Backstage Details On Which Superstars Paul Heyman & Fox Want

The WWE draft is set to take place on Friday's episode of SmackDown Live, and it'll conclude on next week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

So far, there aren't many details nor hints on which superstars could be moving in the draft. In fact, it was reported that some wrestlers have no idea where they'll end up, as WWE is keeping everyone in suspense ahead of Friday.

According to WrestleVotes, Raw Executive Director Paul Heyman "has fought" to get Bray Wyatt and Aleister Black. Meanwhile, Fox executives are hoping to keep Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair on their show.

It was previously reported by WrestleVotes that Fox wanted Wyatt on SmackDown, but the signs pointed to him staying on Raw. "The Fiend" is the hottest thing in WWE Right now, and it wouldn't make much sense to take him away from the flagship program. It's no wonder that Heyman is supposedly pushing hard to keep Wyatt.

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Black hasn't received much of a push on the SmackDown Live brand, so it wouldn't be a surprise if Heyman was able to land him on Raw. The latter has done a fine job in building up Cedric Alexander, one of the WWE's top up-and-coming talents. Maybe he'll be able to find similar success with the former NXT Champion.

Meanwhile, Reigns is one of the top main event faces on SmackDown, and Charlotte is leading the women's division on that brand as the champion. If Fox doesn't keep Charlotte, it likely means that Becky Lynch is headed to SmackDown instead. Only time will tell how this all plays out.

WWE Has Everyone On Their Toes

Absolutely nobody knows what to expect at the draft this week, but the suspense certainly makes things all the more fun. Even superstars don't know what to expect this Friday and next Monday. Either way, a few surprises are surely in store at the two-day draft, so we just have to sit back and await in anticipation.

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