences drool each time she would enter the ring.

Everything about Maryse is desirable, from her long flowing blonde hair all the way down her gorgeous figure leaves us wanting much more from her, and we are all certainly going to be tuned in closely to see if we get it!

2 Not: Shayna Bazler

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Like I said before, Rousey can take the title of being the most good looking former Mixed Martial Artist fighter on the WWE roster – the newest addition to the NXT Women’s roster in The Queen of Spades Shayna Bazler only has success in the ring on her mind, and does not focus on how she looks in the ring. Her strategy is certainly working, as she has torn through the competition in the Mae Young Classic as well as NXT events, but her rough and rugged look puts her behind Rousey in these rankings. What has made Ronda so appealing to media over the years is her ability to look like a stone-cold fighter one minute, to being able to put on a dress and walk a red carpet the next – unfortunately, Bazler has not shown this side of herself, which means that she is focused on her in-ring abilities for the foreseeable future.


1 Better: Carmella

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As a former fitness model and cheerleader, Carmella knows what it takes to keep her body in shape. More importantly, Carmella also knows how to flaunt her body and show off her wonderful curves, which makes her a very popular woman on this list. With so much aesthetic competition in WWE, Carmella has done some fun things for her to stand out, most notably has been her ring attire. While other women on the SmackDown roster are dressed in various varieties of clothing in the ring, Carmella is the only one that has tried to fashion a 1950s-esque wrestling attire previously worn by The Fabulous Moolah into a modern piece of clothing.

While the attire surely sets her apart from others, it also shows off a lot of her figure at all times, particularly her very ample bottom, which is something we are all very happy about.


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