Which Former WWE Superstar's Contract Has Already Been Terminated By Lucha Underground?

via houseofwrestling.com.br

Well, that was quick. Last week, during rapper Wale's wrestling event WaleMania, former WWE Superstar MVP announced that he was going to be working with Lucha Underground. Unfortunately, he's no longer with the company.

According to MVP himself, in the video you can see below, it's his fault. He says that he violated terms in his contract, an aspect dealing with non-disclosure, by having members of the Lucha Underground roster on his podcast.

It's a truly unfortunate set of circumstances and we're disappointed that we won't get to see MVP perform on El Rey Network. It must be said that MVP has handed this with incredibly humility and he should be applauded for that. Not many people can take full accountability for their errors and we wish MVP the very best going forward.

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