By now, if you’re a wrestling fan, you’ve likely seen the elaborate entrances that take place yearly at WrestleMania. There are always two superstars who seem to come out to insane entrances, and they are The Undertaker and Triple H. While The Undertaker’s are always similar,¬†Triple H has gone to Outworld to get the inspiration for his last two entrances.

Last year, he had a gold Shao Kahn-style costume and this year, he had a Terminator themed Shao Kahn-style helmet. Judging from internet responses, either you loved or despised Triple H’s Terminator entrance this year, so we’ll make no attempt to dive into how ridiculous it was (I guess we showed our hand…).

Now, the question we pose to you is, which entrance attire is more similar to Shao Kahn’s?

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