Which WWE Superstar Inspires Ronda Rousey's Trash Talking?

By now, if you're a fan of Ronda Rousey, you're aware that she's a huge pro wrestling fan. She's been spotted at a variety of WWE events over the years and recently had her own WrestleMania moment alongside The Rock, as they took out Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

If there's an MMA performer who really knows how to cut a promo and spew venom at her opponent, it's definitely Ronda Rousey. On the subject of which WWE Superstar inspires her trash talk, she claimed Bray Wyatt does, saying that she'll "try to take whatever he does that's applicable in my situation."

If ever Ronda Rousey makes her way to the WWE, let's hope she partners up with Wyatt.

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