Which Famous Actress Hooked Up With Ric Flair?

"The Nature Boy"  Ric Flair has lived a loud life. From the expensive suits and jewelry to the limousines and jets. Along the way, Flair has accumulated sixteen World Championships and four ex-wives.

On the road, Ric Flair was known as a notorious playboy; a distinction Flair loves. During the recent edition of The Ric Flair Show, "The Nature Boy" became braggadocious when asked by a fan if any celebrities has taken a ride on "Space Mountain."

Ric Flair would respond: "several dozen." In turn the fan would inquire: "Are we going to get any names?" Flair would then name drop: "Do you want me to start with Halle Berry?" According to Flair Berry had just gotten divorced prior to her "Space Mountain" ride.


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Which Famous Actress Hooked Up With Ric Flair?