Which Superstar Does Mick Foley Want To See Pushed?

When Adam Rose first debuted last year, Mick Foley took to Twitter to express his love for the character. Now, more than a year later, and with the character stuck in limbo, Mick Foley took to Facebook to beg the WWE to push the character. He wrote this:

"ALL I AM SAYING, IS GIVE ROSE A CHANCE: Why Pushing Adam Rose is Best for Business.

It was just slightly over a year that I took to twitter with the following declaration:

"Unless I'm mistaken, we'll be telling our grandchildren about the night we witnessed the debut of @WWEAdamRose on ‪#‎RAW‬. Let me on that bus!"

— Mick Foley (@realmickfoley) May 6, 2014

I loved the gimmick; I even offered to sign my legend's contract if they let me and my kids make a cameo as pert of the "Exotic Express". I assumed, like any WWE NXT call-up with some years to his/her credit, that the guy had worked hard and overcome obstacles to get his shot. But until watching ESPN's e60 "Behind the Curtain" documentary, I had no idea just how hard Rose (Ray Leppon in real life) had worked, just how many obstacles he had overcome - in both wrestling and in life. Within minutes, I found myself rooting for Adam Rose - WWE as not just a wrestler, but as a person - as a husband and father trying to make a difference in not only the world of wrestling, but in the game of life.

I just learned that the Rose character was influenced by Dude Love, and that his previous Leo Kruger character was influenced by Mankind. Maybe Mr McMahon can take a page out his 1997 playbook, and afford Adam Rose's real-life story the type of attention he afforded my own. For me, it was a game-changer. I think a similar setting could produce similar results for Rose, and WWE. I really hope the powers-that-be to do not only what's best for Adam Rose, but what's best for business.

I'm planning on attending the May 25 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw - the final WWE show ever from Nassau Coliseum. It's an arena that has meant so much to me over the years as both a fan and a wrestler. All the Foleys will be there. I've already signed this year's legend's deal, so there are not politics involved in my request. How about a cameo as part of that "Exotic Express"? It would be my own way of saying goodbye to a building that holds so much history for me...while tipping my hat to a man who just may have plenty more history to create in WWE.

Any other Rosebuds out there? Let me hear from you. Tell me what you thought about the e60 piece, and what you'd like to see in Adam Rose's future."

There's good news Mick. Many believe that the WWE will in fact push Rose after the ESPN special, so perhaps we won't have to wait long to see more of Adam Rose.

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Which Superstar Does Mick Foley Want To See Pushed?