Which Diva is the WWE Planning to Push As The Face of The Company??

via dailyddt.com

According to SEScoops, there are apparently plans in place to have Lana become the female face of WWE, as part of a storyline that will unfold over the next few weeks. Considering the abuse she's taken from Rusev since WrestleMania, it wouldn't be surprising to see her turn on him and reveal to everyone that she's actually American. Though she plays a convincing Russian, Lana's real name is actually C.J. Perry and she was born in Florida.

With AJ Lee leaving and Paige becoming a movie star (in a Christmas movie with The Miz), there's a huge hole at the top of the Divas division, especially in terms of faces. The Bella Twins are the top heels and Naomi just turned heel. Unless Eva Marie is ready (she isn't by her own admission), turning Lana into a face isn't too far-fetched an idea, though it's impossible to know if she's ready to compete in the ring.

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