Which WWE Hall of Famer Is Facing Murder Charges?

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This story is actually a little bit insane. Back in 1982, Jimmy Snuka's girlfriend, Nancy Argentino, passed away due to traumatic brain injuries. While Snuka allegedly admitted to shoving her early that day, he said he then came home to find her gasping for breath before she passed away. Well, according to The Morning Call, he later said that people misunderstood his explanation and that he didn't push her... interesting.

However, earlier last year, Jim Martin, Lehigh County District Attorney, re-opened the case based on another story from The Morning Call, which showed a new autopsy report. Apparently the forensic pathologist who examined the body said this: "In view of the autopsy findings and the discrepancies in the clinical history, I believe that the case should be investigated as a homicide until proven otherwise." So, they re-opened the case and have decided to charge Jimmy Snuka with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter.

Still confused? Well, we are too... But we'll keep you posted on how this case develops.

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