Where These 17 Wrestlers Were REALLY From

Wrestling is a strange business. Wrestlers are often billed from strange locations. The following article will take you through 15 such wrestlers that have been billed as popular wrestlers’ hometowns and provide you their actual hometowns.

To substantiate the gimmick portrayed by wrestlers, WWE and other promotions lie about wrestlers’ hometowns. For an instance, Roddy Piper, who was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, was billed from Glasgow, Scotland as he was portrayed a skirt-wearing rowdy on television. Florida-born Lana is billed from Russia despite living in Nashville, Tennessee. Minnesota native Shawn Daivari has been billed from Tehran, Iran thanks to his Iranic roots.

The locations only get stranger from there.

Thanks to the list being somewhat long, I was forced to leave out a few wrestlers. Deuce and Domino, for an instance, were billed from The Other Side of the Tracks while independent wrestler Jimmy Jacobs, who portrays an emo, is billed from The Dark Side of a Broken Heart. Damien Demento was aptly billed from The Outer Reaches of Your Mind. Tekno Team 2000 were billed from The Future as they were from the future. Oz, one of Kevin Nash’s many gimmicks, was apparently from The Emerald City. Goldberg and Brodus Clay were from Planet Goldberg and Planet Funk, respectively, while Max Moon also came from outside the Earth, from Outer Space.

The Fabulous Freebirds ought to be the only tag team or individual wrestler to get into trouble for being billed from a fake location as their being billed from Badstreet, Atlanta, Georgia brought them copyright infringement issues.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the list of strange places this strange business has coined.

17 Kenny Omega - Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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Kenny Omega is easily the most enigmatic main-event talent in sports entertainment today. He, along with The Young Bucks, began making wrestling fun much before it was cool. His being a enigma became even more evident when he was billed from Pokemon Stadium at a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla event; his mannerism during his entrance definitely left those in audience sports-entertained.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but The Cleaner was not born in Pokemon Stadium; neither has he been living there. It was only done to highlight his being a self-proclaimed nerd. That was a one-off, however, as he is usually billed from his real hometown. He hails from the city that Chris Jericho made famous – Winnipeg. However, being signed to New Japan Pro Wrestling, he now lives in Japan.

16 The Ultimate Warrior - Crawfordsville, Indiana

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A lot has been said about James Brian Hellwig. A lot has been said about The Ultimate Warrior as well. Despite all the flak, he remains one of the greatest performers to ever set foot in a wrestling ring, never mind a WWE ring. Thanks to his character’s mystic, he was billed from One Warrior Nation; WCW arrived at that place as he took on New World Order single-handedly before receiving help. During his WWE spell, he was billed from Parts Unknown, a less imaginatively-named place.

The one-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion was billed from imaginary places throughout his career while he was actually born in Crawfordsville, Indiana. His real birth place might never has captivated nine-year-olds as Parts Unknown or One Man Nation did, though.

15 Dudley Boyz - Queens NY (Bubba) & New Rochelle NY (D-Von)

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Much like tag teams that Jim Cornette engineered had similar names such as The Midnight Express, The New Midnight Express and The Rock ‘n’ Roll express, a few tag teams in the 90s were billed from a location coined by adding ville as a suffix to tag teams’ names. The Dudley Boyz were billed from Dudleyville.

The Dudleys, who have won 23 tag-team titles with major promotions, were sometimes billed from New York, which is their real place of residence. Both guys have since relocated from their original homes, as D-Von has taken up residence in Florida, due to his job as a road agent with WWE while Bubba has moved on to Orlando as well, in part due to his long run with TNA following his 2005 WWE departure.

14 Nasty Boyz - Whitehall Township, PA

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The Nasty Boys were billed from Nastyville. You've probably figured out by now that there's no such place named Nastyville, at least officially anyway. It was just the nature of the business in the day to come up with town names that sounded more fitting for the characters.

Much like the Dudleys, The Nasty Boys were also billed from The Streets of New York while their real hometown is Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania. Unlike many tag teams that are simply thrown together, the Nasty Boys, Jerry Sags and Brian Knobbs, were actually childhood friends, thus had a well established chemistry by the time they began teaming up in the ring. Even to this day, the pair makes appearances on the independent scene and recently had a run in Impact Wrestling.

13 Goldust - Austin, Texas

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With the return of the Golden Age, Goldust has proved that he can captivate audience of any generation; fittingly, he is billed from Hollywood, California. However, Goldust is not the only character Dustin Runnels has had as he portrayed the now-notorious Black Reign during one of his two spells with Impact Wrestling. He was billed from The Deepest Darkest Corner of His Mind as he was claimed to be suffering from dissociative identity disorder in kayfabe.

The character failed and was binned in less than a year. Goldust seemingly wants his fans to forget his run as Black Reign as many claim he blocks those who mention that character on Twitter. He does not hail from California, either, as he lives in Orlando, Florida after spending his childhood in Austin, Texas.

12 Mankind - Long Island, New York

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Much like Goldust, Mick Foley has portrayed numerous well-defined gimmicks in front of cameras. As Cactus Jack and Dude Love, he was billed from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, which is, in fact, a real place. As Mankind, he was billed from Boiler Room. He has lately been billed from Setauket, Long Island, New York. To fit his various personas, he has been aptly billed from different locations. No one of note has been billed from such distinct places, but no one of note has portrayed such distinct characters, either.

The three-time WWE Champion has seldom been billed from his real hometown Bloomington, Indiana. Having semi-retired from professional wrestling, he now resides in Garden City, New York with his wife Colette Christie and four children, including Noelle Foley.

11 Gangrel - Burbank, California

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Thanks to WWE featuring only a few eerie characters, Gangrel, who has largely had a forgettable WWE career, continues to remain relevant. His spearheading The Brood, which consisted of Edge and Christian, remains his career highlight as his WCW and ECW runs were largely forgettable and underwhelming. He was prominently billed from The Other Side of Darkness, a place in kayfabe also housed his ex-wife late Luna Vachon.

With Gangrel wrestling for numerous independent promotions under ring names Claire Drive Ripper, The Avante Roller, Property Formally of Dr. Wolf, and Lestat The Vampire, among others, he was always going to be billed from his real place of residence, Burbank, California, at some point, though. Besides continuing to wrestle at 48 and training aspiring wrestlers with Rikishi, he directs and features in independent adult films.

10 Sid Vicious - Marion, Arkansas

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Sid Eudy, before becoming a subject of mockery and pity, looked as though he could prove a solid performer as evidenced by the push WCW granted a relatively green Sid Vicious. After spending less than a year as one half of The Skyscrapers, he debuted as a member of Four Horsemen in 1990; he was billed from Wherever He Damn Well Pleases as he nullified the threat RoboCop imposed. Given his physical presence and the badass vibes he oozed, WCW’s billing him that way made absolute sense. However, on the heels of his ridiculous promos, it sounds silly and hilarious.

Often billed as Psycho Sid, Sid Justice, The Millennium Man or Lord Humongous, he has largely been billed from his real birthplace Arkansas, United States since.

9 Stardust - Marietta, Georgia

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The Runnels have been able to get over gimmicks that never had any business getting over. Dusty Rhodes managed to popularize the polka-dotted Average Joe character while Goldust has been able to get numerous gimmicks over (reminder: never mention Black Reign on Twitter). Cody Rhodes followed in their footsteps to get Stardust over. As Stardust, he was billed from Fifth Dimension and Stars of the Milky Way. The places fitted the persona he portrayed superbly.

However, surprisingly, he does not belong to both places as he has been living in Los Angeles, California since moving from his hometown Marietta, Georgia. He is sometimes billed from Charlotte, North Carolina, but, lately, he keeps things as real as they get as he has has been billed from his real place of residence on the independent circuit.

8 Ted DiBiase - Miami, Florida

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Every wrestling promotions almost always features a rich heel who denigrates his colleagues and those in attendance. Ted DiBiase was one such wrestler, who paid fans, Virgil and even Andre the Giant to do certain acts. He was billed from numerous seasonal residences. He was billed from Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, Netherlands Antiles, Bel Air, Los Angeles, and Palm Beach, Florida in summer, winter, fall and spring, respectively. He was also billed from Omaha, Nebraska sometimes. However, he has been living in Clinton, Mississippi since departing his hometown Miami, Florida. DiBiase was born in Miami under his birth parents Helen Nevins and Ted Willis, but he was eventually adopted by Iron Mike DiBiase, hence his surname.

Now residing in the south, DiBiase works as a minister.

7 Tyler Breeze - Penticton, British Columbia

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Not everyone who hails from seasonal residences are heels, though. Tyler Breeze, a face who originally comes from British Columbia, Canada, has been billed from Ambanja, Madagascar, Patagonia, Chile, Milan, Italy and Campo Grande, Brazil, among other cities. Tyler Breeze's Canadian roots are rarely mentioned on WWE programming, perhaps now due to his hilarious antics alongside Fandango as part of The Fashion Police.

Breeze began his career wrestling in his home country, for promotions such as NWA Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling and Power Zone Wrestling. It was around this time that Breeze would get trained by fellow Canadian Lance Storm and a few years later, he was signed to a developmental deal by WWE.

6 Boogeyman - Denver, Colorado

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Observing the trend in this article, you can arrive at a conclusion that every spooky character has to come from made-up places. Boogeyman spent only a handful of years with WWE, never winning a title, and his most notable moment saw him sniff, lick and bite off Jillian Hall’s supposed-to-be disgusting facial growth. He was billed from The Bottomless Pit, a very creative name given his worm-eating antics. He continues to be billed from there even during his independent appearances.

One wonders if WWE has kept him on their payroll only to release their yearly Halloween videos. However, he ought to be a happy in his residence in Denver, Colarado, earning WWE Legends monies having wrestled at the top level only for four years.

5 Hornswoggle -Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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It seems as though Hornswoggle has been around for forever, but he is actually only 31 years old. The Hornswoggle marks may miss seeing him in a WWE ring, but, given his stellar work with Rockstar Spud in Impact Wrestling, one can expect him to return. He was billed from The End of the Rainbow during his WWE spell, and his inability to communicate properly and the gimmick itself went well with that place. He has also been billed from Dublin, Ireland, but that is not his real hometown as well.

The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion was born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and had to color his black hair ginger to substantiate the Hornswoggle character. Upon moving to Impact Wrestling, he has begun flaunting his real hair color.

4 Sting - Omaha Nebraska

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To think Sting is not as prominent as The Undertaker or Steve Austin. He is a true trailblazer having won WCW Heavyweight Championship, WCW International Heavyweight Championship, NWA World Heavyweight Championship and TNA World Heavyweight Championship a combined 14 times in a career that spanned 30 years. Given Sting’s mysticism, he was sometimes billed from Every Man’s Nightmare as he has always been billed from Venice Beach, California. With the former making WWE 2K15, many hardcore Stinger fans vented online, stating billing him from Every Man’s Nightmare was "a joke and borderline insulting."

However, the latter is not his real hometown, either, as he was born in Omaha, Nebraska. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas. Talking about Texas brings us to our next wrestler.

3 The Undertaker - Houston, Texas

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Despite The Undertaker never breaking kayfabe, even on Jimmy Kemmel Live and Tonight Show, almost every wrestling fan does know that he lives in Austin, Texas. An out-and-out southerner, he had lived in Houston, Texas before moving to his current residence.

Except when he came from the curtains in a motorbike as The American Badass, he has been billed from Death Valley. What many fans hardly seem to know, though, is Death Valley does exist. Located in Eastern California, the desert valley ranks amongst the hottest places on the planet.

To think the two spookiest characters The Undertaker and Sting, who have both been predominantly billed from California, have never locked horns with each other in the personas that have made them who they are today.

2 Brother Ray - Orlando, Florida

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No wrestler has made this list twice except for Bubba Ray Dudley. Despite winning tag-team titles with ECW, WWE, NJPW, ROH and Impact Wrestling, TNA World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Hardcore Championship eight times, he comes across as an underrated talent. During his ECW tenure, he was billed from Dunkin’ Donuts to highlight his being overweight; ECW is notorious for devising such ridiculous places, with Sabu’s being billed from Bombay, Michigan proving another case in point. As Bully Ray, he was billed from Hell’s Kitchen, New York, which sounds quite funny for a real place.

His Brother Ray persona is billed from New York City, New York, which is his real hometown. His resides in Orlando, Florida, but he has rarely been billed from there.

1 The Godfather - Palo Alto, California

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The Godfather, real name Charles Wright, is easily the most successful wrestler, whose name is not Mick Foley, to have played numerous gimmicks. He has been a voodoo practitioner, a UFC-esque tough guy, an on-screen comical PTC guy, and a pimp. As different characters, he has been billed from different locations. As Papa Shango, he was billed from Parts Unknown. As The Godfather, he was billed from The Red Light District; although it sounds effortless and somewhat easy to arrive at, it helped validate the character big-time, especially with his leading the Ho Train.

The WWE Hall of Famer was actually born in Palo Alto, California, a place The Goodfather would associate himself with. He now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is definitely a place where one may bump into The Godfather.

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