Where’s Paige?: 15 Pictures Of Paige Following Her WWE Hiatus

Although the company might keep mentions of her to a minimum, Paige is not hiding herself away from any form of publicity.

Who remembers Paige? She’s been away from WWE for quite a while and nobody really knows why. With a couple of suspensions in the past year putting her firmly into the bad books of Vince McMahon, it’s a bit of a surprise that she still has a contract with the company. And when you then take into account a film is being made on her family with The Rock making the movie, it all gets a little weirder.

It’s no secret that she’s in a relationship with Alberto Del Rio and her hiatus has coincided with Alberto’s second departure from McMahon’s company. And if you put all of the last year she’s been gone into a real life, non-wrestling situation, Paige would probably not have a job had she been in a normal industry. But WWE is far from normal and, as such, she might actually return to the company at some point.

Although the company might keep mentions of her to a minimum, she’s not hiding herself away from any form of publicity and fans can keep up with her through social media. Thanks to that, here are 15 images of Paige since she disappeared from TV.

15 The Squad

Towards the back end of 2016, Paige was injured, Del Rio was departing WWE and the film industry was being taken over by the hugely popular Suicide Squad. And in November, Paige tweeted out an image of her and Del Rio with two people dressed up as Harley Quinn and Joker, which gave the chance to take a look back at some of the earlier replies to Paige’s tweets.

14 Meet & Greet


If you’re as famous as Paige and Del Rio, there’s probably not an hour that goes by where a wrestling fan doesn't thrusts a camera into their face or asks for a signature on whatever they can find. And since getting together, you can bet that a selfie with the both is a must for anyone who even remotely recognizes them.

13 Recovery

Every wrestler goes through injuries and with Paige being in the ring virtually from birth, surgery was an inevitable part of her progression. It’s spoken about quite a bit throughout this article because well, she’s not been wrestling mainly due to her injury. But throughout her recovery, she’s kept fans aware of how things are going and this picture was just one way.

12 The Tattoos


It takes a lot of dedication (or alcohol) to get a tattoo that is entirely devoted to your partner. If things go wrong, you're left with an unwelcome reminder of when things were good before it all went a bit sour. For Paige, she’s not had any worries about that though. With not one but two tattoos dedicated to ADR, the English Superstar has no fears.

11 The Outsiders

Travelling the independent circle with Del Rio, you can assume Paige hasn’t really had the chance to see some of her (technically) current colleagues. But the couple managed to find time to catch up with The Shining Stars and R-Truth at the back end of January.

10 The Second Engagement

I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but Paige and Del Rio are engaged. I know, it’s shocking and nobody knew about it until now. But at the start of 2017, Paige tweeted out: “He did it right back! Love of my life! @VivaDelRio luckiest girl alive!,” which obviously meant it was a perfect start to the year. Traditionally, it's the man who pops the question, but let’s face it, Paige isn’t what you’d call a traditional kind of girl.

9 The In-Laws

Meeting your significant others in-laws is always a daunting task and when your partner is a national hero, it probably makes it a bit tougher. But Paige and the Del-Rio’s (actual name Rodriguez’s) seem to get on well judging by her tweet last month: “Left one family yesterday, came to another.”

8 The Supporter

With no chance of actually getting in the ring herself so far this year, Paige has been practicing her management skills over recent months. Well not properly, but she has had the chance to watch rather than take part and she’s been Del Rio’s biggest supporter as he continues his tour around the world.

7 Disney


Speaking as a British person, the idea of going to the magical Disneyland is a very exciting prospect. And Paige clearly feels the same way as the rest of us do when it comes to visiting the land of Mickey Mouse. You could argue that both Paige and Del Rio are living the dream working in the wrestling industry, but deep down, isn’t everybody’s dream to go to Disney?

6 Family

It’s no secret that Paige’s family are wrestling mad and they are arguably the most important family in all of British wrestling. The downtime in the last few months has given Paige the rare chance to go back to her roots with WWE commitments off the agenda and she’s made sure to return home to visit the family.

5 Lift


There have been negative comments said about the relationship between Paige and Del Rio and this is mostly to do with the significant age gap between the two. With 15 years between the two and Del Rio having a previous marriage very recently behind him, you can understand fans reservation about the pair. At first it wasn’t only fans, with Paige’s family not overly keen.

4 Neck Injury


Though there have been the two suspensions, the big reason behind the disappearance of Paige from WWE is due to injury. Having undergone neck surgery in October 2016, Paige is still taking time to recover after the first major injury of her career. Last seen in-ring way back in June, the former Divas Champion chose to go under the knife after tweeting: “Makes you think about risks you have to take when it comes to this business, the things you put your body through to entertain the masses.”

3 Rule Breaker


Paige on TV is portrayed as a bit of a maverick and a rule breaker, but you have to question how much acting goes into the role. Because at Money in the Bank 2016, Paige did actually find herself in trouble with the law and it was partly to do with a certain Mexican former World Heavyweight Champion.

2 Stepmother

At the back end of January this year, ADR and Paige were both at a party rather than at the Royal Rumble. That’s not much of a surprise, but that party was for Del Rio’s young daughter, who Paige referred to in a tweet as “princess.”

1 The Engagement


Paige has got wrestling fans around the world talking throughout her career. Whether that be due to her record breaking ‘youngest ever Divas/Women’s Champion’ or the whole licking of Natalya’s face, she’s not one to shy away from the publicity. But it’s away from the ring that she has unsurprisingly got people noticing her. And that’s largely thanks to the proposal.

After a relatively short time, Paige decided to pop the question to Del Rio in the middle of the ring, drawing disbelief from anyone who knows anything about wrestling across the globe. The October 2016 proposal followed their relationship starting only five months earlier. Many thought it was a joke but as it turned out, it's an actual thing. Good luck to the both of them (not sure if Vince McMahon would say the same).

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Where’s Paige?: 15 Pictures Of Paige Following Her WWE Hiatus