UPDATE: Wade Barrett Responds To Release Rumors

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Rumors have been swirling over the last 24 hours about whether or not Wade Barrett will re-sign with WWE after his contract expires in June. Well, Barrett didn't get us a huge indication of his feelings when tweeting about it:

The original story follows.

Original Story:

Well, do you blame the guy? Ever since getting a great crowd reaction as Bad News Barrett, Wade Barrett hasn't been given the push he deserves and it seems as though he's fed up of it. According to ProWrestlingSheet.com, Wade Barrett has told WWE that he has no plans to re-sign with the company when his contract reportedly expires in June. The report states that Barrett is choosing to leave "due to the wrestler no longer enjoying what he was doing in the company."

Again, do you blame him? He's being used as the weakest wrestler in The League of Nations, despite having the most potential out of the bunch. Let's hope Barrett moves to the indies, where he'll hopefully be used properly.

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