Which Actor Did Mick Foley Wrestle In High School?

Mick Foley grew up in East Setauket, New York, where he attended Ward Melville High School. It turns out he wasn't the only famous figure to come out of that high school and he wasn't even the only famous wrestler, as a well-known Hollywood celebrity was in his class and his wrestling team.

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Although you wouldn't know it now, both Foley and Kevin James were quite the athletes in their day. It was known by a select few of us, with too much time on our hands, but it's come to full attention now, with James's  Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 now in theaters. According to Newsday, James beat out Foley at heavyweight, but a back injury forced him to stop wrestling, opening up a spot for the Hardcore Legend. How different would things have been if Foley wasn't able to pursue wrestling?

Here are high school photos of the two, looking far more athletic than their current physiques would suggest. Who knew the Micker was such a looker back in the day? Maybe now his Dude Love gimmick makes more sense.

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