Which WWE Show Would Scott Hall Love To Work On?

Scott Hall, who's been far more active in the wrestling community over the last year, recently featured as a guest on "The Kevin Gill Show" for an interesting interview that spanned across all of wrestling, past and present. The most interesting aspect of the interview dealt with NXT, a program that Scott Hall has admitted several times that he's a huge fan of. In the interview, he mentioned:

"I watch NXT all the time. I'm more involved in wrestling currently, then I have been in a long, long time. Because I have a son who's on the scene, so now we gotta watch NXT because those are his peers, those are his competitors, those are his co-workers, and maybe his buddy's down the line. That's who he's gonna be doing business with. We watch stuff from Japan, we watch stuff from the UK, so I am immersed.. I feel more immersed in the wrestling scene than ever before."

Then he said the interesting part: "I'm a huge fan of NXT. Believe me, my goal is to someday have a position there. So I'm throwing it out there to whoever is listening, like Triple H."

Make it happen Hunter.

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Which WWE Show Would Scott Hall Love To Work On?